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Showcase A Sunfishy Gallery Page 4

Started by Sunfished January 28th, 2014 4:38 PM
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After a few weeks, I got 72 of them colored, with a few here and there re-sprited!

The ones that are shaded have been updated by friends of mine who are also on this project, with me only telling them what colors to use and whatnot. They're the ones responsible for the really neat sprites!

Some of the concepts are not mine, and the Tumblite line was sprited completely by a friend of mine. However, I got permission to use them!


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Didn't want this thread to fall off the face of the earth ;-;

So here's some stuff:

Game I'm working on. The tiles are not mine, and are placeholder until I can find someone willing to sprite some tiles!

WIP avatar of Shiroe. His head is kind big :p

I don't think I'll ever get to finish this one, so I'll say it's finished

the pose is awkward but it was accepted by zarel, so I'm not touching this anymore

Finally, I wanted to show you guys some of the first sprites I ever did, probably from around the years 2008-2009, when the hacking scene was popular:

(I hope it's fine linking it through imgur, because there are way too many images!)

They're really bad, but it's hilarious to go through!


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Golly, 3 months?!

Here are some sprites:


This is Dingdong and Reverbell, a Steel/Fairy type

Sailance, a Water/Steel for a friend's fakedex

These were designs for a friend's fakemon

Colick, Toussle, and Burluxor, a Fighting type based on hair

A snowman :^)

Other Art:

A mock art of my fangame's title, Pokemon Luminite!

The region of my fangame, now with more "stuff"


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Did a ton more sprites!

These are the starters to my game!
The first is Hedgecko, a chameleon able to blend in with its forest surroundings.
Next is Aardva, an armadillo that rolls up when it's scared or frightened.
Finally there's Plattle, an eccentric platypus whose curiosity gets the better of it.

Elfae, a Fairy-type.
They're all assorted into flavors!

Fooldya, a Bug-type.
It's the "fake pokeball" pokemon of my region.

Sliggibak, a Poison/Water type.
It usually treads along the ocean floor at its own pace.

Colick, a Fighting-type.
The sprout of hair on its head never stops growing, and its length is used to show dominance.

Proboby, a Grass-type.
It spends the day gathering food for its colony.

Willoweep, a Ghost/Dark type.
The mask is actually the main body, with the black parts being materialized darkness.

Hanbone, a Ghost/Rock type.
Hearing rattling on nights outside means a Hanbone is dancing nearby.

Pench, a Dark/Flying type.
Shiny things can not escape the gaze of a Pench, and will do all it can to take it.

Friwi, an Ice/Flying type.
With wings too small to fly, it usually hides itself in piles of snow when its mother is away.

Moof, a Ground-type.
These cows spend their time messing around in the mud.

Cometa, a Fairy/Dragon type.
They can be seen darting through the night sky.

Paniken, a Normal/Flying type.
They will run amok at the first sign of danger.

Carroot, a Grass-type.
This was designed by the user @Bummer from Smogon!

Pawper, a Dark-type.
It gets so dirty from playing around that it leaves behind paw-prints everywhere.

Furhok, a Normal-type.
These guys mean serious business if its hairdo gets messed up.
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Hello, and welcome to this messy compilation of drawings, sprites, and whatnot :P
Feel free to look at the boring background as well :D

Fakemon Sprite List! (if the image is too large, drag it to a new tab!)

Template is an edited version of the one found here!


#001-#003 Grass Starter

Hedgeko, Floreko, and Sentecko
Pure Grass types, up until Sentecko, who is Grass/Steel
Based on the concept of an individual evolving into a superhero, specifically the Sentai Rangers!
As you can see, their neck fluff evolves from a bandanna, then to a cape, and then finally a scarf.

#004-#006 Fire Starter

Kittle, Nyakat, and Kabukat
Pure Fire types, up until Kabukat, who is Fire/Fairy
Their theme is tricky to make work, as it's based on the kabuki, a japanese character used in many traditional dances, and if you noticed, as they are quadrapeds.
So, rather than making them dance themselves, they have the power to make fiery wisps dance through the air!

#007-#009 Water Starter

Botappa, Yakappa, and Goukappa
Pure Water Types, up until Yakappa, who then turns Water/Rock
They're based on the mythical kappa, a japanese water spirit that is known to haunt rivers and lakes. And who else can stalk better than a member of a gang?
The names "Yakappa" and "Goukappa" are derived from the Yakuza, a japanese mafia that are infamous in Japan.

#010-#011 Regional Rodent

Furhok and Squafro
Pure Normal Types
Based on squirrels and hair styles!
Whenever they're together, they usually communicate to each other as to where food is located, working as a group to help their community.

#012-#014 Regional Bird

Paniken, Cawdacit, and Valoroost
Normal/Flying Types
These are based on chickens, and the metaphor for "being chicken".
After Paniken evolve, they learn to get more courageous. Valoroost, however, seem to mistake courage with being a bit cocky!

#015-#017 Regional Bug

Snuddle, Snugglee, and Snugglomp
Pure Bug Types, up until Snugglomp, who is Bug/Fairy
These have a pretty funny origin. It all began when a friend thought she could invent a new word, which was to "snuddle", a verb that was a combination of snuggling and cuddling.
Snugglee is also based on sweaters while Snugglomp's wings are based on cosby sweaters.

#??? False Pokeball

Foolder and Araconid
Bug/Steel Types
These guys are loosely based on the peackock spider, a spider known to have exquisite abdomens. So, I combined this idea with the "It's actually not a Pokeball!" trope.

Because imagine finding a wild pokeball and grabbing it and it turned out to be a spider o__o;

#??? Fangs within Fangs

Syanide and Arsineck
Grass/Poison Types
A deadly plant, mixed with a deadly snake?!
Two times the fangs, two times the awesome.

#??? Ninja Squids

Squift and Seanobi
Pure Water Types
These guys are based on ninjas and squids.
Also based off of the Dad's avatar from Summer Wars. It's a good movie!

#??? Regional Pikachu

Electric/Ground Type
Based on the star nosed mole, except this time it actually has a star shaped nose!
The name follows the official regional pikachus naming scheme, which is to keep the japanese name. This one is named "Koronni", a romanization and corruption of the word "Colony".

#??? Robots

Sentrode, Shokputz, and Reknology
Steel/Electric Types
These robots are based on simple technology, getting more complex on evolution. The final form has a railgun for a head too, which it uses to shoot out massive bouts of electricity!

#??? Silly Sea Slug

Poison/Water Type
This happy fella is based on sea slugs, and ejects poison from the tubes on its back.

#??? Lobsters and Clams

Clawmlet and Lobstorm
Water/Steel Types
This is the result of two completely separate ideas merging into one.

#??? Flying Christmas Logo

Friwi and Decorane
Ice/Flying Types
Despite Friwi being part Flying, it actually can't fly. Instead, it hangs onto their mother's neck frills. When in flight, Decorane look like christmas wreaths with ornaments hanging from it!

#??? Parasol

Daiseed, Holimbud, and Umbrelala
Grass/Fairy Types
I usually see people make umbrella fakemon based on the yokai or similar ghost-like entities, so I thought I'd take a different approach!

#??? Kung-Fu Rabbits

Scrabbit, Harefu, and Kazmartial
Pure Fighting Types
Based on the character "King Kazma" from Summer Wars. Seriously that's a good movie go watch it.

#??? Lantern

Ghost/Fire Type
This little bugger likes to hang around summer festivals. While usually really mischievous, they're probably the best Pokemon you'd want to invite to a party!

#??? Giant Frogs

Slicky, Goomarsh, and Polymoor
Pure Poison Types
These are so generic I have no idea what to say other than them being frogs.

#??? Candy Elves

Pure Fairy Type
Elfae come in an assortment of colors, which are named by flavors.
Based on the fairies from Jinrui.

#??? Bats

Pebbat and Stalactat
Rock/Flying Types
The idea came from the idea that bats and stalactites fall from the ceiling of caves.

#??? Flying Fish

Strout and Sailmon
Water/Flying Types
Based on airplanes and kites.
Since they have no legs, they have a hard time landing and taking off on land.

#??? Thorny Beetles

Minatlas and Thornatlas
Pure Bug Types
These are based on the thorn beetle, just minus the wings.
When they invade an area, they usually turn it into a large thorny bush.

#??? Regional Fossil 2: Ancient Scarabs

Grubble and Detritusk
Rock/Bug Types
These are based on scarabs. They are also ancient.

#??? Sleepy Sheep

Fanshee and Reveram
Normal/Psychic Types
They can put people who have insomnia to sleep with their baa's.
They have a special ability called "Sleepyhead", which heals them by 1/8th HP at the end of every turn they're asleep, but it also increases the amount of turns they sleep by one.

#??? Growing Up

Scholune and Dufessor
Pure Psychic Types
The theme with this line is that they're based on growing up and shedding innocence.
Scholune wears magical-looking attire that reflects their whimsy, while Dufessor wears boring coats that would be typical in an office.

#??? Bison

Normal/Ice Type
They wander the icy tundra looking for edible plants. Their fat helps them keep warm when blizzards begin.

#??? Snow Rabbits

Snowki, Snowshu, and Snowkoro
Pure Ice Types
These rabbits are based after those rabbits japanese kids like to make in the snow.

#??? Solar and Lunar

Sunderling and Lunderling
Fire Type and Dark Type
These are actually seperate Pokemon, but placed together because they're counterparts.
They have the special ability "Devotee", which heals all allies by 1/16th HP at the end of each turn.

#??? Sunfish

Frounder, Sunfoon, and Moonsoon
Pure Water Types
These are my signature Pokemon.
They're based on spaceships.

#??? Possessed Dolls and a Chimera

Phillow, Dollost, and Haunton
Pure Ghost Types
After a doll has been abandoned by its owner, the happiness of the doll manifests itself into a spirit that possesses and animates the doll. It then searches the land for its owner, hoping to be put to rest.

There's a lot more but I got so lazy at cropping and stitching them together. So I'll post more next time!

Other Fakedex: There's too much to count D:
This is mostly fakemon that are not in my dex yet, or are just here for whatever reason

The tails of Smoekin can fog out an area if it feels threatened.
They also live pompous lifestyles, making it a high-maintenance pet.
Class: Smoke Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze/White Smoke
Evolution Chain: Smoekin --> Blitzun --> Mysticore

Bouldappa are extremely territorial, often claiming huge lakes as their turf.
Legends say that the rock-like parts on their body are only there to tame their uncontrollable rages.
Class: Stone Tortoise Pokemon
Type: Water/Rock
Ability: Torrent/Solid Rock
Evolution Chain: Botappa --> Stonappa --> Bouldappa

A Fanshee's tendrils can detect whether or not a person is having good or bad dreams.
This is a rare task, however, as they are mostly sleeping around themselves.
Class: Sleepy Pokemon
Type: Normal/Psychic
Ability: Sweet Dreams*
*Sweet Dreams recovers 1/8th HP of all sleeping Pokemon in battle, at the end of every turn.
Evolution Chain: Fanshee --> Neuromoo

Umbrelala float gracefully through the air, led by the winds it is carried by.
They will help small Pokemon out of severe weather if the chance arises.
Class: Overhang Pokemon
Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Overcoat/Drizzle
Evolution Chain: Bonnetsy --> Dressil --> Umbrelala

Bands of Staguaro usually wait until night to raid villages.
Their spikes are filled with many toxins, but they only ever use them in a pinch.
Class: Cacti Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Poison Touch
Evolution Chain: Taktus --> Hombrero --> Staguaro

Crowfeur can carry things up to 5 times their weight.
This makes them a very needed companion when traversing large areas.
Class: Chauffeur Pokemon
Type: Ground/Flying
Ability: Quick Feet/Escort*
*Escort increases the user's Defense and Sp.Defense when Hail or Sandstorm is present
Evolution Chain: Droffy --> Carrow --> Crowfeur

Masamunya have a cult following in the Desert, as they're great thieving skills are a must for bandits.
Their claws are also solid gold, so don't expect regular band-aids to use against their cat scratches!
Class: Bandit Pokemon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Ability: Moxie/Sniper
Evolution Chain: Katnyap --> Purrowler --> Masamunya

Jokai are annoying little balloons that cause mischief wherever they go!
They're great party guests though, so you'll never see a party without them!
Class: Hearty Trickster Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Ability: Prankster/Blinding Light*
*When the User is hit by a Super-Effective attack, the opponent's accuracy is lowered one stage.

A Decorane's wreath always fall off at the start of Winter, so they fly off to warmer climates.
People usually pick up those wreaths and hang them up at their houses, as weird as it sounds.
Class: Adorning Pokemon
Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Overcoat/Feather Veil*
*The User's speed can not be lowered
Evolution Chain: Friwi --> Decorane

This is a huge compilation of the fakes that are being redone to fit a better style.

Grass/Bug: Leetle --> Scimantis --> Mantiscar

Ghost Eevee, Illuseon

Fairy/Flying: Fluffur --> Faeffur

Fire: Fricety

Water: Conchacha, the fat maraca hermit crab

These were based on Slenderman, a sort-of gift for an old friend.

Based on chemo-toxins

A Rock/Bug that wants a hug.

At first, it was a crow, but then turned into a robin somehow. Dark/Flying

Steel Eevee, Astroneon
It's name is also related to some Sentai-Ranger show, which influenced its design.

This was the Grass Starter for an unnamed region, named "Quiptile"

This is my signature 'mon, a Steel/Fire rocket-powered sunfish :D
It has a signature ability, named "Detonator", which doubles the BP of all of its moves when it is in
critical health. It will, however, cause it to faint once the move does damage.

I'm contemplating as to whether make it Grass/Flying, Fairy/Flying, or Grass/Fairy
Final Evo is named "Umbrelala"

This was for a contest held at Pokemon Showdown, where you had to design a Mega Evo of an existing Pokemon.
Mega Persian is now Dark type, and gains the ability Mold Breaker.

This is a Poison/Rock type
Seriously Agous, you need to continue this project >:U

This was for another contest, which had a theme to create a pre-evo of an existing Pokemon.
Pre-evo of Skarmory, named "Skarpy"

Rock/Dark Moai Statue thing


Thanks for taking a gander, so feel free to critique, suggest, etc.
Have a happy day :D
Looks sweet


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huge post!

minor posts!
working on a bruxish sprite

CAP22 on Smogon has begun, so here's my design for it!

It's based on one of those pillows with anime girls on them,(mostly as a joke), and has a pillow-fighter theme.

If you don't know what CAP is, it's basically a project where some of the nerds of Smogon come together to learn more about the metagame and create Pokemon to suite their needs. After they decide some of the aspects, such as stats, abilities, etc, they then have a contest for artists to create a design based on the requirements it has. It's a really fun project, and I'd recommend everyone to join in!

Who's Kiyo?

puking rainbows

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I love some of the combinations you've come up with - especially the mushroom/umbrella mix you made, I would catch her in a heartbeat. Also enamored with your Ghost/Rock Elvis impersonator, the typing is so funny.

Question on the latter, though: what's body supposed to be? I see his pre-evolution is supposed to be a broken TV, but what is he? A Coffin, a stereo?

hugh holland in "cracks: a sinnoh story"
Roleplay Theatre


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when will you make Pixel sprite versions of these :)
Oh, I'm actually in the process right now!
Here's a WIP

I love some of the combinations you've come up with - especially the mushroom/umbrella mix you made, I would catch her in a heartbeat. Also enamored with your Ghost/Rock Elvis impersonator, the typing is so funny.

Question on the latter, though: what's body supposed to be? I see his pre-evolution is supposed to be a broken TV, but what is he? A Coffin, a stereo?

Oh heh, I think I did a bad job with the art, but their bodies are based on tombstones! But thanks for the comments! Makes me feel happy inside :)

Anywho, here's two more lines:
Based on tapeworms, sickness, and the 5 Status Effects
Based on Manta Rays and Magician Hats/Capes


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All of these designs are very creative! They all have an individual style, but would definitely fit in with a group of new pokemon. I'm also a fan of how these and their evolutions are presented. Good job on these.

Want to get help with your pixel art?
Consider joining my discord server Atelier Pixel!
Join here!

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