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Hack Series My Pokemon Mod Collection Page 20

Started by The Grubby Pup August 3rd, 2011 8:26 PM
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Posted March 4th, 2014
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Omg...about time slacker :) ... and your welcome for beta testing it for you to...plz check out part 1 of YW2 I have done

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Posted March 6th, 2014
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Yes!, you released it! Congratulations! Will try it out for sure, you are amazing, I really admire the originalty of your mods!
Hehehe. Why thanks u. I hope you enjoy the mod. If u encounter any problems, please report it here to da thread.

Omg...about time slacker :) ... and your welcome for beta testing it for you to...plz check out part 1 of YW2 I have done

Hahaha. Okay, okay, okay. I'll admit. I was a total slacker. Da mod had been done since Jan. lol I was just too lazy to make a thread for it. Thanks for having da patience to wait for it. And thanks for beta-testing for me, Shamize. I couldn't have done it without u. U kept pushing me up to finishing it. lol

Looking forward to getting playing on this! Just wondering, why no wild pokemon location doc or gym leader doc?
Oh, I'm sorry. I never got around in making one. lol For the time being if you're looking for a specific pokemon just ask for it. And I'll tell u where they're located. ^^" I will make a doc for the wild pokemon, but as for the trainers...this time, I want the players to be surprised. Have u played this on challenge mode yet? :p

Getting my ass kicked and it's only the tutorial battle lol
Awww, hell yeah baby. I'm definitely gonna watch yo vidz, dude. Ur always exploiting da game's AI making them look like saps. lmao I'll give u a comment over mah YT account. :3
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Posted November 26th, 2015
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Hm. If i patch Yin Black 2 or Yang White 2 the game does not load up.

I am using it on a Supercard DSTwo and it goes not beyond the screen where it says DSTWO Loading
Other hacks of BW/etc. work fine.

I use a clean US ROM (does not matter if AP Patched or not, tried both). After i stard DeltaGUI (Administrator) it patches it and creates a .nds file that is only 282.263kb compared to the origiinal roms 524.288kb

EDIT: The unpatched rom just works fine and so does NeoSS and your other roms. Just YB2 does not.
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