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Toxic Terror

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Part One: The Orientation


It's late in the evening. The sun has begun to fall, clouds have begun to blanket the sky, and the hustle and bustle of the city has begun to die down.

Inside the fourteenth floor of Tocker Corporations, an impressive skyscraper that sits in the outer circle of Lumiose City, sits four new hires. They sit in semi-comfortable chairs close to a tropical plant in the corner of the room. All of them are currently waiting for the deliberations of their superiors to finally end, and to start calling them in for their orientation.

The room that they sit in is a cool grey room, quite large in size for only having four people waiting inside. On one side is grey brick walling, with white lights shining down. On the other is all window, showing the beautiful cityscape of Lumiose City. In the distance, Lumiose Tower can be seen, shining like a beacon in the sunset.

On the far end of the room, opposite the chairs and seats, is a white double door. Those doors are guarded by two burly men in security uniforms. They both are chatting with each other while eyeing the people waiting for their names to be called. One could even be heard snickering. On the opposite side of that door is the elevator that the new hires were escorted into as they were hired.

"Hey, Marcus, we got some hotties here today. Nice catch for Gerald, huh?" A guard with a five o'clock shadow and a diamond tattoo on his face remarked to his partner. "Man, keep your voice down. You're already in deep muk with HR already," the other guard snapped. His skin is dark, a clean look about his face, and wearing shades. The relaxed guard sighed. "You need to live it up a little. These new hires are gonna be here for a looong time," he smirked, eyeballing the girls again. "Diego... shut the psyduck up." Marcus smacked him in the head, not hard enough to make sound, but just enough to hurt him.

Above the guards and the double doors is a big, blue screen, with a message that reads,





Thank you for your patience, your orientation will soon commence.

Welcome to Tocker Corporations.


Countless crossroads

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Helene Sarget ♣ Chapter 1 . 1
"Hi there, Weaver! It's been a while, uh?"
"Oh look who it is! What's the destination?"
"Outer Circle, East section, roughly in the direction of Anistar."
"Sure about that? That's $40..." the young Lumi Cab driver stated, grinning.
"That's too much! Are you trying to scam me again? Can't you just help a sweet girl? I'm not swimming in money like some of your other customers. ...yet."
"Sweet girl? Don't make me laugh Helene."
At that point the girl grabbed a Pokéball and showed it proudly to the boy. "I ain't got all day, you know."
Weaver's grin turned into a loud laughter as he released his Pokémon, ready to fight. It was now a fully evolved Krookodile!
"I know what's in there. It's your little tiny Steenee. Let's see how fast I knock her out."

Weaver was perhaps the driver that Helene had met the most times during her adventures with Lumi Cab. Sooner or later, a rainy day would always come and ruin the girl's plans - or, it was just too late in the night to walk or skate home alone in safety. And that's where the taxi comes in: "better poor than hurt" they say, right? Maybe? Not really.
But Weaver wasn't really that 'professional'. Always trying to change standard fares, always talkative, always up for a Pokémon fight to settle their arguments.

A fully evolved Tsareena came out of Helene's Pokéball. "Your boy's sooo scary. I'm flying away to Unova" she replied sarcastically. The fight actually came down to the wire - Krookodile was a very strong battler with some tricks up his sleeve - but type advantage decided the outcome. "No need to be so fierce. $30 for a ride?" asked Weaver. "I win, I decide. $20 because I feel generous."
"Oh come on Helene... $20 it is, but just for you." The girl smirked as she got in the car.
"What're you up to today?" asked the driver.
"Doing a full-time job interview!"
"So that's why you're so elegant today... makes it even funnier when you talk to me. Is that your real work attire?"
"To be blunt, I hope not. You boys don't know what it's like. Besides, it's the last time we'll meet for a while."
"Really? How much is 'a while'?"
The answer struggled to come out of Helene's mouth, as if she couldn't speak anymore. "Years."
Tough nut to crack you are, Helene tought the driver. And now I've learned... I wasn't fast enough. Some final greetings and a kiss on the cheek later, Helene was finally inside the imposing building that acted as her destination, while Weaver was speeding away.

As she was filling out her paperwork and reading her handbook, a sense of uneasiness built up slowly inside of Helene. On one hand, she was used to that feeling - it would always come up when her life was approaching a big turn. But on the other, she could really feel that something was off about that place. As if she was an Absol in disguise...
Some of the people who came to apply for a work place, like her, started to leave the building without submitting anything. The personnel suddendly became more upset and intruding, at least in her mind; her heels now started to feel like clamps attached to her ankles; her breaths were closer to each other.

That's what happens when you follow your heart and not your head. Your head doesn't like sudden changes and sometimes just needs to rest for a while, while your heart is always eager to try new things and make new accomplishments each day (just like defeating Weaver in that thrilling battle). Knowing this, Helene rushed through her documentation and submitted it before everyone else. Only then, she tried to calm herself down.
Of course, that was easier said than done, especially without anyone's help. Her inner turmoil of contrasting emotions continued for a while - happiness, pride, worry, fear, longing, satisfaction, unsatisfaction - as the other new hires handed in their own paperwork.
She could be seen fidgeting with her stuff from time to time, while looking at the ceiling or at the other people in the room. The ones who stayed were all about her age (or less), one boy and two girls, and only one of them seemed to be nearly as nervous as Helene.

A few hours had already passed since when Helene entered the place, when she and the other hires were brought to a different location. Her newly found interest waned just as quickly when she found out it was another waiting room of sort. It must have been made for more than just four occupants, so there was a wide choice of places to seat. Helene chose one in the corner, near a little plant, and put his stuff on the seat next to her. By now she was calmer, but also more disillusioned and emotionless.

Available Pokémon:
Camille ♀
Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Play Rough, Acrobatics
Queenly Majesty


A mad mind... hehe

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Four Prestigious Employees in a Room

In a manner, waiting in the room wasn't all that bad. Tylor had read horror stories online about companies that purposefully kept new employees waiting in what was essentially a hot box. He imagined if one was sweating profusely by the time they were called in for their interview, then they were more likely to show weakness and crack before any staff. He had set his briefcase to the side of his chair for now, every so often awkwardly moving in his seat as he did his best to ensure his legs wouldn't numb up. Tylor couldn't help but glance down at his watch every so often, wondering when exactly the first person would be called in. Every so often he looked over at the other three females here. Why was it all women? Back at his last job he had at least a few guy coworkers he could hang around with while he performed his duties. He hoped he wouldn't have to go through another week long training session regarding sexual harrassment. Though judging by the way the guards were talking, he just might be roped into such a class no matter how perfect he tried to look. As long as he didn't look at them he would be fine! .... Right?

Time didn't flow in that room, at least for Helene. At least, she could finally look outside and get a beautiful view of Lumiose as... the sun was setting down? That surely didn't help. Helene had already gone through most of her snacks in the previous room but tried her best to control herself and her hunger. The seats weren't as bad as she expected, though. She found the best position for her in a couple of minutes, took a sip of water, and took a better look at the other three hires - especially the girl with red hair. Helene considered talking to her, but decided to wait instead. She still wasn't at ease enough to make proper introductions.

Emerald eyes looked around as she watched the other occupants in the room, nervous and fidgety. If she was hired here, this would be her first time taking a full-time job! Her last one was only a part-time and at a flower shop, nothing compared to this corporation! Filling out the paper was easy, but she's heard that the interview is the hardest part, one wrong word could cause the to turn you away on the spot. Asuka glanced to her bag, where Kira's pokeball was at. least they allowed her to bring a pokemon with her, even though its the only one she has at the moment. If only he stayed, then.... She shook her head, riding herself of the dark memories, she casted those away for a reason.
She lifted her head and took in the apperance of each person before stopping at a tall female with mahogany hair and hazel colored eyes. From Asuak's percpective, she looked just as nervous, but she didn't want to jump to comclusions, so she kept the comment to herself. Although, having friends in a new company wouldn't be too bad, and this seems like a good place to start.
Asuka took a deep breath and stood up from her seat, ignoring the looks she gained before stopping a couple feet from where the woman was. She took another breath and let it out, here goes nothing. She sat down, keeping a chair distance form the woman before slightly turning her body towards the woman and turning her head towards her, bowing her head slightly. "Um...Hello. My name is Asuka Fujioka, it's nice to meet you, miss."

A wide grin stretched across Ariana's lips. She was glad that she wasn't the only person here today as a new hire. She wasn't all that worried or shy or anything of that sort at the thought of being in some place new surrounded by those with vast amounts of experience. Rather, she didn't really much care for the fact of being the only one who would be in such a situation. Deciding that she had sat in the corner and observed the others long enough, the Sinnoh-native hopped out of her chair and made her way over to the small, social gathering.

"Like, hey everyone! It's really nice to meet ya all!" Ariana began, her loud voice bouncing off the walls as she greeted her new, fellow-employees. "Ah'm sure the feelin' is mutual! Ah'm so excited 'bout all this that I can hardly keep myself sittin'! N-Not that this is my first job or anythin', but... ya know how it is, first day jitters? Well, like whatever! So, what do ya guys think it's gonna be like here?!"

At that point, Helene had started fiddling with her boots. They went from being fine, to being a mild annoyance, to hurt for real! Hopefully, by loosening their laces, they would have felt more comfortable. As she was busy looking at the ground, the girl heard someone calling her and lifted her head. Bad, because she wasn't quite her normal, more confident self yet. Good, because she could share her feelings with others and kill some time.

First, it was the red haired girl she saw before. She appeared a bit nervous, but still gentle and polite. Helene lifted her head and couldn't help but look quite stressed out, but greeted Asuka nonetheless and tried to introduce herself. But shortly after, a much louder and... stranger voice woke Helene up for real.

"Yes...? Hello there" she said, turning her head forward to face the blonde girl who was standing up in front of her. Helene still hoped to share her concerns with the other hires, and see whether or not they felt the same, but it was clear that a certain person in the room didn't have any. "You read the handbook, didn't you" Helene continued. "It's going to be an amazing underground facility with parks, gyms, great offices that you actually cannot escape for a long time. There's something off about it, right?"

Ariana's eyes seemed to brighten. Truth be told, she hadn't even bothered to give the handbook so much as a second glance past the cover. The blonde figured she was lucky that someone amongst this group had apparently given it a thorough read.

"Well... Ah ain't all that thrilled 'bout the no leavin' part, but at the very least it seems like they have a lot of stuff to keep us entertained!" Ariana exclaimed. "It won't be too different from the kinda stuff that daddy had back home!"

"I guess so" mumbled Helene, still doubtful about Ariana's reply. "Speaking of which... here's my million dollar question. What brought you all here today?" Helene tried to stay in control of the conversation.

Ariana sighed, "Daddy said that Ah needed to get out there and get some... real world experience. He said that Ah couldn't just rely on him and his money all the time and Ah needed to make my own business contacts... or somethin' like that... All Ah know is he cancelled all my credit cards! He didn't even leave me with one, can ya believe that? He just gave me enough money to send me out here and that was that!"

"Now that's a complete 180° turn" muttered Helene. "I'm mostly searching for a highly respectable job to match my studies. Think of it as a race to prove myself... As you can see, I can't deny I have second thoughts about this. But, at least, since you were 'forced' here, you don't have to worry. And if your father picked this place to send his daughter to work... then it shouldn't be so bad."

"I needed a new job." Tylor said from his corner. He glanced over at the security goons again, then back at the ladies. "Stuff didn't work out at the last office, so I'm here now. As for not leaving the office, that's becoming a trend in some businesses. The more home like you make an office, the more energetic workers will become. I hear it's some kind of new thing all the way from Johto."

"Oh hello!" There was a hint of sarcasm in Helene's voice as she greeted the only male of their group, who had kept competely quiet until now. The girl still refused to move from her seat, and so didn't hear everything clearly. "One more reason why they're not lying, I guess" commented Helene, turning her head again and staring in the direction of the boy. She still looked worn out, but her state of mind was slightly improving as the chatting continued.

Asuka watched as her future fellow employees conversed, wanting to jump in, but didn't want to interrupt their conversation. Then she noticed that nobody but herself introduced themselves, she decided to be the one to ask.

"Um.... I came here to look for a job away from.... my relatives. The last one didn't work out, so I came here, hoping to find a job and not be pestered by my relatives." She looked down at the though of her relatives. Ever since his disapperance, they kept coming, wanting her to be a powerful trainer like her brother, but her fear of battles prevented her. She was doing fine at the flower shop, but they came and wouldn't leave her alone until she moved here, hopefully a place they wouldn't find her. "Also, I never got your names, if its okay with introducing yourselves. We are going to be co-workers after all."

"Oh, right! Ah guess Ah should be givin' out my name, huh?!" Ariana exclaimed in surprise. "My name is Ariana Raynes! It's so totally nice to meet ya all!"

"Tylor." The male began, "It's not going to be too bad. I mean, we have company servers anyways. You can always send out email out. I didn't see any rules about that." He glanced back toward the guarded door again, "... Does anyone know when we're going to be called? It seems like someone should have by now."

"Right! I'm Helene Sarget, nice to meet you" she introduced herself again to the other hires. After all, Ariana and Tylor never got her name. The girl then looked around the room, following Tylor's hint, and finally noticed a large blue screen with a bunch of instructions. That doesn't look to be of any help. It only says to keep waiting. Of course, Helene didn't bother to stand up and read the instructions, but remained seated on her chair. Plus, as she was feeling slightly cramped, she stretched out her legs, her boots barely dodging Ariana's. The other girl being right there was not going to deny Helene some more comfort... and luckily, she didn't even seem to notice.
She then tried to pinpoint the position of the guards in the room. "Opinions on those guys?" she then asked. This may be an actual fun topic.

"Well... I don't really know what to say about them..." commented Asuka, glancing at the guards Helene mentioned and taking in their apperance. For some reason, something told her to stay clear of them, and also the blue screen with intructions also said tha same thing.

"Ah'm sure they're just there for some security or somethin' of the sort, right?" Ariana mused, going out of her way to flash one of the guards a smile and wave. Unfortunately for the blonde, she was not responded to with a smile back... or anything for that matter. In fact, he continued to simply stand in one spot and stare ahead, as if none of the small group was even there. "They ain't much for conversation, though..."

Tylor leaned back in his chair, his hand ildly playing with the strap that rested on his bag, "You shouldn't bother them anyways. I wouldn't risk being fired right off the bat." He pointed out. He had come this far, and he wasn't just going to lose an easy opportunity like this. He saw the rules as more of a means of weeding out those wanted to cause trouble, or couldn't be bothered to read instructions.

"Guess you're right. Don't bother them and they won't bother us. Well, I hope so, because they don't look very... nice" whispered Helene, this time being careful not to be heard by the two guards. "Now, for how long..."
Helene's umpteenth question was interrupted by the sound of a door unlocking. As if she called it upon herself, something big was likely to happen soon... but thanks to the conversation she kept up with the other hires, she felt ready for whatever Tocker Corporations had in store for her. Now the question is, how long would that feeling last?
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