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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is a rom-hack of Alpha Sapphire that tries to make the game feel like a 4th gen remake.

For those of us who just want to replay sinnoh in beautiful 3D instead of playing Alola again, will now be able to do that (sort of) There is also two different versions, more on that further down.

  • Only wild Pokemon found in the Sinnoh region
  • Trainers have been edited to have somewhat the same Pokemon that the corresponding trainers from Platinum use
  • Starters, legendaries and other static encounters are corresponding ones from DPP
  • Gym leaders and their "minions" have been edited
  • The music and most of the sound effects have been taken from DPP
  • Team Aqua/ Team Magma now uses Team Galactic Pokemon
  • Brendan/May and Wally uses Lucas/Dawn and Barrys teams
  • Elite Four and Steven has new teams
  • Gym leaders, and the elite four use megas
  • "New mega evolutions"
  • Two different versions
  • Secrets ;)

Things I would like to implement (if at all possible)
  • Edit the text so Wally is called Barry, Team Aqua is Team galactic and so on...
  • Change location names
  • Change TMs and move tutors to those from Platinum
  • Change the regional pokedex so the Sinnoh pokemon actually registers
  • custom intro
  • Edit ingame sprites (far fetched, but it could be dope)

As stated above there are two versions:

ORAS gym leaders/Elite Four: uses the same types as ORAS, Brawler uses fighting types and Watson uses electric types, but the pokemon have been changed to match the Sinnoh dex. There is a bug in this which makes it basically unplayable, but it should be done in a couple of days :)

DPP gym leaders/Elite Four: Uses almost the exact teams from DPP, Brawley uses grass and Watson uses fighting, they have only been changed very slightly for reasons obvious once you try it out.

Known bugs:
  • The wild pokemon, and trainer battle music has about 10 seconds of silence before looping, so there will be no music for a couple of seconds if the battle is longer than a few minutes
  • When going into a wild Pokemon battle the music isn't synced up to when the grass slides away, and is a bit too quiet compared to the rest of the sounds

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Since I don't have the right "gear" to transfer this to my 3DS, I have only been able to test it using Citra, I also don't know how to make it compatible with a 3DS so if someone knows how, let me know

The hack is still very early in development so if any bugs not listed above are found, please let me know.

Enjoy :)