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Out of the available Frontier Brains, who did you like the most? Did you manage to battle them, and was it tough? What do you like about them?


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I've always liked Darach, He was cool in the manga and I find it cool that Caitlin eventually became a elite four member.

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I only ever saw Noland and Lucy... I think. I wasn't that much into the Battle Frontier and did not spend much time there.
For the Sinnoh/Johto Frontier Brains, I've never even seen any of them. I never bothered with the Battle frontier in gen 4 at all.

I'll just go with Lucy I guess... From the Hoenn Battle Frontier facilities the one I spent the most time at was the Battle Pike... though that's not saying much =P

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Lucy on looks alone. Never encountered any of these trainers. (Owned neither Emerald, Platinum, nor Heartgold/Soulsilver. Had Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, and Diamond. Made no sense to buy them.)
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