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The Automotive Thread

Started by Rynamite 2 Weeks Ago 2:09 PM
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Whether we are drivers ourselves, or we have been in vehicles before with someone else driving. Cars, Trucks and Vans have made transportation easy for civilization (Amongst other things like Bikes, Horses, Trains etc. etc.)

So this automotive themed thread is to talk everything auto! Do you drive? Do you have your own vehicle or do you borrow someone's vehicle? What's your favourite vehicle to drive? What is your favourite mode of transportation? You can talk about other things too! :)

Me personally I love to drive! There are no limitations in terms of distance, whether it's around town or whether I need to go into another country (US) or into another province (Quebec) I will do it all! I currently drive and own a 2017 Hyundai Elantra but my upmost favourite car to drive apart from the current one was my Dad's 1993 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.

I have travelled by car, train, plane and boat... For most things I will take a car any day, however a nice calming train ride is good too.

Discuss away!

This was also an excuse to try out thread designs


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Nice css! I don't drive, I mostly go around by bus or in my parents' car. I used to have a bike, but I think it's destroyed now



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I live in the Midwest US, and I can't wait until spring rolls around again! I got into riding motorcycles last year, and I'm ready to put more miles on that Odometer Baby!

Alright, now that the excitement has subsided, I ride an 83 Honda Magna 750c, and I really do enjoy it. Cars are safe and okay, but I think I'll be riding motorcycle a lot more now that I've had a taste.

So are there any other Riders out there?
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I don't drive. I can and am decent at it, but I, unfortunately, have panic attacks when behind the wheel. Man, Ry, I wish I could be as enthusiastic about driving as you! That's awesome. I used to love driving, too, but panic attacks soured it for me and now I can't get them to stop.

My fiancee drives, though, and doesn't mind it. We have a Nissan Leaf, a pretty cool-looking electric vehicle. He's gonna take me into the city for Valentine's Day so we can eat at this cool new vegan bakery. Should be fun! I don't mind much being in the car when someone else drives. I do get anxiety if something bad happens and it can be difficult to come down from it, but I usually don't mind sitting in the passenger seat. It's fun to listen to the radio or music on my phone and have all the windows down :3
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I'm currently without a car (GASP!) but when I do drive, I prefer size and comfort over performance. My persona on here is/was based on my infatuation with vintage Buick models (Roadmaster, Electra/Park Avenue, Century, and of course LeSabre), but a lot of the larger Oldsmobile, Mercury, and Chrysler models from the 1970's and 1980's also appeal to me. I want something with soft, plush seats, lots of room, and a soft, smooth, and silent ride - fuel mileage and acceleration are non-factors to me.

I also want a car with those tough chrome steel bumpers and a boxy, formal appearance. I have a feeling I'll be forever buying used since they don't make cars like they used to, lol

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driving is so fun. i love spontaneous road trips. sometimes i'll get in my car and just go somewhere. roll the windows down, blast my music real loud. it's an incredibly cathartic experience. when i moved, driving across the country was the most exciting part for me lol.

i drive a 2012 chevrolet impala ltz. i've put over 120k miles in this thing, and i plan on driving it into the ground. it shows its age. its got dents and scrapes, doesnt ride as smooth as it used to, and the upholstery is stained to all hell. i've had my aggravations and struggles with it. the turning radius is the absolute worst. its a full size sedan and it feels like i'm driving a boat. i struggle with parking it a lot of the time. i do love my bose speakers though. i think half of my hearing loss is from me blasting music with them. the sound quality is great though. i want my next car to have speakers as nice as the impala. i don't really know what car i'd like to own after this one. i really like large cars, and i'd be okay with an suv or even a truck, though the fuel economy might kill me a little bit. i do like sport and muscle cars too, though i'd never own one for fear of putting too many dents in it. i need a car i wouldnt be afraid of beating up. it's not that i'm a bad driver, i'm just real cautious lol.

i've ridden other modes of transportation, but driving is my favorite out of all of them. won't get you places too fast, but you'll have fun the whole way there. the highway has so many weird side trips that you can experience and see. one of my dreams is to just. live in a car or camper and travel on the road for the rest of my life. it's not feasible, but it just seems like something perfect for me. i've never really felt at home anywhere, i've always had an itch to just. go. maybe thats how every young adult feels these days, but i don't see myself getting rid of these feelings any time soon.

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