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November Stats

Started by bobandbill December 28th, 2017 7:59 PM
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This is fine.

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Yay I got this up within a month. =p Overall as expected a good month thanks to us getting some USUM guides out. Not as high as November last year which should be expected of a polished version of an existing game compared to a new generation title, with a lot of the old features remaining largely the same as before.

The Raw Numbers
November total views: 346,777 (October: 56,680, September: 58,072)
November total visitors: 215,790 (October: 39,465, September: 40,970)
November average views/day: 11,559 (October: 1,828, September: 1,936)
Daily High Score: 41,643 (Best ever: 78,064 views, October: 2,574)
Lowest Score (for a full day): 1,334 (October: 1,352, September: 1,169)
Number of 100+ days: 30 (October: 31, September: 30)

Image of hits/day:


The bump on the 8th was due to our article reporting on USUM leaking early. (We didn't have any details of what the leaks included, but that news alone was interesting). Afterwards there was a steady increase until release day. Peak happened a day after considering the US got the games last (worldwide release after all).

Articles visited since start of month until 1st Dec:

(Note that articles posted in the month have the orange tab to the left. Those with < 50 hits in the month were cut for image size.)

The Pokemon locations article for USUM unsurprisingly got top spot. Next was the Island Scan article helped by it being released on launch and having info on Starter Pokemon. ddrox13's article on what are good choices to catch also did very well. Later guide articles performed nicely too, particularly the Surfing and Move Tutors articles. But even the updated SM articles for USUM info did well. We may have missed the boat on a few guides but in the end a good month on that end.

USUM news articles did well, of course. Of non-USUM articles the Sinnoh themed TCG article did pretty well in interest, and despite being after Halloween the Kalos/Hoenn creepy stuff article also had a solid couple hundred views. GO news articles did alright.

SM Pokemon locations article had slightly more views than last month, on that note. Usual suspects were up there but I'll also highlight Rivvon's "Conflicting Egos: The False Beauty of Kalos" article which had 1,700+ views thanks to it suddenly retrending on tumblr. The longer Daily goes for and the more non-news articles we have, the more often this will happen!

Google-specific stats ('clicks' = views, lower than total stats):

No major surprises here.

Search engines terms (what people put in anything but Google to get to the magazine.

Island scan being the most common outside of google was perhaps surprising.

Google search terms by clickthrough rate (CTR; top 50):

Mantine surfing and move tutor searches were those with the highest CTR, interestingly.

The funny and weird searches (that got clicks, and including google) include:
mabtine surf tips [2 hits! lots of others too]
ultra sun starter best
are they going to make a pokemon crystal downloadable [they are now!]
grovyle and scan
pokeon z
popular minecraft
how to be a billionaire fast
how much it was a great man on moon episode 31
Google's top clicked pages (top 50):

Notice how 2 and 3 swapped positions on google.

Referrers (what sites people came from to visit the magazine):

As mentioned, tumblr was up there following the search engines this month. Reddit went down, Twitter slightly up, Facebook better than doubled.

Clicks (links clicked in articles)

People liked using the QR codes in our Island Scan article.

Country breakdown:

US on top. Kept it to those with 100+ views this time around. Naturally a lot more countries in the 1,000 club this month, including Japan!
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