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Jessie and James have captured or worked with quite a few Pokémon throughout the series. Are there any you think would be a good fit for them that they haven't caught yet?


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Posted April 1st, 2022
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Something that has disappointed me with Team Rocket in recent sagas, especially in Journeys, they haven't really caught a lot of pokemon.

One thing I'd love in Journeys, if for James and Jessie to return to Arbok and Weezeing and reclaim them. It is their signature pokemon and I feel like they should finally get them back. I think the other pokemon by now can handle themselves. Maybe even visit Cacnea and Mime Jr. again.

As for pokemon I think they should catch, I think Nickit is a 100% Team Rocket Pokemon and feel like it would be the perfect pokemon for Jessie since James has already caught a Morpeko.

Sadly with Journeys likely coming to an end this year if rumors of Gen 9 are to be believed, I don't think they will catch anymore pokemon. At least not ones that would make a massive impact on the show.