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What is your opinion on co-op?

Started by Janp September 11th, 2019 10:39 PM
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Co-op is the mode where you team up with two other players to take on stronger versions of singleplayer opponents. It's also the only way right now to get event Vouchers (or even fight the event opponents). What are your thoughts on this feature? Do you play it?

Personally I hate it. It's slow, boring, take too much time for too small reward and people in there sometimes feel really stupid (like bringing 3 Grass-types against Blaine). It feels like the only strategy is to rush the main opponent before they can use their Sync Move to instakill all of you. And all the strategies that you worked hard to master in singleplayer aren't possible at all here. I wish it was just removed at this point.


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It's far, faaar too slow, but idk how you can make it any faster since allowing people to set speeds would make battles inconsistent. Someone may use 2x and another may keep it at 1x. Unless the leader can choose a speed at the beginning and the entire group would stick with that? I can see people complaining that someone made it too slow or fast, though.

I think it'd be nice to set limits for co-op rooms since iirc you can't do this right now. So make people unable to join rooms if anyone on their sync pair team is weak to the Pokémon being used by the opponent. Maybe have a level/strength limit, too. Getting ideas from Dragalia Lost here aha, but I do think this would help out a lot!

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I've been perusing around the Pokemon Masters subreddit and uh... needless to say, there's tons of frustrations in regards to co-op. Mostly people being annoyed that other people are using Auto in EX VH (insert boss here) and ruining things. Also insert some complaint about Hard as Diamonds being used unnecessarily more than it should.


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Yeah the co-ops can be a bit of chore at times. Sometimes it can get sluggishly slow when connections get unstable. That happened a couple times with me and how I lost to Blaine lol.

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