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Your Learning Style

Started by Rynamite 1 Week Ago 9:16 PM
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Your dominant learning style!

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We all learn and interpret information differently.

Some of us retain more by learning with our ears, a lecture or audio files etc. etc.
Some of us learn more efficiently by visual queues, to do manuals with pictures etc. etc.
Some of us excel in displaying our knowledge when we learn by going with the hands on approach.

So with you.. What's your learning style? Also, yes, it is very common to have a combination of 2 or all approaches. Some are all 3, but dominant in a certain aspect.

For me I am more of a hands on and visual learner. Always have been to be honest. The auditory aspect can be my friend at times but not as often as the first two...

(I've set the poll up that you can select more then one.)


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Definitely more visual + hands-on as well but I learn more from the former.

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Auditory learning is the worst, just sayin

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i'm very much a tactile learner. i tend to forget things if i learn any other way.

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So I'm learning how to do reports at work and for me I have to write everything down step by step in almost in an idiot proof way. Then I want to do it with them there to make sure I'm doing it right. I have to do it several times just to get a routine down. That way when they're not here I can just follow my notes if I need to.
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I learn pretty well in all respects honestly. Although the best method for learning tends to shift depending on what the task is.


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Visual and immersion for sure. That's why I didn't like school at all, since most of my learning was forced through textbooks/note cards/re-reading things constantly, and then ending up forgetting them when I needed the information. I can't retain things well that way. /:

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Like most folks here, visual and hands on for me. With auditory sometimes my mind might drift somewhere if I try to listen something not interesting to me.

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Visual and hands on.
I find it difficult to do it the auditory way.

Visually is probably the best way for me, I find if I can watch someone do something, then test and fail at it the first time. I can watch and watch again until I understand it.
Same with being hands on.

Although, it does depend on what I'm doing or learning.


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