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Hi, I'm making a game and I want the player to have an item they can use to turn regular Pokes in their party into Shadow Pokes and vice versa without the use of the purification chamber, or the relic stone, how would I use the item effects codes to make the item? I'm assuming it involves "pkmn.makeShadow", but I'm not entirely sure how I need to set that up as this is my first attempt at adding an item that serves as a game mechanic and this is my first real Essentials project.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Welcome to the community!

For what you want to do, you'll have to go into the scripts (F11).
Do a search (CTRL + SHIFT + F) for "TIMEFLUTE".

Paste the red part underneath the time flute item handler. It should look like so:
   if !pokemon.isShadow?
     scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("It won't have any effect."))
     next false
   next true

# Opens or closes the heart of Pokemon
   if pokemon.isShadow?
     next false
     scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s heart has been closed.",
   next true
As you can probably tell, I named the item "Heart Flute."
In items.txt, paste this:
526,HEARTFLUTE,Heart Flute,Heart Flutes,1,0,"This item fully opens or closes the heart of Pokémon.",1,0,0

Don't forget to add an icon for the item as well.
Note: You may need to adjust the item's ID (mine is 526).

If you have any more questions on Shadow Pokemon, you should visit the Pokemon Essentials Wiki page on Shadow Pokemon.

Let me know if something didn't work for you or if you need any more help.
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