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barefoot, socks, or slippers?

i tend to use slippers most of the time nowadays (used to go mostly barefoot), especially in colder months
sure wish we had the same insulated floors that korean homes have, which heat the floors ;_;

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Age 27
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socks or slippers, never barefoot

just doesn’t feel right to me to spend long periods of time barefoot and I will never understand why the psyduck foot fetishes are a thing
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Sometimes socks. But idk, I really like being bare-foot. It's really dumb I know, but I love it. I don't consider it a fetish, more of a preference.
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Laverre City
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I have way too many adorable pairs of socks to walk around barefoot.

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Used to go barefoot but now except for the bedroom I wear slippers. More of a keeping my bedroom clean from outside dirt and dust kind of thing.


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Slippers, socks feel too confining.
My feet are always too cold for straight barefoot.
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I have always liked the feeling of socks on my feet so I have them on most of the time. We have tile throughout a lot of our house too and it's just kind of cold to walk on.


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Dani California
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During cold months socks, mainly because I can't remember where my slippers are haha. Warmer months barefoot.

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Czech Republic
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Socks, unless it's super hot.
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Age 24
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Mostly barefoot but sometimes socks or slippers, especially in winter when it's colder.


Age 22
The Deep South
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I always wear socks around the house. It feels weird if I don’t.
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