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    chapter 26: Believe in the Sister Bond
    Sabrina's POV

    "How old were you and your sister in this memory?" Ratchet asks.

    "Four, but it doesn't make any sense. Some of the pictures of me at my house are of me as a baby,"

    "Maybe when Alpha Trion disguised you as a human he felt it would be better if you started your life over here on Earth," Elita says.

    "When my Cybertronian side activates wouldn't Alpha Trion have considered that some of my memories of my life back on Cybertron would return,"

    "Yes, but Swiftglide what happened in this memory?" Elita asks.

    "Seaglide and I were playing chase in front of our house. Then a purple bird flew in and Aquaspot chased after it. I followed her, and we ended up in Koan."

    "Then what happened?" Elita asks,

    "We got snatched by some tentacles, and the next thing I see is Megatron looking down at me. He congratulates Soundwave for kidnapping us. Then he takes Seaglide, and Soundwave throws me against the wall," I swallow the lump in my throat before I continue, "Does that mean Seaglide is a Decepticon now,"

    "I'm not going to lie to you Swiftglide, but it's very likely that Megatron could have told Seaglide that he is going to her sire since your father didn't come to rescue her. Since the two of you were so young, she would have believed him," Elita one says.

    "So, she probably doesn't even remember me?" I ask tearfully.

    "You can't give up on Seaglide, the bond between formed even before you two were born," Elita one says.

    They leave to give me some space to deal with the emotions I'm going through right now.

    Normal POV

    Meanwhile, on the Nemesis, Seaglide or now Megaton calls her Seastrike is in the brig with Knockout and Starscream. She scanned her new vehicle mode a few days ago when she snuck into a military base and found a prototype for a car that works on the water and the land the humans just finished building. Her colors stayed the same, but she gained the camouflage pattern from the vehicle's paint job. She hears Megatron shouting at Knockout and Starscream.

    "How you two manage to fail a simple job of kidnapping one human," Megatron shouts.

    "Blue metal covered one of the girl's limbs," Knockout says.

    "She also got help from another Autobot that was pink," Starscream adds.

    "I don't want to hear any of your excuses go back out and bring that human to me," Megatron orders.

    "Dad. I watched the video from the interaction. It looks like the girl got injured. Since the Autobots aided her, I'm sure that they are keeping her at their base till she recovers," Seastrike says.

    "When she leaves the Autobot base again, you two are going to bring her back to the ship or don't come back at all," Megatron says.

    Sabrina's POV

    'My parents' walk in the medical bay. Mrs. Tucker is carrying Brandon. She walks over to the bed and sets Brandon on my lap. Brandon gives me a hug and says,"I'm sorry Sabrina," As he sits back down I see few tears roll down his cheeks.

    "Buddy, what happened today wasn't your fault. I'm not mad at you," I say using my left hand to wipe the tears away from his eyes gently.

    "You don't hate me?" Brandon asks.

    "Of course not, I'm just mad at myself, I should have followed you to the cave instead if staying behind,"

    Mrs, Tucker reaches down and picks up Brandon then says, "Neither of you needs to apologize for what happen. We can't go back and change what happened. What's important is the two of you came back and are safe,"

    "Ratchet filled us in on your injuries young lady after your encounter with a few Decepticons," Mr. Tucker says.

    "Did Elita tell you that I did all I could to protect Brandon?"

    "Yes, sweetheart, she did, but you're still in trouble for what happened in school today," Mr. Tucker answers.

    "But, I can't look after him now,"

    "We are aware of that Sabrina, so your punishment will be postponed till you recover," Mr. Tucker says.

    "So, I guess I still have to go to school?"

    "Yes, sweetheart, you'll just be in a wheelchair," Mrs. Tucker says.

    "But, I can't write since my right arm is in a sling. Couldn't I just stay at the base till it's healed enough for me to move it again?"

    "Sorry, Sabrina, the answer is still no. You'll just have to ask another student to give them a copy of their notes," Mr. Tucker says.

    "But the school doesn't have a wheelchair ramp. I guess I'm not going to school tomorrow after all,"

    "We've already talked with the principal, and he agreed to add one. It will down by next week. Till then, someone will have to help you up and down the steps." Mr. Tucker says.

    "Who is going to do that?"

    "I'm pretty sure 'Clark' and Graham would be happy to help," Mr, Tucker answers.

    Mrs. Tucker leans forward, and Brandon kisses me on the cheek.

    "Bye, Sabrina, I love you," Brandon says.

    "Bye, Buddy, I love you too,"

    A few minutes after they leave, Graham walks in carrying two bags of food and a drink carrier with two drinks on it. "Hey, I thought we could have our first dinner date,"

    "That was sweet of you, but this isn't the most romantic spot in Jasper,"

    Graham hands me the bag of food from his right hand, "I know, but I thought you might need some food to refuel after that adventure in the forest,"

    I open it and see a burger made exactly like the one I had in school last week with a side of sweet potato fries. "I didn't know KO had sweet potato fries,"

    "They are trying them out for a few weeks as another side option,"

    "That's cool,"

    After we finish eating, Graham leaves to throw the trash away. A few moments later Arcee and Elita walk in. I notice they look very similar except for their colors.

    "Hi, Elita, Arcee, are you two sisters?"
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      Chapter 27: Last Birth Parents Memory

      Sabrina's POV

      "Yes, we are. Our sparks were released from the well of Allsparks a few minutes apart from each other." Elita says.

      "Okay, so who is older?"

      "Elita," Arcee says.

      "Got it, so Elita, you said that you knew my parents. Do you know what their names are?"

      "Ironhide and Chromia. The last time I spoke with them was an hour before my ship got hit by the asteroid." Elita says.

      "What did they say?"

      "They were on the way to Earth to reunite with you," Elita answers.

      "If they were on their way to Earth, how come Ratchet can't find their ship?"

      "It could be cloaked to keep it from being attacked the Decepticons," Arcee says.

      "Do you think they are still alive?" I ask through a yawn.

      Normal POV

      Arcee and Elita watch Sabrina struggle to stay awake. A few seconds later, Sabrina drifts off to sleep. They leave to let her rest. Ten minutes pass, then Sabrina's eyes start to flutter as another 'dream' starts. Swiftglide hears two strange voices as she starts to wake up. The sparkling quickly sits up and back away She looks around at her surroundings. She shrieks in fear when an orange and white robot along with a pink one come into her line of sight.

      "Where am I? Where are my mom and dad? Who are you?" Swiftglide asks in a shaky tone.

      "You are in a triage facility. I'm Elita, and this is Ratchet. I found you in Koan unconscious. What is your name?" Elita says.

      "Swiftglide, Mr. Ratchet. Where is Seaglide?" Swiftglide answers.

      Elita reaches down to pick up Swiftglide. She slowly reaches out the sprakling's hand shakes as she puts her hand on one of Elita's fingers. Swiftglide cracks a small smile as she hovers in the air for a few seconds as Elita slowly lifts Swiftglide off of the birth. Elita holds her close to her spark to calm down the frighten sparkling.

      "Who is Seaglide?" Ratchet asks.

      "She is my twin sister," Swiftglide answers.

      "I'm afraid you were the only sparkling Elita found in Koan. Why were you there in the first place?" Ratchet asks.

      Swiftglide tries to remember what happened, but the only thing she could remember is playing in the front yard in front of her house and the purple bird showing up.

      "I'm sorry I can't remember anything else Mr. Ratchet," Swiftglide says tearfully.

      Elita gives Swiftglide a soft hug. "It's okay Swiftglide, that must have been very scary for you."

      "It was Miss Elita, can I go home?" Swiftglide asks wiping the tears from her eyes.

      "Swiftglide, I'm afraid you can't go home. The Decepticon destroyed it, but your parents are alright," Ratchet says.

      A few moments later Swiftgilde's parents, Ironhide and Chromia, run up to the trio. Elita hands Swiftglide to Chromia. The parents take turns hugging their child.

      "Swiftglide, we are glad you are okay. You had us worried sick young lady,"Ironhide says sternly.

      "I'm sorry, dad," Swiftglide says.

      "We know you are sweetspark, but we have to say goodbye now," Chromia says.

      "Why do we have to say goodbye?" Swiftglide asks, raising her left eyebrow higher than the right.

      "We are warriors Swiftglide. Your father and I don't want to do this, but we love you. We have to do what is best for our family. It's not safe for you to be here," Chromia explains.

      "If I promise to be good and never run away again, can I stay?" Swiftglide asks.

      "Sorry, Sweetspark, but the answer is no," Ironhide says.

      Ironhide and Chromia leave, walk over to their ship, and go over to an escape pod. After Ironhide opens it, Chromia puts their daughter inside.

      "Where am I going, mom?" Swiftglide asks.

      "To Earth, you'll be safe there. Alpha Trion will make sure of it," Chromia answers.

      Before Swiftglide could ask why she sees the lid close, her eyes start to get heavy as the pod puts her into stasis. As the pod gets shot off into space Swiftglide can hear her parents vows that they will be a family again someday.
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        Chapter 28: Seeing A Doppelganger
        Normal POV

        Sabrina didn't sleep well at all because of the pain from her injuries. The teen groans when she hears the metallic footsteps as Elita and Cliffjumper walk in her room. They stand to the left of her bed. Cliffjumper pulls down the sheets and gently shakes her to wake her up.

        "No," Sabrina mumbles as she pulls the sheets out of Cliffjumper's hand.

        "Come on Sabrina, do you want to late to school?" Elita asks.

        "Yes, just give me five more minutes, please," Sabrina asks.

        Cliffjumper and Sabrina spend two minutes fighting over the sheets. Sabrina finally gives in and slowly sits up.

        "I'll leave so Elita can help you get dressed," Cliffjumper says.

        After Cliffjumper leaves Elita holds out her hand. Sabrina slowly climbs onto it, and they go over to the boxes filled with Sabrina's clothes. She takes out a Gold brocade t-shirt with a White, Peter Pan collar, cream teared tutu shirt and the left shoe of a pair of floral patterned Ballet Flats Loafers. The teenager even teaches Elita how to braid her hair since she can't do it only using one hand. Elita also helped her put on a necklace with a cross on it. Sabrina tucks it under the collar since she couldn't remember if she could wear it to school. She also puts on a bracelet she found at the swap meet last summer. After Sabrina uses her good arm to pick up her backpack they leave the room to meet back up with Cliffjumper. Sabrina smiles when she sees Graham on Ratchet's shoulder. Ratchet walks over to them as they enter the room.

        "Good morning Sabrina," Graham says.

        "It would be a better morning if my parents didn't make to go to school. My dad asked the school to make a wheelchair ramp. My mom said you might have to help out for a while." Sabrina says through a big yawn.

        "Wait, you said my parents and, mom and dad you didn't use air quotes. Does that mean you're not mad at them anymore?" Graham asks.

        "I'm still mad at them. I'm just tired of calling them Mr. and Mrs. Tucker," Sabrina answers.

        A few moments later the skin underneath the cast starts to get itchy and it's starting to drive Sabrina crazy. Ratchet watches the teen take a pen out of her purse. He snatches it before Sabrina can place it underneath the cast.

        "Eh, eh, you're not allowed to scratch," Ratchet scolds.

        "Why not, it itches," Sabrina whines.

        "You could get an infection," Ratchet explains,

        "What am I supposed to do if it starts to itch," Sabrina asks.

        "Don't scratch and try your best not to think about it when it happens," Ratchet says.

        Sabrina's POV

        "Okay, but I think Cliff should stay at the base for a few days."

        Why? He is your guardian* Bumblebee says.

        "I know Bumblebee, but if he shows up people are going to get suspicious. It normally takes a few days for a car to get fixed after a car accident depending on how bad it was." I explain.

        *Okay, so who is going to take you to school?* Bumblebee asks.

        "If Raphael doesn't mind, I was thinking you could,"

        "How come you didn't ask me?" Bulkhead asks.

        "Bulkhead your vehicle mode is kind of high off the ground. I can't really hop down with only one good ankle,"

        "That makes sense, we should get going," Bulkhead says.

        "Yeah, Miko doesn't need another detention on her permit record,"

        Bumblebee transforms and opens the doors. Ratchet sets Graham down on the floor. Elita and Graham walk over to Bumblebee. Elita sets me down and Graham helps me into the passenger seat, I set my bookbag on my lap, then closes the door. He gets into the driver's seat, then Bumblebee drives away from the group. We pull up in front of Rafael's house. Graham gets out so he can get into the back seat.

        "Sabrina, what happened to you?" Rafael asks, after fasting his seatbelt.

        "Let's just say I went on a nature hike and found some Decpitcons,"

        "How come your parents are still making you go to school?" Rafael asks.

        "I was about to ask the same thing," Graham adds.

        "They don't want me to fall behind,"

        "Someone could just bring you your homework," Rafael suggests.

        "I suggested that too, but they refused to let me stay at the base,"

        Graham moves the front seat back into the right position and sits down. He buckles himself in then Bumblebee closes the door and drives to the school. We pull up next to Arcee. Graham and Rafael get out. I try to get out of my seat on my own. Lucky for me Jack is standing a few steps away from me. I'm about to hit the ground, but Jack catches me a few seconds before my face makes contact with the cement. He helps me stand up. Then he places his arm around my waist, and I place my good arm around his shoulder so I can use him as a brace. I quickly explain why I'm at school instead of rest back at the base.

        "Okay, I'll help you walk to the office to get a wheelchair from the nurse's office," Jack says.

        "Thanks Jack,"

        "No problem,"

        A few seconds later a girl wearing the exact same outfit as me. She looks exactly like me, but her hair is a lighter shade of brown runs up to us. She picks up my backpack.

        "Hi, my name is Natasha, my family just moved here. I could use help finding the office so I can get my schedule," Natasha says.

        "It's nice to meet you Natasha. I'm Sabrina and this is Jack. We are heading there now. You can come with us,"

        "Great, thank you," Natasha says.

        I look to my left and see a a bright red European sports car, with the inner part of its wheels painted a shiny gold color.

        Ratchet mentioned something about a decpticon that picked a car for its alternate mode. I'm probably just seeing things I didn't get much sleep last night.

        "Bye, Knox," Natasha says.

        The next thing I see is a man in is late twenties leaning out of the drover's side window. He has short red hair, brown eyes, and a goatee. He is wearing black t-shirt, red leather jacket. Along with an expensive wristwatch on his right wrist.

        "Stay out of trouble young lady, your father doesn't want to have to leave work." Knox says.

        "I'll try my best," Natasha says.

        Knox leans back into the car, and drives away. I look back over at Natasha. A part of me is shouting at me to call Cliff and tell him what I just saw, and the other side of me is saying keep my mouth shut since I don't want the others to find out that I'm half Cybertronian.

        The whole way to the office, I'm a tad freaked out that Natasha looks like me. We walk into the room. Mr. Liverance and one of the works walks up to us. The work hands Natasha her schedule. Jack helps me sit down in the wheelchair. Natasha hands my backpack to him and he hangs it on the back of the chair.

        "Okay, Natasha, I'll show you to your first class," Mr. Liverance says.

        "Okay, bye, Jack, Sabrina, I'll see you at lunch right?" Natasha says.

        "Probably, and don't worry about fitting in everyone here is nice,"

        Jack and I leave the office and stop by my locker. I tell him my combination so I can get what I need for chemistry class. While we go down the hallway to Mr. Henderson class I can't help but ponder if Natasha is only just Seaglide's holoform or if she figured out how to change into a human.
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          Chapter 29: Waking up to Decepticons
          Normal POV

          Back at the base Ratchet is in the lab is coming up with an equation to figure how fast the energon is building up in Sabrina's bloodstream and how long it be till it reaches 50 percent. He goes over to the lab table and see the water bottle filled with the energon solution he made for Sabrina. He picks it up quickly transforms and drives to the school. Meanwhile, at the school, Sabrina starts to feel light headed as the bell rings signaling the end of Geometry class. She reaches around to take out her water bottle and whispers some Cybertonian swear words under her breath when she realizes that she forgot to grab it when she left the base this morning. Her vision slowly starts to get blurry, but she makes out Natasha's face as she runs up to her.

          "Sabrina, are you alright?" Natasha asks.

          Sabrina tries to answer, but faints a few moments later. Mr. Jameson runs over to them. Natasha explains to him that Knox is a doctor, so he can help her. Mr. Jameson nods and tells her to take Sabrina to the nurse's office. Natasha leaves, but instead of going to the nurse's office, she wheels Sabrina outside. A big smirk comes to her face when Knockout pulls up. He activates his holoform and walks up to them. Knockout takes Sabrina out of the wheelchair and carries her to the car. He lays her down on the back seat, then Natasha gets into the front seat. Ratchet arrives just in time to see the Deception drive off. He follows the sports cars down the road with his sirens blaring. A few of the other motorist are shocked when the driver of the sports car didn't slow down or pull over for the emergency vehicle. They get outside the city before they transform. Knockout smirks seeing the energon inside the bottle Ratchet has in his right hand. Ratchet is a bit shocked when he sees Knockout holding another girl that looks similar to Sabrina in his right hand. The Autobot medic is worried when he notices that Sabrina's face looks worse than it did when Cliffjumper brought her back to the base the first time her energon levels dropped dangerously low and she lost consciousness.

          "Let the girls go Knockout," Ratchet snaps.

          "Ratchet, I never thought I'd see you outside of the base. Why don't you hand over that energon you have inside that bottle, and i might let them go," Knockout says.

          "Knockout, you and I both know that you're bluffing," Ratchet snaps.

          "That I am," Knockout smirks.

          The Deception puts the girls down on a rock. Then the two medics fight. After Knockout's saw and Ratchet's blade clash several times, sending sparks into the air. Sabrina finds enough strength to wake up long enough to see Knockout snatches the water bottle from Ratchet then punch him hard enough to make him black out.

          "Ratchet, I'm sorry," Sabrina whispers before passing out again.

          Knockout walks over to the girls again. He hands the water bottle to Natasha then calls for a ground bridge. As the portal opens a few steps in front of him, Knockout picks Sabrina and watches as Natasha turns back into her Cybertronian form.

          "Good job Seastrike, I thought you said the girl wouldn't leave the Autobot base till she recovered from her injuries," Knockout says.

          "That's what I thought too, but let's not complain about the results," Seastrike says.

          "Right you are, my dear, shall we?" Knockout asks.

          "Yes, we shall and we should take her to the medical bay. Dad, can question her there once she wakes up," Seastrike says.

          They walk through and head to the medical bay on the Nemesis. Knockout tells Seastrike to wait outside so he and Breakdown can work in peace. Seastrike hands the water bottle to him and he walks inside.

          "So, that is the squishy Lord Megatron wanted you to kidnap?" Breakdown asks.

          "Yes, Breakdown, but I'm afraid that she is no use to us while she is in this condition," Knockout answers.

          They get to work getting Sabrina's face to return to what they believe is normal for a human so Megatron can question her. They figure out how to re program their alien medical tech to work for humans and find out Sabrina's secret as well.

          "This is interesting now I know why the ship picked up a weak energon signal coming form this she-human." Knockout says.

          "So the ship's tracking system wasn't malfunctioning," Breakdown says.

          "Correct, it looks like she has energon following inside her as well as what the human call blood," Knockout says.

          "How did it get there?" Breakdown asks.

          "I'm not sure, but I do know that the she-human does," Knockout answers.

          Sabrina's POV

          I'm starting to freak out when I hear two voices that didn't sound like Cliffjumper or any of the other Autobots. One did sound like the Deception that tried to kidnap when I went on my hike with Brandon yesterday. The other voice was harder to place I couldn't even compare it anything that I heard on Earth. I could feel my strength slowly returning as well as my migraine fading away. The one thing I know when I wake up is that I'm not going to be in the Autobot base. I slowly open my eyes and see a blurry blob. It takes a few seconds for my vision to return to normal then I see the face of a Cybertronian. Its bright red and has optics are red as well and has a narrow chin.

          "Alright, Decepticon, I know I must be on your ship, since this doesn't look like the Autobot base."

          "Yes, she-human I did. Do you know why there is energon following inside your body?" The Decepticon asks.

          "No, I don't,"

          Then I hear metallic footsteps and turn my head towards the sound to see Megatron walk in. He comes over to me and I go back to staring at the ceiling.

          "Knockout, did you find out why this human is giving off an energon signal?" Megatron asks.

          "Yes, I did, Lord Megatron. It seems the she-human has energon inside her body," Knockout answers.

          There must have been enough energon left in my system for my Cybertronian side to activate because I feel a sharp pain in my neck. I hold my breath to keep myself from screaming. Then I try to think of a childhood memory to keep my Cybertronian side from activating, but everything starts to spin around me since my body couldn't handle the pain. I hear evil chuckles as things go black. I'm not sure how long I was unconscious. This time when I open my eyes I slowly lift up my left hand and touch my neck. I feel cables on the side of my neck instead of skin.

          "So, Knockout, while she is like this use the cortical psychic patch to scan her brain to find any information about why this just happened." Megatron says.

          My heart starts to race Ratchet told me about the cortical psychic patch. He said that it's a procedure where the mind of one Cybertronian can be joined with another, using a cable connected directly between their brains. Then the victim's memories can be viewed by both parties, allowing information to be extracted. I look to my left again and see a long purple cord being attached to a computer then Knockout walks over to me. I gasp when he attaches it to the back of my head.

          ~ Aliens in Jasper~

          Normal POV

          Back at the school, Graham walks into the cafeteria. He gets his food and sits down at the table next to Miko.

          "Guys, I'm getting a little worried, Sabrina isn't here." Graham says.

          "Yeah, someone from her Geometry class should have brought her here," Jack adds.

          "What do we do now," Graham asks.

          "We have to believe the 'Bots can find her," Jack says.

          "I wish there is a way to I can contact them," Graham says.

          Meanwhile, at the base, Elita walks into the main room. She goes over to the computer and starts a search for Ratchet's signal. After she finds it, she locks the ground bridge onto his coordinates, opens the portal and runs through it. Elita gasps when she sees Ratchet on the ground unconscious and goes over to him.

          "Ratchet, wake up," Elita says, shaking him.

          Ratchet groans as he slowly opens his eyes and sees Elita looking down at him. Elita helps him stand up.

          "What happened?" Elita asks.

          "Sabrina left the specialized form of energon I made for her at the base that would keep her from passing out in school. I was taking it to her. When I arrived at the school Knockout was there," Ratchet answers.

          "What was he doing there," Elita asks.

          "I saw he had another human girl with him, he must have programmed himself a holoform as well. When he transformed to fight me Sabrina was unconscious and looked worse than the first time this happened." Ratchet says.

          "Knockout must have taken her onto the Nemesis," Elita says.

          "Yes, Elita, even if we locate the ship we don't have a way of getting into it to rescue her," Ratchet sighs.

          In the medical bay on the Nemesis, Knockout is watching one of Sabrina's memories on the screen. He and Megatron see Alpha Tron is talking with the human.

          "Young one, I am here to tell you that you are part Cybertronian,"

          "That's impossible I look like a human,"

          "That is how the other Primes and I decided to disguise you so the Decepticons couldn't find you."

          "Hold on, so I'm an Autobot?"

          "Yes, but your Cybertonian form will fully activate in the coming months,"

          Knockout chuckles as he walks over to Sabrina and disconnected the patch. Sabrina groans and feels the pain in her neck subside. She touches her neck again and sighs when she feels the texture of skin along with her pulse.

          "What is our next move Lord Megatron?" Knockout asks.

          "She knows where their base is. If you need to redesign the cortical psychic patch to do then do so, we need to get that information before the Autobots stage a rescue mission," Megatron answers.
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            Chapter 30: A Decepticon Experiment - Not

            The idea of using Dark Energon on Sabrina was suggested by a fellow writer on Wattpad called CommentsByAyla.

            Normal POV

            Sabrina wakes up again and Knockout sees the Decepticon medic attaching some wires to her forehead.

            "Normally I'm a very polite, but haven't you invaded my brain with your Deception technology enough for one day." Sabrina snaps.

            "Well, have I triggered a new side of your personality, she-human," Knockout smirks.

            "No you did not, I'm just a tad cranky because I'm laying on a metal with a broken ankle and dislocated shoulder. Not to mention being a human I need food or you're going to get annoyed by my constant complain that I'm hungry as well as in pain," Sabrina says.

            Knockout doesn't say a word, goes over to the computer, and turns on the path again. Sabrina faints again and Knockout watches more of Sabrina's memories play on the screen. He watches the first time she ran into the vehicon tropper and got rescued by the Autobots. He also sees her embarrassing herself in front of Graham. The Decpticon starts to get frustrated since none of these memories contain any information that will help Megatron win the war against the Autobot. He is about to turn it off when he sees Sabrina get into Cliffjumper again and drive off to the Autobot base.

            "So, they are in a missile silo just outside Jasper," Breakdown says.

            "Breakdown, remove the wires we got what we needed," Knockout says.

            "If she has energon in her body what would happen if we used Dark Energon?" Breakdown asks.

            "We can find out after I tell Megatron the location of the Autobot base," Knockout answers.

            Knockout leaves the Medical bay and heads to the bridge to talk to Megatron. Breakdown walks over to Sabrina and takes off the wires. Sabrina groans as she slowly opens her eyes. Her migraine is getting worse and she remembers the Knockout stole the energon drink from Ratchet. She looks to her right and sees the water bottle on the lab table. The teen knows she can't reach over to grab it because of the sling on her arm. Breakdown didn't want to hear Sabrina complain so he hands it to her. Sabrina uses the small amount of strength she has left to sit up. She takes the water bottle from the Decepticon. She drinks half and hand it back to Breakdown.

            Meanwhile, at the school, Bumblebee pulls into the parking spot next to Arcee. When the school bell rings the students run out the door. Graham, Jack, Miko and Raf walk out. Graham and Raf get into Bumblebee. Then everyone drives to the base. Graham and Raf get out of the Urbana 500. Then Bumblebee, and the others transform before walking over to Cliffjumper.

            "Where is Sabrina?' Cliffjumper asks.

            "Yes, I was about to ask that as well," Arcee adds.

            "We were hoping you guys had an idea she was at lunch," Graham answers.

            "I have a hunch that Sabrina was taken aboard the Decepticon Warship," Ratchet says.

            "If she is on the ship can we bring her back?" Graham asks.

            "It's going to be difficult to locate the ship since its cloaked. I will keep working and I'll let you know when I find it," Ratchet says.

            Sabrina's POV

            I know my parents will start to worry when they visit the base and I'm not there. I have to remain hopeful that the Atuobots will rescue me soon. My stomach starts to do back flips when I remember that the Decepticon are considering using Dark energon on me. Ratchet hasn't explained to me or Graham about it. I may be part Cybertronian, but I'm human as well not a lab rat. Knockout comes back in and he walks over to me.

            "Since you know the location of the Autobot base, can't you just hold me hostage somewhere else and have the Autobots rescue me?"

            "Sorry, Sabrina, Megatron ordered me to come up with a way to make you fight alongside the Decepticons." Knockout answers.

            "I'm not trying to disrespect the leader of the Decepticon, but I'd never turn against my new friends." I say confidently.

            "I'm afraid you won't have any choice in the matter, my dear," Knockout smirks.

            "There is one flaw in your plan. All your equipment is designed for robots and I'm human, so there is no way you'll be able to put the Dark energon into my bloodstream,"

            "We'll find a way around that little predicament," Knockout says.

            The next thing I know Knockout holds up a plastic bag of food in front of me. One side of my brain is screaming do not take it. He could have poisoned it somehow. I'm starving since I haven't eaten since breakfast this morning. I slowly extend out my left hand and take the bag.

            "How did you even get this? I know you Cybertronians don't have any Earth money, since you don't have to eat." I ask, slowly opening the bag and looking inside.

            "I went to what you humans call a homeless shelter," Knockout says.

            I did volunteer at the homeless shelter making lunch last summer. The staff ensures that every meal is healthy, so I know that it will be a balanced meal with whatever it is. I slowly look into the bag a one big container inside it is meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. A smaller bag has some rolls in it. The last two containers have a salad and Apple Crisp in them. I'm about to start eating when I see Knockout pick up the water bottle with my energon in.

            "I'm going to need that all this food will make me thirsty," I say.

            "You will get it back, I just need a small amount of it to help me figure out the next part of the plan to turn you against the Autobots." Knockout says.

            After I finish eating Breakdown takes the empty water bottle from me. He walks over to Knockout. The Decepticons stands next to me and hold the bottle towards me. This time the liquid inside is purple instead of blue. Luckily, I wasn't thirsty right now, so they would have to wait to see how my body will react to the Dark Energon.

            "I'm not drinking that," I snap.

            "You will have to eventually," Knockout says.

            "When you do, you will instantly forget everything that has happened to you the past few days," Breakdown chuckles.

            The joke is on them, since they don't understand how the human brain works. There is no way that Dark Energon will cause memory loss - I hope.
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              Chapter 31: Induced Psychosis
              Normal POV

              Later that night on the Nemesis, Sabrina is talking in her sleep as her head moves back and forth violently because of the nightmare that is playing inside her head. In Sabrina's nightmare, Chormia and Ironhide are fighting a battle against some Decepticon troops when Megatron flies in and shoot Ironhide in the chest just above his spark chamber. She shouts his names as he flies backwards and lands on top of some rubble. Then tries to run over to him, but Megatron picks her up by the neck.

              "Sorry, Chormia, but this battle is between me and your mate." Megatron smirks.

              Chormia screams out in pain as Megatron slashes his blade across her chest. He drops her and the female Cybertronian's body make a hollow clunking sound as it hits the ground and energon spills from her wound. Megatron walks over to Ironhide and is about to do the same thing to him. Then Sabrina eyes dart open and she winces in pain as she sits up. After failing to locate something to dry the cold sweat off of her forehead, she hears the doors to the lab open. A few moments later sees Knockout standing in front of her.

              "What do you want? Other than to make me drink that dark energon," Sabrina snaps.

              "Since I see some water dripping off your forehead, you might need to replace the fluids you just lost," Knockout says, handing the water bottle filled with dark energon in front of her.

              Sabrina didn't know what was going to happen after she drinks it, but she was a little thirsty. She slowly reaches out her left hand is shaking as she puts the bottle up to her lips. The teenager isn't expecting it to have any kind of flavor, but to her it tasted like that flat grape pop. After a few sips her whole body starts to hurt and she lays down, taking a few deep breaths hoping the pain would go away. Knockout catches the water bottle before it hits the floor after Sabrina passes out. As he stands up the Decepticon chuckles seeing the cast on her ankle breaks in half and the strap of sling on her right shoulder rip, as Sabrina's Cybertronian form fully activates.

              Sabrina's POV

              I groan as sit up again, this time my shoulder and ankle didn't hurt. I look down at hand and it was covered in metal. Then I realize why my body felt heavy my body is covered head to toe in metal. I'm not sure if I still can have a panic attack since I don't have a heart anymore, but I'm really scared.

              "Knockout, what just happened?" I ask in the calmest tone I could.

              "It looks like the dark energon cause your Cybertronian side to fully activate," Knockout answers.

              I close my eyes and pray that I change back to my human side in a few minutes. Five minutes pass and I'm still in my Cybertronian form. I take the blaster off my hip and jump off the birth. Then I aim it at Knockout's spark chamber as anger starts to well up inside me.

              "Start talking Knockout, why did the Dark Energon do this to me?" I shout.

              "My dear Breakdown and I were unsure how your body was going to react to it." Knockout says.

              "Am I going to be able to change back to my human form or not," I shout.

              "You will and I know someone who can teach you," Knockout says.

              I feel the anger inside me start to fade, so I put my weapon away, "Who is going to teach me?"

              "Her name is Seastrike," Knockout answers.

              I hear the door open again and see a black and Blue femme. She has a build similar to my birth father Iornhide.

              "Knockout, can you keep the girl quiet, she interrupted my power down," The femme complains.

              "Seastrike, it turns out that girl is part Cybertronian," Knockout says.

              She turns to her left and I start to scream happily on the inside since I know my sister is alive. I just hope she recognizes me in my Cybertronian form.
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