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Old 2 Days Ago (7:26 AM).
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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp again.....the new Poké Ball treasure hunt event really brought back my motivation =')

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Old 2 Days Ago (9:51 AM).
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    Skyrim on my Switch (just recently started a lawful mage playthrough)

    Sims 4, WoW and Wolfquest on my PC.

    I'm also playing through the rom hack "Pokemon Fuligan" that I just bought on cartridge off Amazon. I'm loving that a lot. I'm playing it on my Gameboy SP :)
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    Old 2 Days Ago (10:50 AM).
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    I'm a bit sad about the controls not being great, but god I missed this game.
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    Old 2 Days Ago (2:31 PM).
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      I'm assuming you're playing the Final Remix version for the Switch? As for the controls, is the Final Remix (assuming this is the version you're referring to) not optimized for the Switch---as opposed to the DS version---or would say this would be a different issue?

      I'm asking because, like I said in a previous post here, I may get the Final Remix version in the near-distant future.
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      Trying to get back into Monster Hunter through Gen Ultimate, but I'm finding it really hard as my lifestyle tends to be unfavourable towards long RPG sessions; lots of little distractions around the household, RPGs require attention to retain interest... Not to mention that the TV is almost always in use, but I don't like having the Switch in portable mode due to aforementioned distractions (read: little sister who'd probably throw it across the room when I'm not looking).

      My friend got me into BlazBlue Centralfiction too, which I'm now playing to tide me over till Sma5h is released.

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      Old 21 Hours Ago (10:38 PM).
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      After hours of crashing and graphical glitches, I finally completed Dragon Age: Origins and now I'm ready for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which I'll probably finish in one or two sittings.
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