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Started by gimmepie January 31st, 2023 10:28 PM
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A full blown Pokémon Journey, a quest to save the world from evil, or just... the usual school or work. Characters are really going through busy lives, but who says they can't they find at least some time for love? Especially on a day like...

Valentine's Day 2023
the Roleplay Event

This event is about speed. Speed dating. Let's see if you can write a post faster than we can make this thread in the first place.

How does this work?
💌 Week 1 (February 1th → February 7th: time for you to sign-up!

- For this event you can play either as a character you have already created for a roleplay or a fic, or as a new one you made on the spot.
- Just state your intention to participate in here and talk about your character a bit!
- You can link to a previous sign-up you made for them or write down a new one, following the typical template of name, age, gender, personality traits, and appearance.
- Of course you may also tweak an existing character so that it fits the vibe of the event better!
- To avoid awkward situations, please make sure your character is of legal age... let's say above 18 years old. We're not Winger.

💌 Week 2 (February 8th → February 14th: time to write!

- At the start of the week, you will be randomly paired up with another participant.
- Once pairs are public, you will write a joint post together... in which your characters go on any kind of date!
- You can then post the final result in the corresponding Event Thread over on Roleplay Stage.

Simple enough, right? Well, it's meant to be like that! Don't worry too much about the details and have fun writing! And perhaps it won't be just your two characters getting along well...
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Name: Frederick "Eric" Damon III
Age: 23
Gender: Cisgender Male
Personality Traits/ Backstory: Eric's personality has definitely changed over the past few months, due to him now having PTSD after Team Rocket killed his first, and so far only, girlfriend, a beautiful Pokémon Ranger named Peggy Owen. A highly intelligent young man, Eric's heart is always in the right place, with a strong sense of justice, and ultimately yearns for someone new to love him the way Peggy did. Or, at the very least, a new friend, perhaps. Eric feels that if he does find love again, he might be a bit over-protective, which is easy to understand. Eric has an intense hatred for anyone who mistreats Pokémon and/or other humans, especially Team Rocket. Eric was taught to always pay his debts the best he can, but he's the heir to the Unova region's Poké Ball fortune, so money really isn't an issue. If you help him out, depending on the person and the situation, he'll either give you a little bit of his wealth, maybe owe you a favor, or (if you snap him out of a PTSD-induced panic attack, or you help him and you somehow remind him of the love he lost), he'll basically be your loyal servant until either one of you feels the debt is repaid. Eric can also communicate with many different kinds of Pokémon, although he's better with some more than others. Eric is passionate about anything and anyone he cares about. Many people claim he had a unique, witty sense of humor prior to the incident, and he probably still does. He's brave when he needs to be, and is generally very friendly (unless you somehow get on his bad side). Also, he tends to hold grudges nowadays, and may or may not often come off as a bit arrogant. Please, for the love of Arceus, whatever you do, DON'T intentionally anger him. And since Eric spent a good chunk of his young life being raised by wild Pokémon, if you need to survive for days, weeks, or even months in the wilderness, and he's with you. He will teach you which berries and herbs are edible, or if a certain body of water is safe to drink from, and how to defend yourself against certain wild Pokémon without resorting to using one of your own, among other helpful tips.
Appearance: Eric has spiky, light brown hair sometimes looks blonde. And his eyes are bluish green. He is about 5'9", weighing 151 lb, relatively fair skin, and will be wearing something he deems appropriate for whatever date he ends up on. He is relatively muscular, despite not working out a lot. If you are lucky enough to see him without a shirt on, he does have a few scars, some of which were from his time as a feral youth getting into skirmishes with Pokémon that didn't like the fact that he was human, and the more noticeable ones are from that tragic day when his true love was killed.
Other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6KNZIdD0_Y (Theme song: "Never Too Late" by Elton John)
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And before you know it it's February 8th 😐 time for me to step in and try to save this whole thing, if that's ok

I'm not too good at writing romance of any kind but I can still play this as my girl Ari and see what happens - provided I change a few details! There's a whole bunch of things in Eric's sign-up that make the prospect interesting... and it's been a while since I last wrote as her so I need some practice 😇

Name: Arianne Chandler
Age: 14 21
Gender: ♀ - she/her
Personality and backstory: Arianne is traveling through Kanto to become a proper trainer... For all intents and purposes, Arianne is now a licensed trainer and a Pokémon Ranger! It only makes sense for her, as a girl who has made it her mission to help out people and Pokémon in need - and it's a good job for her too, now that she's learned a thing or two about Pokémon training and being less afraid of what other people think of her. That said, her carefree and reckless side still comes out often (and even despite that, it can be strangely difficult to become actually close to her). If you're looking for a relationship with her, you may get what you want... only after spending a long time sharing the spotlight with her many other friends and acquaintances.
Appearance: Arianne at 21 is a 5'11'' stick (just kidding, but she probably would be if she didn't spend most of her life swimming and being physically active in general). She has brown eyes, a pale complexion, but long black hair that she almost always styles in a high ponytail (or two). When it comes to clothing she'll simply jump between the two extremes of "very basic" and "overdressed", no real in-between. Of course, the second option is what she'll go for on a first date.

Here's her actual sign-up for Trainers~ the art above is by Anna (Aquacorde)

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