Seventh Generation Alola, trainers! Come discuss the latest generation in the Pokémon series with us! This includes Sun & Moon as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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    Since Silvally has been confirmed to be a Legendary Pokemon by Pokemon Company, which I didn't know before today, I have dropped the idea of using SIlvally on my team.

    I just transfered all my pokemon from SM and ORAS to USUM so my team now is this.

    A - Nintails
    Dusk Lycanroc

    This will probably be my last team I post, as I am now constantly changing it. I do sometimes add Shiny Ho-Oh and Shiny Rufflet to my team currently to train them to 100.
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      All right! Here is my team, as I enter the E4!! (The story didn't put as much emphasis on "Nebby wants adventures" this time around, and I really didn't have an extra spot on my team; so Nebby and Necrozma are chilling in the box together hopefully sorting out their complicated relationship.) Everyone is level 63. Spoiler tagged because it's rather long, and I don't want to take over the whole page.

      Georgium the Primarina (M) | Torrent| Holding Primarium Z
      *Sparkling Aria
      *Ice Beam
      My beloved starter! <3 What else is there to say?! He's special! Moveset is nothing out of the ordinary - STAB + potential Z-Move, Fairy STAB, Ice coverage, extra Water STAB with Burn chance because I wanted to teach Scald to somebody.

      Aries the Crabominable (F) | Hyper Cutter | Holding Fightinium Z
      *Ice Punch
      *Dizzy Punch
      *Close Combat
      *Brick Break
      (\ /)_(o_o)_(\/) I actually had some trouble using her at first; but it got better once I started realizing that she was basically a "glass cannon" and playing her to fit that role. Went for Ice Punch over Ice Hammer, the lowered accuracy and Speed drop just didn't seem worth it. Close Combat is her "pulverize-everything" Fighting STAB and Z-Move fodder, while Brick Break is her "more reliable, just in case" Fighting STAB - she's actually had it since Verdant Cavern, right after I caught her! Dizzy Punch because i can't resist them status conditions B) Although I don't end up using it very often...I'm gonna try and hook her up with an Ability Capsule when I can, Iron Fist would be better for this moveset - but whatever, Hyper Cutter has its uses too.

      Orion the Lurantis (M) | Leaf Guard | Holding Grassium Z
      *Solar Blade
      *Leaf Blade
      *Sunny Day
      I've heard a lot of reports that Lurantis is hard to use in a playthrough, having to be carried a lot by other team members...And I'm sad to admit, there is some truth to that. -_- BUT! This fact only made me more righteously determined to use him whenever I could make it work!! His best moment was the Hapu battle, where Sunny Day'ed and proceeded to sweep 3/4 of her team with Solar Blade (Georgium had to be swapped in for Flygon), ending the battle before the Sunlight had a chance to fade. It was awesome. Oh! I just now noticed he's Adamant - that seems like a really good nature for Lurantis!

      Tyche the Toxapex (M) | Limber | Holding Poison Barb
      Say hello to the great wall of starfish!! >:D Seriously though, I've always focused more on offense with my Pokemon, but I'm really starting to enjoy strategies like this - and no one does it better than Toxapex! Not much else to say - his Defense stats are insane (214 Def., 174 Sp. Def even though he's Rash), he's the only member of my team holding anything besides a Z-Crystal, and his Toxic was what ultimately brought down Ultra Necrozma. He likes being pet on his left arm. :3

      Ingrid the Mimikyu (M) | Disguise | Holding Mimikium Z
      *Play Rough
      *Hone Claws
      *Shadow Claw
      *Hidden Power Fire
      ...Don't look at me like that, I-I'm sure Pokemon don't care about such human concepts as gendered names! >_> He's actually named after an asteroid, 1026 Ingrid, which is little-known but has always stuck in my memory. Anyway, he's awesome in battle - Disguise is starting to become my favorite Ability! I'm also a fan of his adorably unsettling Z-Move, which was another thing I used on Ultra Necrozma. Ingrid is pretty dang fast, too, even though he's Brave - I can count on him when I really need to outspeed something, and I tend to have him leading the party in caves so I can run from encounters. Hidden Power was a last-minute addition; I backtracked to get the TM and check what Types my Pokemon had, Ingrid's was Fire, I went "okay, I've been needing a Fire attack" and replaced Pain Split.
      ...Also? The claims that Mimikyu can high-five you in Refresh were all so, so wonderfully true. ♥

      Quanti the Naganadel | Beast Boost (highest stat is Speed) | Holding Poisonium Z
      *Dragon Pulse
      *Nasty Plot
      *Leech Life
      *Sludge Wave
      I'll be honest: I put this one on my team for sentimental purposes. I mean, this little creature chose to leave behind everything it's ever known and travel to an alien world to be my Pokemon - how could I not?! I had trouble deciding what niche Quanti should fill, but eventually settled on "Special powerhouse carrying moves of different Types". Leech Life isn't really the best for this, but I just wanted something to replace Fell Stinger. Not much else to say, except that I found it really amusing having my tiny, adorable alien-sprite thing evolve into an 11-foot pointy wasp dragon. (Who loves Pokebeans and head pats.) ^_^

      And a shout-out to the one who I switched out for Quanti...
      Mir the Vikavolt (F) | Levitate | No item
      The first Pokemon I caught...she's so good, you guys. I ended up using her in a large portion of the battles due to her widespread coverage, and there was at least one time when she outleveled the entire team including Georgium. She even has max affection. So, why did I box her? In a way, it was because she was so good and overused, I thought it would add a bit to the challenge if I couldn't use her; plus, I was swapping her for another sweeper-with-coverage, so it all came together. But to an extent, it was also for sentimental reasons...When I first got her, I imagined her in my head as being headstrong and eager for battle (even before I learned that her characteristic was "Likes to Fight"); but lately I've been getting the "Mir is in a bit of a pinch. It looks like it might cry..." message a lot. I assume that happens when affection levels get high; but I can't help imagining it as some sort of character development, like she puts on a tough facade, but really the battles are beginning to wear on her...It's okay, my buggy friend! Go ahead and take a rest! <3

      ...That was a lot of words, there. :3c I just love my Pokes!
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      big mood. bye
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        - Primarina
        - Lycanroc-Dusk
        - Mudsdale
        - Dedenne Zapdos*
        - Solgaleo

        I always use the title legendary in my first playthrough of a game, so hence Solgaleo. Zapdos, however, was gifted to me by a very kind person for my birthday. It's been RNG'ed to be shiny, have a good nature and good stats, and I love it so much that didn't mind pulling Dedenne from the team. As you can infer I was also dealing with the common weakness Ground, which Zapdos effectively removed. Now there's the problem with Ice, but I don't think I'll have a hard time finding a sixth Fighting-type partner.
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          - Lycanroc-Dusk Lv. 68
          - Buzzwole Lv. 60
          - Abomasnow Lv. 70
          - Dusk-Mane-Necrozma Lv. 75
          - Raichu Lv. 71
          - Blacephalon Lv. 63

          Buzzwole and Blacephalon are recent aditions to the team. I'm currently using my time to fill my gaps in the PokéDex, since my first run was mostly just enjoying the changes on the game
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            Mimikyu (Holding Mimikium Z)
            Electivire (Holding Expert belt)
            Surfing Alolan Raichu (Holding Raichium Z)
            Cloyster (Holding Choice scarf)
            Ferrothorn (Holding Leftovers)
            Absol (Holding Scope lens)
            Bewear (Holding Muscle band)
            Garchomp (Holding Dragonium Z)

            Everyone is at @ lvl 53-56. Just beat Ultra Necrozma in case you are wondering.
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            Only at the beginning of the second island, I know it won't be my final team. I used some Pokemon I like even if they suck, but in-game you can win with any team so it is my time to use them <3

            Torracat named Juka (named after my black cat, RIP)
            Rockruff (I want the Dusk form but I will not use it)
            And I just switched Ledian for Mareep/Flaafy
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              I finished the story and post-game with this team. My Pokemon were around 65 when I stopped playing.

              Arcanine - MVP of my team. Got him with a Jolly nature and Intimidate, I kept him as a Growlithe 'til he got Flare Blitz and evolved him. With the Firium-Z, there were very few Pokes he couldn't one-shot.
              Zoroark - kind of mediocre, actually. I later learned that it's used as a cheat engine against Ultra Necrozma, but I had no knowledge of this at the time. He somehow managed to use Foul Play against it, though, so that's something.
              Lycanroc (Dusk) - very good, fast, and strong, and Stealth Rock against the Focus Sash dancer and Olivia really made the difference between fun and infuriating. I really like its design, but I think next run when I play UM I'll go with Midnight.
              Hawlucha - why did I have to go with the Brave nature trade before Ilima's challenge? The speed hamper on a speedy Pokemon really ruined things for it, and while Unburden is very good in competitive play, it's downright impractical in-game. Unless you, I don't know, buy 99 Strange Souvenirs like I did, but often by the time he threw the thing he fainted anyway.
              Venusaur - very useful, and a classic. The one I caught had a decrease in Speed, which is no big deal because Venusaurs aren't that fast anyway. Still, he was kind of underwhelming altogether--I begin to understand why Decidueye gets so much Grass hype for Alola.
              Necrozma (Dusk Mane) - useful... very useful. Kind of cheating, actually. It's thanks to it that I won battles that otherwise wiped out my entire team. (I don't spam Max Revives, either, and I have my settings on Set, not Switch.) Very epic and fun to use, but I'm thinking next playthrough I'll go without it. (Even though it STILL just barely survived Mewtwo... and Ghetsis beat it. Ghetsis is always killing me.)

              Sadly, I went with a no-Starter run so didn't get to take my boy Incineroar against Team RR, a problem I'll rectify next playthrough. Used to have a Slowbro called Bromeo, but his evolution time dragged on through the game and his stats were so abysmal he's not even worth mentioning.
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                Currently my team is:
                Tyranitar (shiny!) chain encountered him in Diglett's tunnel as a Larvitar. 102 encounters before he showed up. Adamant nature

                I still havent finished the game yet. On Ula Ula Island. Just finished my trial.
                My team will probably change except Tyranitar and Primarina.
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                My current team in UM is...

                Alolan Raticate (Totem)
                Lycanroc (Dusk)

                Also recently have added a Stakataka! Then in US my team is:

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                For the main game of Moon, my team consisted of:
                Owl Hood the Decidueye
                Best Mon the Charjabug
                Bonk Choy the Crabominable
                Lizzy the Salazzle
                ICU the Metagross
                Ash-Greninja I guess

                For the main game of Ultra Moon:
                Splash Woman the Primarina
                Best Mon II the Charjabug
                H Mayonnaise the Tsareena
                Delta the Aerodactyl
                XLR8 the Naganadel
                Sun-Saluter the Volcarona

                And for Episode RR:
                H Mayonnaise the Tsareena
                MSPlayer the Garchomp
                Cool Kid the Vanilluxe
                Rocketproof the Gardevoir
                Big Whoopsie the Silvally
                Ya Boi the Xurkitree

                I only listen to high-quality video game rips.
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                  Pokemon Sun:
                  Azumarill (brought over from X as Azurill; couldn't decide on a water-type to use after picking Rowlet so I used an old favorite)
                  Espeon, of course

                  Pokemon Ultra Moon:
                  Ampharos (old favorite)
                  Lycanroc (Dusk)

                  In UM I tried using mostly new Pokemon and ones I haven't played through a game with. I'm currently leveling Seadra, Aurorus, Lileep, Poipole, Ivysaur, and Charmander.
                  “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino
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                    I'm using a whole new team for the Rainbow Rocket episode :D These Pokemon are ones I've been wanting to use for a while, and/or ones who seem like fitting partners on an interdimensional mission like this...So, basically, sentimental reasons. I listed their Natures this time - I don't reset for Natures; but I do pay attention to them when building movesets, so I thought it would be helpful to know. Everyone is level 72 except Vikavolt (73), Dawn Wings Necrozma (73) and Smeargle (76). Spoilered for length.

                    Mir the Vikavolt (F) | Impish | Levitate | No item
                    *Bug Buzz
                    The team member I swapped out for the E4 gets her chance to shine! <3 Not much else to say; I didn't feel the need to change her moveset much...Her Special Attack is really high (209) even though she's Impish!

                    Stucco the Stakataka | Naive | Beast Boost | Holding Sitrus Berry
                    *Iron Head
                    *Rock Slide
                    *Stealth Rock
                    My new Ultra Beast! (Or...Beasts? Each brick is apparently an individual organism, after all.) I've really grown to like Stakataka since I've started training one - it's so awesome that you can send a building into battle, and even better that you can cuddle it and feed it treats. :giggle: I'll be honest, I really only taught them Infestation because I needed a fourth move and found it inordinately hilarious that Stakataka can learn it. :shifty-eyed: Do they have bugs living inside them? Or do they just infest the opponent with their bricks? :giggle:
                    (Also, for some reason they really hate being pet on their top-left area. If I keep doing it, they show me an angry eye. :O)

                    Voyager the Silvally | Naughty | RKS System | Holding one of 18 Memories
                    *Ice Fang
                    *Swords Dance
                    A special Pokemon entrusted to me by Wicke, who was quite literally made to handle threats from other worlds - heck yeah, he's coming along! :love: His ability to have a STAB attack of any type will be a great asset! I plan on switching his held Memory between boss fights. Explosion is on there for basically the same reason as Infestation on Stucco :shifty-eyed: Silvally bits everywhere! :disbelief:

                    Strelitzia the Swellow (F) (shiny) | Gentle | Guts | Holding Flame Orb
                    *Double Team
                    *Brave Bird
                    My first Wormhole shiny, and one of the first Pokemon I caught in a Wormhole overall; I've always thought of her as my...multiversal travel partner. :D She's named after the Bird of Paradise flower, which actually resembles shiny Swellow a bit. (Plus, you know..."bird".) As you can see, her strategy is basically GO DOWN KICKING AND SCREAMING. #GUTS

                    Blinding Two the Dawn Wings Necrozma (but I usually call them "Dawn Wings" or "Necrozma & Nebby")| Mild | Prism Armor | Holding Ultranecrozium Z
                    *Photon Geyser
                    *Signal Beam
                    *Calm Mind
                    *Moongeist Beam
                    Dawn Wings Necrozma might actually be my new favorite Pokemon ;o; I've always been partial to fusions, and I got so attached to both Nebby and Necrozma as characters...Anyway, in their regular form, this dynamic duo is doubly resistant to and super effective against Psychic, which will be particularly useful. Also, I hope they appreciate that Signal Beam - I had to surf through Sharpedo-infested waters for it. Seven times. DX So done with Move Tutors...

                    Perihelion the Smeargle (M) | Hasty | Technician | Holding Normalium Z
                    *Crush Grip
                    A Pokemon I caught all the way back on Route Two, who I felt like taking out of the Pelago and training up for this team! :D This is my first time using a Smeargle, and I went a bit wild with the moveset, LOL! Spore will be the most useful move here (it's practically Smeargle's signature technique), then Transform is a close second - nothing better than just straight-up taking your opponent's stats/moves! >:D Crush Grip was borrowed from my Wormhole Regigigas because I felt Peri needed at least one reliable attack. (Or, sort of reliable - it only really works as an opening move.) Metronome is...not a good move to use, but it's so much fun!
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                      just beat the league with these mons that i used for the main story playthrough! :')) tried to use pokemon i've never used before or wouldn't normally use, but when i discovered i couldn't get ambipom until post-game i just ended up using a lopunny as per usual. also salazzle was a beast early-game but when i got into late-game it kept getting absolutely destroyed r.i.p
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                        Here's my current team. They're just hitting level 60, except for Larvesta, who's now 51 (I had to seriously grind because it hatched from an egg). I need space for a Braixen, only I don't know who to switch out, haha. Both Florges and Mawile are really strong, but... hmm.

                        And here's what my team will look like (mostly based on aesthetics):

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                          Buneary, Rowlet and Rockruff
                          What means nothing for you, means everything for me
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                            My Team right now is:
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                              I just restarted my Ultra Sun and I have a timid, female Popplio named Kai! :D I'm honestly not sure what I want my team to be. ^^

                              Name: Vivillon
                              Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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                              FC: 3952-8082-3168
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                                Here is mine:

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                                  First Id like to say that I need recommendations for the remainder of my team, so feel free to throw them out there!

                                  Mawile lvl 12

                                  Dartrix lvl 19

                                  Murkrow lvl 18

                                  I am reserving a spot for alolan nine tails but that means I have two spots left
                                  Current Challenges:
                                  Monotype Challenge - Psychic - Aqua Sapphire
                                  Ultimate Monotype Challenge 2/6 - Grass - Emerald, Fire Red

                                  Completed Challenges:
                                  Random Challenge - X
                                  Random Challenge - Leaf Green
                                  Random Challenge - Liquid Crystal
                                  Solo Challenge - Breloom - Emerald
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                                    I'm trying to get a different team this time. I've been transferring Pokémons from different games. My team in Ultra Moon currently is:

                                    Trying to get a Duskull at the moment, the others i need to think
                                    FC: 1736-3159-7818
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                                      My current team is Incineroar, Tsareena, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Lycanroc, and Necrozma fused with Lunala.

                                      Name: Lucky
                                      Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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                                        Originally Posted by ElectricN View Post
                                        First I’d like to say that I need recommendations for the remainder of my team, so feel free to throw them out there!

                                        Mawile lvl 12

                                        Dartrix lvl 19

                                        Murkrow lvl 18

                                        I am reserving a spot for alolan nine tails but that means I have two spots left

                                        My recommendation is Hawlucha. You can get it from the Pokémon Center at the first trial, and the Hawlucha is at level 10 from a kid trainer and it is for a Spearow.

                                        Name: Lucky
                                        Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
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                                        used Jump Kick! It's super effective!
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                                        Winter Deerling
                                        Torracat (with an Everstone)
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                                          Currently my team is a Magby and 5 eggs since I am breeding for a shiny Mimikyu XD
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