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Posted October 10th, 2019
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There are SO MANY people I can go into detail about right now, but I'll try not to go too long to not stroke to many egos - just to be clear, these are people who I've found to be inspiring to me, so they're not necessarily my closest friends or the best writers I know. It's just a list of people who, through their writing or personality, have made me want to do things in the forum.

Ice is obviously a first pick, his characters are amazing and his wittiness IC and OOC is rivaled only by my own. When I saw him sign up for any RP, it would almost always make me consider that RP seriously (kind of like when a youtuber I like plays a game and I automatically want to check the game out afterwards) so I'd call that pretty inspiring. Also, discussions with him are really fun and while we don't agree on everything I sometimes feel like he's a more mature and confident version of myself. Alvey (whatever his username is now) is one of the first people to inspire me to be more active on PC and Skype, since he was my first real JP partner - and for a really long time too. Sadly he doesn't RP or discord as much these days, but in my mind I always see him as this big brother type of guy who I've known forever. Jay, despite my ups and downs with the bastard, is without a doubt a very inspiring person to me. He's roped me in countless times into his RPs, games, servers, and other crazy things like nobody else has, and even when I disagree with his way of saying things I always got excited when he popped his head into a thread or discord. If anyone can get me hyped about something, it's him. Junier (she probably won't read this but I love her) is one of the people I enjoy talking to the most on discord, not only because we have the same interests, but also because watching her creative process is fascinating. Seeing how she builds characters from the ground up and watching her remake and rehash her own creations multiple times has really inspired me to change how I make my characters. Outside of being a writer, she's also a really mature and enjoyable person to debate and discuss with. Also Godzil (who I've mentioned in every circlejerk post ever at this point so I'll keep it short) and his consistent posting attitude and willingness to give everything a try has inspired me to be a lot more open-minded to new players and RPs.

For GMs, only one really came to mind immediately. Without hesitation, Jauntier. Anyone who's been in Cornered knows how good of a leader he is, both IC and OOC (helping outside the RP scene). He is genuinely interested in helping his players grow creatively, not just in his RP but in general. He doesn't shy away from less experienced writers like myself or other GMs do, and he takes them under his wing to try and push their limits. Sure, his delivery of said good intent can put some people off, but as a player in his RP I always felt like he was there, in control and in the thick of it.

i guess youre cool too ech, thanks for drawing lewds of my characters
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I don't think Shak gets nearly enough credit for the work he does when he GMs. It's often behind the scenes more that handling the public GM posts but he puts in a lot of effort into crafting worlds that can be readily and easily enjoyed and that effort was a big part of what made Z so enjoyable.


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Posted February 25th, 2019
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Fox's ability to create the zaniest characters is amazing to me. He knows how to cross boundaries in one of the few ways that makes it fun. He's a creative tank-engine and keeps chugging on towards the next station of dumb but super fun stuff. And he still respects the rails he's riding on.

Also, Jauntier makes deep characters rooted firmly in the setting, and as time went on I've really come to appreciate the ability to work within the setting to make it a plural-yours between everyone in the rp, rather than make it yours as in just you and you alone.

I think adventure's also someone who crafts great characters, and with a healthy sense of levity and a very good sense of tone and setting.

In general, there's a bunch of people I think are rad RPers, but I'm writing a PC post, not an essay :P
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