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Blood moons and red giants come crashing into Alola starting in October! What are your thoughts? I personally think they should have done a Shiny Cosmog event.

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Well, it's pretty late for a Sun/Moon event, but I'm not complaining, especially since there's no way to actually get them in game without using homebrew stuff.
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Guessing all events will take place in Pokemon Pass now. That could be more convenient cause most people have a smart phone these days and it will mean everyone who wants one will get one cause they can't run out of codes. This is the perfect final S&M events the shinies are really cool.
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Unlikely I’ll make it, and GameStop events tend to be bleh for me since that requires leaving the house for something they could easily have given out over WiFi. I’ll be back in the US on November 9th and the event ends the day after...definitely still going to be resting from jet lag.

Solgaleo doesn’t look great either. @_@ And I thought Moltres looked sunburned. :s

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They are so, so ugly...........


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Being a UK citizen, it's ALWAYS hard to get event Pokémon that aren't either Wifi distribution or serial code. These aren't the best shinies but it'd be nice to grab hold of some if it becomes possible.
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