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Where did your username come from? Page 4

Started by HeroLinik September 3rd, 2018 2:45 AM
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Sid is the shortened and slightly English sounding version of my name, unlike Siddh, another contraction. Also, the Sunrisers are the league team that represent us in cricket and I am a huge fan (got to meet the entire team). I also wanted it to feel like I'm rising, getting better at life. The 07, it's kinda random.

Name: Trent
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Je n'ai pas peur d'avenir car je sais que Dieu est toujours avec moi.


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I stole it from an anime. Sylphiel is a character from the anime series Slayers, which I was really into at the time I decided to change to this name. Not even a favorite character of mine, I just liked the name.
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