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Posted February 25th, 2019
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hello yes im here to gush about this roleplay that i haven't been part of for ages, but I thought i'd just come in and appreciate for a moment. my current interest in forum rping is an active zero but that doesn't mean i don't have fond memories and gunpowder's a really fond one. in a bit of a sappy mood, but hey, i thought if i log on pc again i should also leave some positive messages instead of some dumb ones. i don't think i'll get back into forum rp again any time soon, but i don't regret any moment of gunpowder. such fun.

what's an rp you have fond memories of?


space adventure

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not sure what your game is, but ok i'll play along.

I have fond memories from many RPs, but perhaps most of all New Johto League, Crossroads, Atlantis and honestly Detroit (although it's still so new so idk if I'd call them memories in this context ahah). Oh, and Pokémon VR also! Ohh and Rocket Rising, that was some good fun.
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Posted October 29th, 2018
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One of the RPs that I appreciate more now than when I first joined was Glaciate by PastelPhoenix (if he still goes by that). The whole magic system and its setting were things that I honestly just took for granted. The idea of mixing ingredients for spells probably seemed complicated and restrictive but it was a nice way of keeping players abide on established in-game fundamentals while still promoting room for creativity. Beyond mechanics, the aesthetics were also neat; just the idea of having magical wands being reimagined as psyducking guns was so silly yet awesome. Kinda wished I was a bit more involved and committed when it was still active, especially since this RP did get a lot more player input than I usually see in most RPs.

Kiyo's RP Off the Menu was also a RP I enjoyed notwithstanding its critical issues (progression was hell because GM literally had to post every time a player breathes). Sure, the concept is easily the most mundane - literally just a bunch of dorks working at a diner like compare that muk to a bunch of magical teens fighting a giant squirrel or superheroes, but that mundane setting sprinkled with just a bit of the supernatural was pretty exotic. I don't know, I guess the most memorable and fun RPs are the ones that branch away from the popular genres though I don't think that is or should be an indicator of quality.

I guess the first RP that I "officially" joined will always be one that I'll remember; 'International Idol Star' by Disclosed or Junier (or whatever her current name is here) is pretty notable to me for literally being the only Pokemon RP to solely focus on coordinators and contests, whereas everything is mostly just a Mystery Dungeon simulator or a Journey. Or a really gimmicky crossover with another franchise. Whether it was good or not, the RP's lifespan was as long as your typical RP and died before it really got anywhere. I think this RP was the RP that sorta made me enjoy the idea of joining RPs as a "troll", or specifically a character that completely clashes with the RP's premise and setting. Like for this RP, instead of signing up as a talented prodigy who's in it to win it as any sensible player would, I just dick around with a clown.

I was also fond of Ice's epic Bowling RP. Actually I'm just meming. It sucked. The ending made me super depressed. Thats not positive so ill end this by saying I still think you're cool, Ice.
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