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In the land of Hintern a King reigns. He has a power over all creatures to retcon them. When creatures were retconned nothing remembers them. They stop existing entirely.
That is what people think. In reality of something is retconned it is sent to Retconia a land that is void and dull. There is nothing at all. Except the ground. In fear of this people worship the king and try to appease them. Really people hate him but they fear non-existance.
Your charcter did something to make the king HATE you. They were sent to Retconia there they will hand up and escape. While they were there your character will learn that once something has been retconned it cannot be again.
SU sheet preview
Age:( 13-20)
History:(include why the king hates you)
Other(things that don't fit in anything else)
Weapon:(As there is a King since your job is to kill him, you will need a weapon)