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Seems like Alcremie forms are likely to be region-exclusive! Check this tweet by the official Pokémon Twitter:

Each region's Pokémon Twitter responded with a different Alcremie form in their native language. Interesting!
Maple flavoured Canadian Alcremie or riot.
My hypothetical Galar team:
Rillaboom, Toxtricity, Grimmsnarl, Coalossal, Polteageist, Frosmoth

Type combos I desire:
Grass / Fire
A real Grass / Electric
A proper Grass / Rock
An actual Grass / Dragon

yes i like grass type what of it


Insert something creative here

with an axe
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Come on... please reveal starter evos.... or even better the entire gen8 dex... I don’t care about anything else asides from those...


a wavering flower, a bird taking flight

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I love the curry and camp bits, it feels more alive, like the anime. ;3;

I love the customization and trainer badges, this is so cool!!! I love customization...
“Your most important friend is not here right now, but please aim for that promise and that same dream.
No matter how small your strength is, even to the point of helplessness, please believe in the day our promise will be fulfilled.“



Hate Pokémon, Minecraft, Toy story

Kirby planet
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Outfits returning: awesome!
Camp: looks like a cute little thing
Poltergeist: meh
Camorant: decent
Shoutout to this youtuber for letting people use their Kirby picture:
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