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Hello everyone!
It is my work that is to have pre-battle mugshot for certain trainer in my hack. And Yesterday I followed the mugshot asm resources post here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=8941047&postcount=735
It works perfectly in a pure BPEE rom, but when I started to port it to my hack rom (Due to the region reason, my hack rom is BPEJ, I always use vba memory viewer and hxd editor to find the same offests in 2 different versions) , it started to crash and worked badly. Here are 3 annoying results that I have met.
First, when I have a battle with lass on route 102, it shows unmatched mugshot of a climber and the pattle of hero himself is crashed.
Next, when I have battle with another lass on route 104, things work perfectly, but the mugshot is unmatched.
Finally, when I fight the fishman on route 104, it totally crashed and showed me this.
I have checked the offests I found and confirm that there is no mistake in it. And the ASM resources are also in attachments.
Could someone help me to deal with this annoying problem? Thanks a lot!