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So one thing i thought would improve the pokeradar (make it almost pokenav like) is after a chain starts a small UI appears. only triggers are by switch (that gets activated and deactivated within the pokeradar script already) has a small bit of text "Chain: {1}" {1} being the chain length (can be used easily by the values the pokeradar uses; $PokemonTemp.pokeradar[2]) then a image/background icon; with the pokemon icon ontop (would have an background around everything)

most likely will have to go in the top right corner (as left has the route/map names usually; and the bottom of the screen has a HUD (FL's Simple HUD) so yea)

guessing using $PokemonTemp.pokeradar[0] (species storage for pokeradar) and pbpokemoniconfile (what summary,pc etc. uses for each species icon) to get the icon; only issue is im unsure how to get it to display/work :/ tried workshopping FL's Simple HUD but wont display (probably clashing with the original script not sure there) ^^ any help would be great; all i know is the pokemon icon will be 64x64 and the bg for that is also 64x64 while the background would be 64 high with being as long as the icon background and text.