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Have you pre-ordered yet? Page 2

Started by Sheep May 25th, 2019 10:23 AM
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Funny it comes out November 15th. Either way, I CAN'T preorder it cause i'll be out of town at a band competition that day, like out of my home state...literally. I'd miss the preorder, so unless someone picks it up for me in my home state, I can't preorder it. Oh well, i'll ask for the game for Christmas or something. *shrug*
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Not yet... still finding out about the exclusives. Hoping that Lapras isn't one of them.

Leaning towards Shield now, given the exclusives that have come out so far. Hoping to get the other version, Sword, down the line.


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Not yet. Usually I don't preorder games until it's close to release date, so I will probably won't until like late September early October. Besides we barely have gotten any info on these games and its August already. Doesn't seem worth preordering yet.
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I usually don't preorder games, and I'm not sure I won't be abandoning the franchise before the games are released (the fact that all Pokémon aren't supported, especially for such a poorly-justified reason, really burns me) .
So no.

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