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Interest Check Space Cowboys

Started by ANARCHit3cht November 12th, 2018 10:53 PM
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Posted November 26th, 2018
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Wondering if there'd be sufficient interest here for an RP similar in the vein of Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Rebel galaxy etc? Been playing/watching a lot of things like that and it's gotten me in a mood!

That being said... if there is interest I have to major ideas with substantial ideas and want to know what people would more interested?
  1. A narratice driven RP which would likely assume the cast as a crew of rag tag bounty hunters and cover their various pursuits across the galaxy. Or perhaps the cast is split amongst two or three factions. This is my preferred option, as I tend to shy away from RPs that rely on mechanic based play as they can hamper creativity. I'd imagine this having a smaller player base in the range of like 5-8 players.
  2. A mechanic driven RP sandbox RP where people would be free to more or less do as they please but with some central story themes. I envision it being as where you can do various tasks to earn money, buy different ships etc, rob other players, trade with them etc. This obviously would require some sort of diceroll system or something similar and heavy planning between players to ensure everything remains fair. This could potentially be open for endless players and I'd likely require help from a secondary GM to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Both would be futuristic but also have a similar atmosphere/culture as in the source ideas. The wild west, essentially... but in space. They'd also likely take place in our native solar system, would potentially include alien species and of course awesome space tech.


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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Option 1, but without us all being on the same crew as that would cause the rp to quickly fall apart. I think if the players all worked under a certain company which paid us a percentage of bounties collected on that would be good. Give us the option to decide whether or not we want to team up or not. I would still like to see some elements from the second option as well though... perhaps you could split the rp up into 'months' or some other measure of time that you can come up with and we can use some mechanics to divide up our time. We could still buy into better ships and weapons and whatnot, perhaps even have an ooc store where we can spend our spacebucks. This way, for someone who just wants to take out the small fry and build up their arsenal they could make those quick 3 or 4 day jumps between planets (or however long they would be dependent upon the power of the weakest of ships) and the people who want to take that chance and hit up the more lucrative and dangerous subjects would have that option to use up 2-3 weeks of their time travelling and hunting down information.


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I'm leery of mechanic based RPs but I definitely took into consideration what you said. I think I've crafted a narrative that allows for significant enough freedom to prevent stagnation. Only question is if it people are interested.
I think option 1. Narrative driven RPs that lets the RPers feel invested and interested are the most fun here, I think.

I'd join if the end result won't seem too sandboxy for me!
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