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Naming your Rival

Started by Palamon 2 Weeks Ago 7:20 PM
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In the older Pokemon games, excluding the Hoenn games, and first Unova games, you could give your rival any name you wanted, pretty much. You could name your rival in the original games, their remakes, G/S/C and their remakes, D/P/PT, and the B2/W2 games. It has since then been absent from every Pokemon game. Naming your rival is no longer a function in any Pokemon game.

What did you name Blue, Silver, Barry and Hugh? What did you think of being able to give your rival whatever name? I always found it fun. By the way, I name my rival "Kir" when I play the older Pokemon games.
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I mean... There are 2 sides to this of which I am sure other people would agree.

On one side I would serious names such as rivals in my actual school, using gary, blue, etc. The rather traditional way to make it authentic...

Then there is the fun side where I would call him dumb names like Butthead, Dirt, Thash etc. etc. The meme's and online comics portraying this is absolute gold at the time :)

I do wish they brought it back but I get it... No need for us to be creative in name picking u_u
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I usually use the rivals’ regular names. I used to name Gary and Silver nasty names as a kid, but that’s not something I do now.

Sometimes, when I name my trainer after a character from a game (ex. Robin), I name the rival (if not friendly) after their nemesis (ex. Grima). If friendly, I name the rival after an allied character (ex. Chrom).
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In VC Crystal, I named my rival "Butter." Why? ... Idk. I also named my rival "Butter" in Let's Go Pikachu.

In response to "Butter", in VC Silver I named my rival "Cheese."

On my super old Blue cartridge, I think I just named him Red.
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