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erik destler


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what have been your favorite albums released so far this year

Paired with Laslow and Cherrim


from 2013

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Madame X by Madonna, 11:11 by Maluma, and Sing to Me Instead by Ben Platt. But that's only because I haven't listened to a lot, so I'll be following this thread for the replies. 👀


the princess without voice

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1. Cuz I Love You- Lizzo
2. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish
3. Father of the Bride- Vampire Weekend
4. Wasteland, Baby!- Hozier
5. thank u, next - Ariana Grande
6. Dedicated- Carly Rae Jepsen
7. Doom Days- Bastille
8. False Alarm- Two Door Cinema Club
9. The Big Day- Chance the Rapper
10. 7 (EP)- Lil Nas X
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I have a top 10 of the year so far...

1. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Infectious empowering hooks are everywhere and I’ve been living for her for a while. It’s exciting to see her get noticed!

2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Better than Emotion, sheer pop perfection, we had to stan.

3. Sigrid - Sucker Punch

A chance discovery this year but I’m utterly in love.

4. Maggie Rogers - Heard It In a Past Life

Like the above, I had no idea who she was until this year and I’m obsessed.

5. Solange - When I Get Home

Solange always makes captivating and deep ass music, this album has some amazing production too. A lot of replay value for me.

6. Banks - III

Was very impressed when I heard this. Wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is

7. Marina - Love + Fear

This album gets an unfair rep. Being a more accessible album doesn’t make it bad, definitely chalks up to a lot of its strength actually.

8. Madonna - Madame X

Initially way higher, but I came to my senses a bit — definitely her most enjoyable body of work since 2005’s Confessions!

9. Tyler, the Creator - Igor

I actually can’t pinpoint what exactly makes this album so good to me but I love it.

10. IDER - Emotional Education

Good melodies and amazing harmonies... wig

I know for a fact this list is in danger tho! It will change. Honourable mentions for Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising, Ariana Grande - Thank u, Next, Two Door - False Alarm and Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride. It’s been a very good year for music so far imo


Darkinium Z

Dani California
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Marina's LOVE + FEAR is also perhaps my top one this year. I always listen to the whole album whenever I'm relistening to it. Ariana's Thank U, Next was also enjoyable.

A few more albums I've listened to that hasn't been mentioned yet here are The Black Key's "Let's Rock", Rob Thomas's "Chip Tooth Smile" (though I much prefer his 2015 album The Great Unknown), and The Mountain Goats's "In League With Dragons".

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