Mewtwo raid update

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A check in on our latest raid; Mewtwo! With phsystrike, ice beam, aura sphere, calm mind, AND rest its definitely a tough contender. How is everyone coming along with it? Lucky first try? 30th?

I personally lucked out with a dream team of randos and did it first try. Had support mew build of life dew and pollen puff for heals. I DID have nasty plot and tera blast with ghost tera typing but quickly realized many problems, namely tera typing would get rid of my resists and mewtwo has calm mind so Sp atk strikes arent really viable.


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I personally lucked out with a dream team of randos
Me too, I did it first try with attack Mew build. Tried twice with psychic tera Mew which had Shadow Ball before watching some videos about the raid from Youtube and building that attack Mew.
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I got Mewtwo on my second try with help from online players. Our strategy was to use 3 Bug Tera Mew with Swords Dance, Leech Life, and Struggle Bug (lowers Sp Atk). The 4th Mew was support with Reflect, Light Screen, Life Dew, and Misty Terrain (to block Mewtwo's Rest).
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I went to a Discord server that I am a part of and joined with a support Mew. I carried that team (they stopped following the strats after the buff resets) to victory on the first try. Haven't tried to farm the raid after that.


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I did not bother with this raid as I already have far too many Mewtwos lol

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