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News Democrats move forward towards impeaching Trump. Page 2

Started by erik destler 2 Weeks Ago 1:49 PM
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Oops! Biden is found with his son's Ukrainian business buddies? Biden is tanking hard right now. He's on a knife edge and if any dem really wants the ticket they just need to make a little push.

There isn't anything here except Schiff making a mockery of the Democratic party again with his crazy bug-eyes. Pelosi backed up Schiff so now she has egg on her face again. Finger waving Sanders is pretty much kaput as well with his heart attack news. The Democrats look like they decided to open up a wax museum on Mercury.

The best advice I think the Dems can get is to shut up and sit down because everything they try explodes in their faces like a bottle of rancid carbonated feces. Every single push they have for impeaching President Trump has ended in abysmal failure and resignations from leakers and pushers alike. Eggs for everyone!


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i wouldn't really say that there's "nothing here" and that the dems need to "shut up and sit down"

trump literally just publicly did what the impeachment inquiry is accusing him of: asking a foreign government to give him an advantage in our election....and after he was cleared of doing that with russia in the mueller report at that

but i don't really expect people who can't/don't want to see it to see it
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He acts pretty weird sometimes... For example, after the procedure of his impeachment has started - he began to ask China to investigate the Bidens case. Here it is (source: What can you say about these news? And what can you say about his behavior? Is he ok, or not so?
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