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Something strange I've noticed - when I'm running Ruby or Sapphire in Rom form, movement in-game is perfectly smooth, with average speeds around 450-500% normal game and thirty frames per second - just about the right speed to make the game move right along without becoming uncontrollable. Also, turbo mode cranks this up to around 1000% normal speed and six frames per second, great for leveling against wild pokemon and other mindless tasks.

However, when I switch over to Emerald, the normal game speed is much lower - closer to 300 percent, and - here's the strange bit - running at 60 frames per second. As for turbo mode, it runs around 550-600, 6 frames per second, and 'lags' - the movement is jerky and doesn't actually seem that much faster.

I've kept all settings the same between the games; frameskip is set to 0, throttle is off, and VSync is also turned off, all being run at 640x480 resolution in-game and 1024x768 on my monitor. I could look up any of the other settings if someone thought they might be the reason, but I suspect these are the most relevant ones.

Can anyone explain this to me, or tell me how I might work around it? I know it may seem like an insignificant difference, but the slowdown in Emerald from what I got well and used to is annoying enough that it makes the game less enjoyable than its two predecessors, despite the often handy or interesting extra features.

Alternatively, if there's a hack that alters the natural framerate of the rom (which seems like the most likely explanation, at least in my admittedly clueless best guess) could someone verify for me if a version of Pokemon Emerald with a similar hack exists? (I am NOT asking where it is, simply if it exists.)

Actually - a quick correction. Somewhere between switching games, I'd managed to set the frameskip to one. Both games run at sixty frames per second; however, even at the same frameskip, the problem is still pretty much as described. Emerald runs noticeable slower than Ruby or Sapphire, with all settings the same with the exception of the ROMs themselves.