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Seeds of Tomorrow
”Welcome to Camp Floaroma, located just on the outskirts of peaceful Floaroma Town overlooking the beautiful Floaroma Meadow.

It is here among this gorgeous scenery that, like the flowers surrounding you, you will have a chance to grow, overcoming the obstacles of your past that would otherwise keep you down.

Over the next few months, you will have access to our various facilities and be involved in our Social Rehabilitation Program. You will be provided with education tailored to your needs, regular therapy and fun social programmes that will, of course, culminate in you, along with your assigned group, undertaking your very own Pokemon journey alongside a carefully selected starter Pokemon."
-Dr Cygnus Hickory

That was three months ago, when you received your acceptance letter and were entered into Camp Floaroma, a special programme designed to help troubled youths come to terms with their pasts and begin looking forward to the future.

Along with the other members of your assigned group, allocated the fun little moniker “Team Fruit Punch”, you’ve been through a difficult several months. It’s been a hard road full of uncomfortable speeches, dorky group activities and excruciating therapy sessions, but, a few weeks ago, you of Team Fruit Punch finally received your very own starters and were signed off to begin your journey together.

This is where our story begins, as you and the rest of Team Fruit Punch take your first steps out of the camp and back into the world beyond. You may have earned permission to begin your journey, but you still have a long way to go.

Location Information

Floaroma Town
Floaroma Town is a small, scenic semi-rural town located northwards of Jubilife City and south-west of Eterna City and Eterna Forest. It is famed for the flowers that grow all about the grassy town and has a friendly, albeit quiet community that suits its sleepy atmosphere.

Unless you like flowers though, there’s not a whole lot to do in Floaroma Town. Although, if you’re willing to travel a few hours to the east, one can take a tour of the Valley Windworks.

Camp Floaroma
Although it’s hardly an attraction, Camp Floaroma can be found on the outskirts of the town overlooking the nearby meadow. The camp is comprised of a handful of rustic-looking buildings including two dormitory blocks for the campers and one for staff, a main building containing a cafeteria, library, medical facilities and a few offices and a barn. There is also an outdoor auditorium near the centre of the camp.

Floaroma Meadow
The only real lure for tourists to visit Floaroma Town is the expansive flowery meadow to the north. Here vibrant green grass is covered in a seemingly never ending sea of beautiful wild flowers of just about every colour imaginable. Many of Floaroma Town’s residents volunteer their services tending to the meadow to keep it healthy. The campers are also often recruited to help.

Pick a Peck of Colours Flower Shop
This award winning florist sells a wide variety of both fresh and dried flora as souvenirs of the town. Perhaps though, a more practical application of the store though, is that they are one of the few places in the Sinnoh region to have a reliable stock of useful berries to be purchased by trainers.

NPC List

Team Lemonade
Esther Merrygold


- Severe ADHD
- Poor concentration and impulse control
- Friendly

Christopher Colson


- Special interests are Bugs and contests
- Socially awkward and blunt.
- Christopher not Chris.

Klause Richards


- Suffers from a depressive disorder and random bouts of apathy
- Made a lot of recovery headway the past month.
- Calm and collected

Team Cola
Kurt Schneider


- Former gang member. Can be a jerkass as a result.
- Struggling to reconcile his personal interests with the hyper masculine gang life he comes from.
- Tends to deal with negative emotions by substituting them with anger.
- Protective of his group. Oddly good with kids.

Shane Denvir


- From an abusive household, removed by CPS and sent to the camp to recover.
- Very quiet and reserved but has a jokester buried in him somewhere.
- Wary of adults.
- Acts young for his age (roughly 13)

Amy Carlton


- Recovering addict with a scarily long history of substance abuse
- Briefly lived on the streets
- Very open and easy going

Herman Joyce


- Runaway with anxiety issues
- Checked himself into Camp Floaroma
- Friendly, but very flighty.
- Passionate about skating.


1. Magnificent Magilou as Maria Cosgrove
2. Shak as Logan
3. Sapphire Rose as Melody Farrel
4. TheWizardofOdd as Jonathan Mist


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Free Churro

A rogue spec of sky blue raced through Floaroma town’s pallet of flamboyant colour. It charged through the meadows of yellow dandelions, the trenches of purple lavenders and the troughs of pink orchids, leaving behind nothing but a trail of trampled flowers for the chasing blotch of grey to continue its pursuit.

With just a slip, the spec was gone. It was a boy, hiding around the corner as the grey suited man disappeared into the thick of Floaroma. The black sleeves of the boy’s jacket jumped up his arm as he punched the air in triumph. A churro stick broke the mischievous grin etched across the boy’s face as he took a satisfied first bite. As he turned however, that grin slowly faded away.

Logan, the boy with the blue hair, stood at odds with a scrawny brown haired child. He was alone. It was impossible to ignore the empty cup the child held in his hand. It forced Logan to look down at the brown sugary treat he held in his own hands. With a heavy heart, Logan held the cinnamon stick out for the child. The two watched each other for just a moment, and like a reflection in a mirror, the boy outstretched his hand and snatched the churro from Logan before scurrying away. Now Logan was alone, accompanied by nothing more than an empty cup, rolling on the ground.

A flash of light burst from his hip. Before Logan could so much as regain his vision, he felt a small patting on his leg. He looked down and furrowed his brows, uninspired by the gesture. “Oh, you again?” He offered a soft smile to the creature as he looked over it. The pokemon before him was barely taller than a foot, white in skin and its head was topped by a beige dome. Uninspiring indeed. How could he see this thing as strong? He was responsible for this ‘Ralts’ as the camp director had called it, but he didn’t know the first thing about it. Thing didn’t even make a noise. “You really gotta stop doing that,”

The grumble of his stomach was enough to take his mind off his lacklustre starter. He shot up like a sprout and returned his newly acquired Ralts. If food couldn’t motivate him, few things could. He took out his poketch. 11:35AM. “Guess it’s time to hit the ro-” he began before being cut off by another grumble of the stomach. “I’m sure the others wont mind if I’m a little late.”


- Empty -

Floaroma Town

Friends for Infinity
RPT | Pairs

"It's so calm."

art by the amazing Infinite

Magnificent Magilou

Perfalmost Victory!

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Maria Cosgrove
Camp Floaroma
Chapter 1-1 | Hesitation

Current Party:

"Okay... It's time. You can do this, Maria... All you have to do is open the door and down to the Pokémon Center in town. It's not that far of a walk... Everyone's waiting on you too, so it would be rude to keep them waiting, right...?"

A tall, blonde girl stood still in her room located at Camp Floaroma. Her eyes were fixated on the door in front of her, one that would lead her outside and eventually to the gates of the camp that she had called her home for the past three months. From there she would head down into Floaroma Town proper, where she would meet some of her fellow campmates and then embark on a journey across the vast region of Sinnoh. It was bound to be a long trip, where the girl would encounter all sorts of Pokémon... and cities she had never been to. The cities would most likely be bustling... full of people staring at her... going everywhere... lots of talking...

Maria's hand paused as it touched the doorknob, thoughts swirling through her head at the possibilities that awaited her once she left the camp. It was enough to cause the blonde to quickly pull her hand back, as if the doorknob was burning her palm upon contact. She quickly staggered back, her breath quick and sharp as she tried to keep herself from having a mild panic attack. The very thought of simply walking through Floaroma Town was enough to make Maria want to crawl under her bed and simply hide from the rest of the world.

"No... No, no, no... This is a bad idea... A really bad idea..." Maria told herself, quickly sliding her traveling bag off of her shoulder and tossing it onto the bed. "It's... It's not a good day for this. I mean, I'm not feeling well today anyways... My stomach has been hurting all morning. B-Besides, what's that old saying? Three's a crowd? Yeah, that's it... And there's supposed to be four of us in this group. That would practically make it a mob. N-No one likes a mob..."

Her rambles echoed out into her room as Maria quickly opened her bag and began to remove its contents. After spending hours the previous night making sure to carefully pack everything away, the blonde was more or less simply dumping it all out in a rush. Various outfits, toiletries, and a few personal knickknacks all tumbled out onto the bed, all the while she hardly gave any of it a second thought. Maria was only snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of a round, ball-like object rolling off of her bed and bouncing on the floor a few times before coming to a stop just short of the cursed door.

It was a Poké Ball... her own to be exact. The girl paused in her hasty unpacking, her gaze slowly lowering towards the ground where the ball rested. Inside was a Pokémon, one that the camp had taken the time to select and assign to her for this very journey. Maria was somewhat impressed that they had taken the time to give every camper a Pokémon of their own. After all, these were specifically chosen to help them with their various "needs" and that thought alone was enough to let Maria feel that the counselors were somewhat rational in their thinking. However at the same time, she hated them for it. Maria could hardly take care of herself, and they knew that there were days they practically had to drag her out of her room to even go down to the mess hall for a meal. Now all of a sudden, they expected her to be responsible for another creature? The very idea was absurd.

As a result, Maria... hadn't even worked up the nerve to actually let the Pokémon out of its ball. She loved Pokémon. She truly did. That said, the fear of the creature constantly judging her... watching her... always being around was enough to make the blonde feel like she was going to be ill.

"I... I suppose I need to return this... whatever it is," Maria mused, slowly making her way towards the Poké Ball. "It wouldn't be right to just keep it stuffed inside that ball forever... I'm s-sure they can find someone else to take care of it... Then again... w-what if they yell at me? W-What if they think I'm some kind of m-monster? I didn't mean to just leave it in there... I really didn't!"

The girl's panic was enough to cause her to drop the Poké Ball again. The ball bounced on the ground, suddenly snapping open and expelling a beam of light that gradually took the shape of an orange, chimp-like creature, one that Maria quickly recognized to be a Chimchar. A small flame burned on the Pokémon's backside as he took a deep breath, stretching his arms and legs out after what must've felt like ages being cramped up inside of that small ball. Maria's breath suddenly grew short as she stared at the creature with wide eyes, his own gradually coming to meet her's. The room was absolutely silent... but not for long before Maria suddenly let out a small, fear-filled squeal as she recoiled away.

"P-Please, d-don't hurt me! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it, I swear!" the blonde exclaimed.

The monkey Pokémon gave Maria a confused look, slowly tilting his head in confusion, before a broad smile suddenly graced his lips. Without warning, the orange Pokémon quickly bounded forward and grabbed hold of Maria's leg, causing the girl to panic and quickly climb up on her bed.

"W-What is this thing doing?! Is it going to kill me?! It's trying to kill me, I know it! Where's the ball?! I have to get it back inside the ball!"

Maria's gaze slowly lowered to the floor, her eyes coming to rest on the Poké Ball. Chimchar seemed to follow her gaze, the smile never leaving its lips as it dashed towards the ball and began to roll it across the floor. The fire-monkey was teasing her. And doing a right good job of it as well.

"The room... It's not safe in here, I have to get out now!" Maria exclaimed.

Her beloved sanctuary was now defiled by this wild beast's presence. She'd have to live her life somewhere else. She knew that escape was her only option at this point. Almost as hastily as before, Maria grabbed her belongings and began to stuff them in the bag. This caused the Chimchar to raise a curious eyebrow towards her actions, before quickly hopping his way towards the girl and climbing onto the bed. This caused another mad scream of fear to escape the girl's lips as she herself slid off the bed and made her way towards the door. Without so much as a second thought, Maria threw door open and dashed outside as the Chimchar followed with glee.

Like it or not, her journey had officially began.



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Start of a Journey

"Oof, it's already 11 o'clock? Wake up Shelly."

The boy said it to his Pokémon sleeping next to him. The Pokémon starts to wake up smiling at it's trainer who smiled back at it. His eyes then fixated at the beauty of Floaroma Meadow with all of it's beauty, Pokémons flying around colorful flowers while being playful with each other. He then put back his pocket watch back to a pocket on his vest, and then he head to the center of the town where he's supposed to meet with the others. He had already packed his stuff since 9 in the morning, and since he had nothing to do he decides to do some bonding with his new partner at the meadow.

"I can't believe that it's actually the time to leave the town".

John's words isn't without any reasons as he spends quite awhile in the camp, and he felt quite happy doing the activities there. Dr. Cygnus gave him his starter Pokémon since 7 in the morning, and although John was quite surprised that he got a Stunky it proves to bond quick with him as it wouldn't mind sleeping besides it's new partner when he decides to sleep under a tree near the meadow entrance. Now, both trainer and his partner walks around to the town center where they were supposed to met their friends, when suddenly he heard a grumble from his trusty partner.

"Hm? You're hungry already? Well it's supposed to be lunch time anyway.. but i don't have any food for you right now.. so sorry Shelly i'll buy some while we wait, i'm also hungry anyways haha."

As it was understanding what it's master meant, it starts to rub itself at it's master's feet.

"I don't want to break your fun, but i'm the type to trip easily so.. Let's stop it okay?"

Shelly understood, and quickly retracted it's body while looking a bit sad. John then had to convince Shelly that he doesn't hate what Shelly does, but it's just that he trip easily. After a bit of convincing, John eventually bought a few berries for Shelly and a kebab for himself. He then reached the Pokémon Center and then look back at his pocket watch

"Hmm.. it's 11.40, am i coming too fast? Logan should be late, and i'm not sure that i convinced Maria to come out of her room earlier this morning. But, at least i'm spared from the chastising of Melody. Well, what can i do at this point? Might as well enjoy the wait."

And so John waited for his fellow campmates, preparing for a journey that he didn't knew would change his life forever

Sapphire Rose

For someone's who thinks they mean nothing, you sure like to fight for your life.

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Melody/Raeliana Farell
Melody // Floaroma Pokémon Center

"Hey Rael,

Yesterday was a bit of a silent day. I saw our psychiatrist for a last session and she was glad to hear that you are able to stay conscious for a little bit longer than you used to. She was a little sad she couldn't speak to you directly so she made me give you a message from her, I left it in the drawer beneath our desk.

Rockruff was a little uneasy yesterday. I think he felt the anxiety you were feeling for leaving this place. It's not like I don't understand. This place has been our safe haven for roughly 3 months. It's weird thinking about how far we've gotten and how sudden we have to go on a journey. However, we are not there yet and this journey is supposed to help us. So try to cheer up a little, you are not alone in this.

Oh and Maria asked for you yesterday too. She's an odd girl. As soon as I said "No, it's me." she ran off like a scared Teddiursa! It was adorable in a way.

That's all I have the report for today. Let's try our best!

- Melody

P.S: We have to name the little fellow. Do you have a preference in names?

P.P.: Logan and John came up with the Pokémon Center as meeting spot. Be there before noon. I don't want to be the last one arriving."

Raeliana sat back in her chair as she closed the soft pink notebook in front of her. The cover read "Daily Notes" and that's exactly what this notebook contained. A small dog-like creature was sleeping on her lap but awoke as soon as Raeliana grabbed for one of her drawers. With his tail wagging, he jumped up and tried to reach for her face. Raeliana flinched completely for the moment but tried to settle down. It's been a week since "they" received this little Rockruff and both Raeliana and Melody had to get used to the unpredictable affections this little boy would give.

"Come on, I need to grab something." Raeliana told it with a soft smile spreading across her lips and tried to reach for her drawer again to take out a small letter. Rockruff was understanding and jumped of her lap, only to sit down right next to her like a puppy waiting for it's master to get ready.

Dear Raeliana,

Melody told me that you are able to stay out until noon nowadays. I'm very glad to hear that and I'm so proud of you! Remember that small steps are also progress and are necessary for the healing process.

You can reclaim your crown. I'm sure of it.

- Until we meet again, Dr. Pine"

Raeliana smile brightened. Dr. Pine had been a great help since she arrived here. She was so broken, and in so much pain... it was a hard process to retrieve her sanity but it was thanks to Dr. Pine that she got this far. "Let's get ready to go soon..." Raeliana spoke softly, glancing down towards the still-waiting Rockruff. "Roof!" It replied happy, tailing his own tail for a mere few seconds. "Hmm... I think Terra would be a good name for you. I wonder what Melody thinks of that..." She got up and walked towards her bed. There was a filled bag on it in which she hid away the notebook she was just reading. Looking past it, she saw another note.

"Wear this." it said. This note was laying on top the outfit Raeliana was currently wearing that Melody chose for them. She threw it away in the trashing bin next to her desk. It was almost noon which meant she had to start walking toward the meeting spot but as soon as she grabbed the doorknob, the empty eyes she had started regaining a shimmering of light.

"Already tired...? Well then. I'll take it over from here." the tone in her voice was completely different than before. The little Rockruff noticed this as well but without even hesitating it jumped against the leg of the young, thin girl. "I think Terra is indeed a nice name." She bend down to pet the small head of the Rockruff now named Terra. Terra jumped around happily and got in front of Melody.

"Okay little boy, lead the way." Melody closed the door behind her and followed the Rockruff down the hallway, towards a new adventure.




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