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Idea ROM Hacking Ideas?

Started by 2oosam November 5th, 2014 2:20 PM
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Seen November 9th, 2014
Posted November 9th, 2014
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Hello, all. I'm looking for some ideas for my Pokemon Emerald ROM Hack. The hack is basically an improved version of Emerald, simply a more enjoyable, challenging version.

With that being said, I'm looking for ideas to add to the game. Anything is appreciated, so don't feel as if your idea is too far out. The only thing I can't do is adding a whole other region, which would take a while. Thanks!
Seen July 20th, 2018
Posted July 20th, 2018
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Dark skinned protagonist? Even just one, the other (boy perhaps) could be white skinned Asian like default. It wouldn't be hard as it would just be changing the colors. I see very few (well, none actually, 'tho I'm sure I prolly just missed seeing them) hacks with black playable characters. I'd love to play one, for the same reasons so many people loved Crystal - you could finally play a girl in that one!
Evo-Yellow: 151 Evolve Raichu Hack, uses the Yellow Disassembly. Play as girl, ride a pokemon, special/physical, dark/fairy/steel types, new pokemon, gen 2 sprites, evolve Pikachu into Raichu and have them still follow you with new Raichu emotion sprites!
Yellow Hack Tutorial
Fire Yellow - A FireRed Hack & Yellow Remake with Following Pikachu
Seen July 19th, 2016
Posted July 19th, 2016
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This is a idea for a rom hack for pokemon games I dont know how to hack so someone could please give me credit for this if its a good game. You start out as an Afro-American (what all pokemon games lack in) and you got some CLEAN Jordans on for the sprite with an afro or a Part in the hair.If you are a girl you are basically the same but with better Jordans and your hair is afro or long( I don't know no girl hairstyles! You figure it out!) Your mom says that some random dude will give you a pokemon if you give when your NBA 2K game. If you don't GAME OVER and you stay in your house doing nothing. If you give him the game, he gives you a choice of 2 pokemon; A New Pitbull like pokemon named PitPup that has low defense, 0 special attack, low special defense, normal speed, and 34 attack ( its level 5) Evolves into PitDog then PitBull And if you say no, he runs with the pokemon, and you walk out of the alley he was in, and a baby shiny Mew shows up. "Catch me trainer!" Say no once again, GAME OVER and back into the house. Say yes, you get Mew's shiny son,Muw. Some hobo walks by and says "Dang son" and walks away. This game should be as funny but if this offends anyone, take out those parts. I'm afro-american, and I think this is funny. Don't rage over a game. Now back to the game, you train your pokemon blah blah blah Gym Leader: Hello, (Insert Name Here) I bet all my money I win. He loses horribly with 6 magikarps with only splash and his face is like O_o Where you get that (Your starter's original name) from bro? You gain 1 million dollars because of the gym leader's bet (Serious part comes in here) You go out the gym, and hear a rumble. 5 people are running away and there is something you can't make out just staring at you. (theres fog) Go, (your pokemon) ! The unknown figure one hit kills you with an unknown move in pokemon. You join the crowd running, and the figure destroys the whole town. Out of rage, your pokemon gains a second ability named Enraged It games +20 to all stats at any random time it remembers what happened. You go on to the other gym and you get stopped before going in. The gender opposite of yours is your rival and she has the Pokemon you didn't pick. She is strong, but the dominant pokemon is mostly her starter. If you lose, you don't blank out like a wimp, you just thrash or rage out to heal your pokemon. (Creator can make the different pokemon in grass patches in the whole game) When you finish the game, Arceus says "I am impressed. You will see me again when you redeem yourself." You see the figure again in the fog. This is your moment. The reason you dedicated yourself to defeating all these gyms in a day for some reason. You battle the Pokemon. It is Dark Mewtwo which is black with red eyes and the purple is still purple though. You can throw any pokeball, but it uses telekenisis to break it open. 0.000000001 chance of catching it. It's level 100, and its op. 425-476 Special Attack, and in the low 300s for everything else. When you beat it you gain 1 trillion dollars from all the townspeople repaying you, give you all the starters in the game, and all legends except for Mew( It was your optional starter what do you expect, for everything to come your way?) The Mew by the way at level 5, 25% chance of getting Rash 10% Lonely 40% Modest 25% Hasty The PitPup 40%Adamant 35%Brave 25% Hasty (A bit easy to kill with such low stats, you can maybe switch the speed higher and the defense medium, that would maybe be better.) PitPup Boy comes in Dominant color White and other color is Brown. PitPup Girl comes in Dominant color Brown and other color is White. I wrote so much to be as SPECIFIC as possible, and all pokemon games are so serious go save the world 10 year old, we're too old and fat to do it ourselves, but in this game, you can switch it up, just PLEASE don't make it about the character being a superhero. I want this game more REALISTIC. By the way, before you leave the alley guy, your mom tells you to visit your friends and show off. They ask you "What the heck is that?" and you say Pokemon. " You talkin bout that nerdy game, brah?" You: Uhhhhh... "Just kidding, yo go do your thing! yall don't care right?" Others: .... "RIGHT!?!?!?!" Others: mumble I guess.. Okay Im done I didnt waste my day on this game idea for nothing at least try to publish it please! :) Edit everything but no heroes! Your rival can be one! One more thing! Ugh, I know. Dark Mewtwo can be obtainable from your buddies when your game is 100% one of your homie wants to trade the Dark Mewtwo for a Rock. You can buy 99 rocks for 1 dollar or pokedollar whatever currency. Thank you for reading this, hopefully other people do as well.
Name: Gawd
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