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erik destler

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Please be sure to mark your spoilers with a spoiler tag! let's preface this with a cute video

I've just come home from seeing it, and I've got a lot on my mind.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal was so hot.
  • The Peter/MJ romance was QT.
  • The sunglasses were so dorky but they worked.
  • Jake was especially hot in them.
  • the twist was executed well
  • definitely a solid sequel, much better than spiderman 2.
  • the physical comedy (i.e. when spiderman was in the clock tower and kept getting hit by the bell) got a little old
  • the nick fury/post-credit twist was surprising but made sense upon reflection
  • almost teared up a smidge during the happy/spiderman scene when they were talking about tony.

all in all, it was definitely a good movie!! i'd say i liked it a little bit more than the first spiderman movie. jake gyllenhaal was so ridiculously attractive the entire time.
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Charlie Brown


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Gonna be watching this over the weekend, really excited for it!

The trailer went straight into things which was heavy but to be expected after Endgame. Spiderman is one of my favourite MCU heroes atm and I love Tom Holland as Spidey/PP so definitely looking forward to it. Will be back!


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I'm going to see the movie tomorrow. I'm super excited to see it and will post my impressions later.

Okay, here goes my impressions. But I should also make sure to not spoil anything in the post preview. Now go see the movie! And I hope this will be enough, but just in case, really go see it!

Beware of spoilers:
I'll start this very simple... It's one of my favourite movies of all times already. I really enjoyed every single minute of it. It was different from recent Marvel superhero movies, maybe because it wasn't really a movie about Spider-man taking on the big bad, but about Peter Parker trying to keep his live together while on a Eurotrip.

The jokes felt natural and right in the movie, which is something I haven't seen for a few years in Marvel movies now.

The combination of teen comedy and superhero movie is great. Tom Holland is both awesome dorky Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Ned and Betty were great couple. It's a shame it lasted only for this movie. But there is still hope.

Mysterio did exactly what was expected from him and I think that someone who never read the comics might be even surprised by the twist with him. Special effects of his illusions were on spot.

The destruction of "Prague" was oddly satisfying.

This might sound a little bit controversial, so take it with humor: Peter finally isn't the only white student in the whole school!

The whole romantic plot was nice. It popped once in a while, so it wasn't annoying and Tom and Zendaya have great chemistry between them. I'm looking forward to see their relationship grow in the next movie. Only problem I had with that was how suddenly Peter developed a crush on MJ. He had different crush last movie.

Oh and the snap explanation made sense. I loved the "my younger brother is now older than me" joke.

I was surprised to see J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson in the mid-credit scene and the whole twist with Mysterio revealing Peter's identity and framing him of his murder was unexpected. Reminds me of Spectacular Spider-Man series, where something similar happened only with Venom revealing Peter's identity. Flash Thompson then tried to disprove the claim and I hope to see something similar in the next movie.

Speaking of Flash Thompson, I like his portrayal in this universe. I feel like school bully he is in the comics/Rami's trilogy is little bit outdated and mean influencer bully is something I can get behind for this character.

So all and all, I love the movie and like I said, it's one of my favourite movies of all time. I'm thinking about seeing it again, which is something I've never done before.
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The spoilers show up when you're looking at the thread in Entertainment & Media, so I'm gonna put a bunch of ellipses.........................................................................................
Okay, I can't bring myself to talk about anything else before I rant about THAT SEGMENT WITH THE ILLUSIONS, the one that starts with Nick Fury saying "wait until we're secure" - I wasn't expecting to declare this again so soon after Endgame, but that is on my list of the best scenes in the entire MCU. Possibly the second-best (after Portals). Oh my gosh.

Even I (filthy casual) knew enough about the comics to expect a betrayal from Mysterio, but the specific way it all went down was so fresh that it kept it from feeling too predictable. There are so many little things from earlier in the movie that read completely differently after the reveal, which is the sign of a good twist. And, of course, Jake Glyenhaal's acting absolutely killed.

Loved the Elementals as villains (even if they weren't real), I generally find giant monsters scary and I remember being terrified of Sandman when I was younger, so it really gave me chills. (I told my mom, who has actually been to Venice, about the water one, and she could confirm that there is water everywhere and that would be psyduckin' scary.)

So, the twist with the Skrulls - I've been waiting to see the Skrulls/Talos (he's my boy) again since Captain Marvel, but a Spider-Man movie was the last place I would have expected it. I actually had noticed that Fury was acting sort of out-of-character, but I figured the writers had just gotten rusty with him. But looking back on it...Gosh, there were good twists all around in this movie.


Castle of the Crystal
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Going to see this with the family on the 25th, I hope!! I was never into Marvel (or superheroes in general aha), but Tom Holland completely won me over as Spider-Man and I can't wait. :D


The Maddest Shaymin

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Saw it this past Monday, spoilers below!

Man this was such a good film. Having been to Venice myself having a water monster pop up in Venice of all places would be TERRIFYING because... the water's EVERYWHERE! You wouldn't be able to escape it.

Having not read the Spider-Man comics, I wasn't sure what Mysterio's backstory was. I knew he had something to do with illusions but I wasn't quite sure the extent of it. So when they gave him the alien backstory with the elementals, I was sus, but I didn't want to spoil his twist into a villain so I didn't look into his actual backstory until after the film. It was very cool and very well done, in my opinion.

The comedy in this film was also top notch. MJ carrying a morningstar with her all the way to see Peter? Amazing. Talos and co replacing Fury? Awesome. Love it.

I think my favorite part of the film was the fact that Peter got to build his own suit. A lot of people give this iteration of Spider-Man flack because he got given his suit by Tony which gives the impression of he isn't smart enough to build his own suit. But this scene where he even adjusted the taser webs' voltage and detonation time shows that he's just as smart, he just didn't have the resources. It was really cool and while it might've been a minor scene, I greatly enjoyed it.

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