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Old March 14th, 2018 (9:00 AM).
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So, because I'm super bad at prioritizing the right stuff I've accidently written this huge lore bible for a whimsical high fantasy world for a DnD campaign. Now, I don't wanna run DnD on here, but I thought it might be fun to see if people are interested in doing a more coordinated high fantasy roleplay.

The setting's based on DnD's standard lore, so there's loads of magic, giant continents, and many races. Orcs, elves, people, interdimensional-parrot-pirates, gnomes. The idea is that people just get a small group together and go on adventures. If not many people sign up, keep it small, if loads of people sign up, create a number of parties. I don't plan on running detailed stuff throughout akin to a dungeon master, but let it freeflow. People would be allowed to play one or two characters, just have them go killing slimes and rescue dudes and damsels.

A bigger plot will be present, and bigger events will happen, my idea being that they're relevant because I want to keep the RP in a smaller, confined space.

Basically, I just wanna know if people are interested in RPing a high fantasy adventure romp.
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Old March 14th, 2018 (4:42 PM).
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It sounds like fun! I do like the idea of tighter knit rps too.
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Old March 14th, 2018 (9:31 PM).
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Old March 16th, 2018 (7:00 PM).
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    You got me on interdimensional-parrot-pirates.
    "Fire the kitten cannon!"
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    Old March 18th, 2018 (2:05 PM).
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      i want to believe
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