Son of Mewtwo

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It was an average day in the Mushroom Kingdom, nothing out of the ordinary, heck, not even Bowser attacking and trying to kidnap Peach. You could say everything was peachy.

Mario had gotten a call from Professor E. Gadd. The professor wanted to show Mario and Luigi a new invention that could help them whenever Bowser attacked. The Mustachio-ed brothers went to the Professor's lab, and he gave them each a deck of cards. He told them that those cards were called "Capture Cards", and instead of defeating enemies, they can just use the Cards to capture and turn them into allies! Of course, all of E. Gadd's inventions had a twist, and the Capture Cards were no exception to the rule. He explained that using a Capture Card didn't guarantee that the enemy will become an ally, and in order for that to happen, they'd need to be weakened first.

A few days later, Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach, and the Mario brothers set off to rescue her, this time armed with E. Gadd's new invention. Will the Capture Cards be their key to victory?

The Basics

Professor E. Gadd recently invented a device that allows Mario to turn his enemies into cards. The invention is called the Capture Card. Capture Cards are similar to Poke Balls from Pokemon. Capture Cards don't always work, especially if the foe is healthy. Mario and Luigi, as well as anyone else who have Capture Cards must fight the enemy in an RPG turn-by-turn fight, similar to how some of the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario games work. When the enemy has taken enough damage, a Capture Card can be used, and the less health the enemy has, the more likely it will be captured.

Your Role

You were recruited by Professor E. Gadd to help perfect his invention, the Capture Cards. However, you have your own free will, so you can do whatever you want to do with Capture Cards. You can help Mario and Luigi rescue Peach, or work with Bowser to defeat Mario and Luigi. Or, you can be unaligned and just use your Capture Cards to become a Capture Card Master.

TLDR, I watched a video on YouTube called Mario Go. It seemed interesting yet silly, so I decided I'd see if anyone would actually be interested in the idea. Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are welcome