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Favorite RP moments

Started by Foxrally May 13th, 2015 9:34 AM
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Posted October 10th, 2019
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You know the title bae

Specifically IC moments, not OOC. (because we all know if OOC moments were included this would be full of ikeaballs, d00f typos and ayy lmao) if you wanna make a thread for that go ahead lol
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Posted November 29th, 2018
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d00f typos

I really enjoyed the encounter between Burst and Nerites in Titans, but I might be partial there because it's my own character, haha. Otherwise, I'd say my favorite moment would have to be the Giron and Quantum's meeting. Those wolverines. XD

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Oh man, I've got a few I've really enjoyed:

One Piece: The Golden Age - In the Dinas Arc, the Skull Pirates were up against the Unit, particularly the leader of the Unit, 'Billionth' Aldridge. He had already taken down on the crew members, and the remainder of the crew were facing off against him. Using teamwork and each crew members' specialties, they brought him down as the Tower of Dinas came crashing down around them.

One Piece: The Golden Age - This was an extremely humorous moment at the beginning of the RP, where a character was pushing a barrel down a hill, while another character was inside the barrel, while another character was in front of the barrel, running away from the barrel, which was rolling out of control toward their direction. It was classic. xD

Pokemon Odyssey: An New Beginning - It's particularly satisfying when you spend your entire moment planning a single event, and wait (in this case, wait over two years) for that event to happen. There were two in this case I really enjoyed planning, and one in which I enjoyed seeing play out. The first was Zane Tyrael secretly having the Gold Crystal inside of him, which was the reason why his skin was golden and he had such vivid dreams. It was subtle enough to pass over some people's heads, but prominent enough to be noticed.

The second in this one was the Rise of Darkrai. For almost two years, there was mention of 'the Dark One', the lord of Chaos, who commanded the armies of the Silver Tribe. There were obvious hints on who the Pokemon was, but it wasn't stated or revealed until the very end.

The third one, which was done by another RPer, was the reveal of the Madman. It went over really well, catching everyone by surprise!

The Pokemon Odyssey: The reveal of the identity of the Emperor. It was a classic moment which set the tone for the series, I'd say. Oh, that and the ending. I think that went over well.

War Between Pokemon & Humans: The final moments of Hector Arcturus. It was the best send-off I've made of any of my characters.

Atlantis Arising - Leon v. Christian. Before Atlantis Awakening, Leon and Christian went at it in probably one of my favorite battles to write.

Atlantis Awakening - The realization of James Hazen. The moment when James finally realized what he was fighting for, and what he wanted to accomplish.

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