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Thank You Luvdisc!

Started by VisionofMilotic 1 Week Ago 7:05 AM
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Valentine's Day is finally here! Yippee! Let's give Luvdisc a party this Valentine's Day! Post here and spread the love.

/Hugs all around/ I just want to say to Luvdisc thanks for all you have done for all of us. You have worked tirelessly bringing people together, and the forum would not be the same without you. I am really going to miss you. You are the unsung hero, and you need your own Valentine's day card. Take care Luvdisc! Thanks again, for your messages, and the heart-shaped badges. I hope you have a nice rest after all of your selfless work, and I can't wait to see you next year!
/Throws confetti, and gives you a box of heart-shaped pokepuffs/

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Thank you very much! I appreciate Luvdisc a lot, she helps deepen friendships and relationships alike every year. plus she's hecka cute

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I didnt get a note but appreciate you Luvdisc xoxo
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Thank you, my dearest Luvdisc, for delivering my letters with the utmost care!

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