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Old February 12th, 2018 (2:50 PM). Edited June 15th, 2018 by Spyro.
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「Trade Corner Rules」
Follow Pokécommunity Global Rules

Do not highjack trades; when posting on a thread with the intent of trading, you may only make offers and trade with the thread owner.
Ask a Trade Corner Moderator to close your thread when it is not needed anymore, as you can't close threads yourself.

Hacked Pokémon are prohibited

Hacked and illegal Pokémon are prohibited from being traded here.
A hack is any Pokémon not able to naturally exist within the game or any Pokémon edited or created by a cheating device. Clones are not considered hacked because the Pokémon isn't altered in any way, simply copied.
It is your responsability to hack check your Pokémon before offering them for trade, especially if they are rare, or if you got them from untrustworthy sources like GTS, Wonder Trade, or passerby trades.
Hacked Items are allowed as long as they are released.
No Pokémon from ROM, emulators, or unofficial game copies can be traded here.
No Shiny Mew are allowed. Every Shiny Celebi must be hack-checked on our thread before being traded. Here's the reason why.

Cloning services are not allowed

You are not allowed to ask or offer cloning services. You can request cloning services or apply to be an official cloner in this thread only.

Respect Pokémon's distribution rights

Intentionally disregarding distribution rights of an original trainer's Pokémon will result in an infraction. You must ask a Pokémon's Original Trainer's permission before using their Pokémon in a Giveaway. Respect user's guidelines in their trade threads.

Quick Trades Rules
You may bump your thread every 3 days
After 2 weeks of inactivity, your thread will be closed
Do not revive dead threads

Use the prefixes to tag your trade thread correctly.
Hover over the buttons for their descriptions.







Trade Shops Rules
You need at least 20 different offers to open a shop
You may bump your thread every 7 days
After 2 months of inactivity, your thread will be closed
Do not revive dead threads

Use the prefixes to tag your shop's speciality.
Hover over the buttons for their descriptions.






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Old February 14th, 2018 (11:48 AM). Edited February 28th, 2018 by Spyro.
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「Trade Corner Glossary」
Aprimons: A Pokémon inside a Apricorn Pokéball. Those can be found in HGSS, and in Gen 7. They are Moon Ball, Friend Ball, Love Ball, Fast Ball, Level Ball, Heavy Ball and Lure Ball.

AR: Action Replay - cheating tool for older consoles

BW: Pokémon Black & White

B2W2: Pokemon Black 2 & White 2

BR: Battle Ready. Lv. 50 or Lv. 100 Pokémon, fully EV Trained / Hyper Trained.

Breedjects: Unwanted/non-perfect Pokémon hatched while breeding a specific Pokémon

Cross: The little blue Cross on some Pokémon's status screen. This indicates that this particular Pokémon was either bred, caught, or obtained in an event in a Gen VII game.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets - A particular sheet style language that can be used on PokéCommunity to pretty up your shop or post. Here's some templates.

DCC: Daily Chit Chat

EM: Egg Moves - A Pokémon can only learn those from breeding with a compatible male with the move or with a mother that already has the move.

EV(s): Effort Value(s) - They determine how much of an extra stat boost your Pokémon gains. No Pokémon can go over 510 EVs in total over all 6 stats and only can gain 252 in any one stat. Every 4 EVs equal an extra stat point in that particular stat.

FC: Friend Code - A string of 12 digits that you'll need to trade with other people over Wi-Fi. Both traders need to add each other's FC to trade together.

Filler: A random Pokémon that you don't want. Usually used in one way trades, like Giveaways. Also used: Fodder, Junkmon

Flawless: Normally used to refer to a Pokémon with 6 (perfect) IVs, typically with the spread 31/31/31/31/31/31.
Sometimes is substituted in place of "Perfect", refer below for the exact meaning.

Fodder: Sometimes referred to as "Trade Fodder". Also used: Filler, Junkmon

Gen: Generation - Usually followed by I (one), II (two), III (three), IV (four), V (five), VI (six), or VII (seven).

Genned Pokémon: Pokémon that have been created or edited with a cheating tool. Pokémon obtained in this method are considered hacked and are not allowed to be traded here.

HA: Hidden Ability - The third alternate ability of a Pokémon, that is usually rarer. Pokémon from VC Games will always have their HA when transfered.

Hacked Pokémon: Pokémon that either do not fit within the games programmed parameters for one reason or another, or were created using cheat devices or editing programs. See "Legal" and "Legit" below for further reference within the glossary.

HGSS: Heart Gold / Soul Silver Pokémon games

IGN: In-Game Name - Simply put, the name of your trainer in your Pokémon game.

Illegal: Not naturally able to exist whitin the games. These are prohibited from trading here - even if the Pokémon is legit. Illegal but Legit Pokémon are usually bred from a hacked parent with an illegal combinasion, such as Beast Ball Rowlet.

IV(s): Individual Value(s) - They are static (never changing) values. One is assigned to each Pokémon's stats and it determines the amount of growth that particular stat will have. Spreads are usually written like this: x/31/31/x/30/0 and are associated with the IV stat this way: HP/ATK/DEF/SP.ATK/SP.DEF/SPD

Legal: Pokémon able to naturally exist within the game. It does not mean it isn't hacked. See Illigal above.

Legit: Pokémon who are legal and were created through in-game means, such as breeding, catching, events, and etc. Non-legit Pokémon include Pokémon created, edited, or manipulated with Action Replay, Powersaves, Pokegen, PKHeX, etc. Additional information can be found above in the "Hacked Pokémon" definition, the hack-checking guide link. See the Trade Corner Rules above for which codes are allowed.

NFT: Not for trade. Showcased Pokémon, sometimes to keep track of their own stock, or to discourage other traders to offer the same Pokémon.

NN: Nicknamed

ORAS: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games

OT: Original Trainer - If you've looked at the status screen of a Pokémon you'll notice that it will have a trainer's name on it. It indicates who caught or hatched it originally.

PC: PokéCommunity - The most commonly form of this abbreviation here for PC.
Of course it can also mean Pokémon Center or the PC you store Pokémon in-game too, watch the context when it's used!

Pentagon: The little blue Pentagon on some Pokémon's status screen. This indicates that this particular Pokémon was either bred, caught, or obtained in a Gen VI game (X/Y & ORAS).

Perfect IVs: Indicate the amount of IVs the Pokémon has that are 31. (3 perfect IVs, 1 perfect IV, etc.).

Perfect IVs: Used when all of a Pokémon's IVs are all either/a mix of 0, 30 or 31.

PKRS: Pokérus - It is something a Pokémon can catch normally in-game, a "disease" of sorts. It is actually beneficial to your Pokémon, as it doubles the amount of EVs your Pokémon gains while battling.

PM: Private Message - A form of communication here on PokéCommunity. Click on their username or go to their profile to send them one!

Powersaves: Cheating device for 3DS games.

Rareballs: Includes Apricorn Pokéballs, Beast Balls, Dream Balls, Safari Balls, and Sport Balls.

RNG: Random Number Generator - It's just the way the game determines what Pokémon shows up when wild, and what will be the stats, Nature, ability, etc.

RNG Abuse: RNG mechanic abuse to manipulate which stats a Pokémon will have (Nature, IV, Shininess, etc).

RTO: Rare Trade Only. Used for uncommon/rarer Pokémon to get fair trades.

SID: Secret ID - Similar to the Trainer ID, but this one is hidden. This is what can differentiate you from someone else in the event you find someone else with the exact same TID.

Shopballs: Includes Dive, Dusk, Heal, Quick, Luxury, Net, Premier, Repeat, Timer Pokéballs

SuMo: Pokémon Sun & Moon games. Also used: SM

SV: Shiny Value(s) - Often seen as PSV (Pokémon Shiny Value), TSV (Trainer Shiny Value) and ESV (Egg Shiny Value). Keep in mind; this is complicated.

TID: Trainer ID - A string of 5 digits (Gen VI and lower) or 6 digits (Gen VII) that acts like an ID number of sorts

TC: Trade Corner

USUM: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Pokémon games

UT: Untouched - No Experience, no Pokérus, no extra ribbons, no changes to moveset/stats/EVs/condition, no nickname, etc. Basically as if the Pokémon was freshly caught, hatched, or obtained from an event.

VC: Virtual Console - Used for Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal re-releases

VRTO: Very Rare Trade Only

VM: Visitor Message - A form of communication here on PokéCommunity. Go to the person's profile page to leave them one!
Your Trade Corner staff
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