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FireRed Pokémon Gaia Version Page 121

Started by Spherical Ice May 11th, 2014 4:40 AM
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Best hack I've played this year, honestly. I can't wait for v4!
Here's my Hall of Fame team, by the way:

Lucky, the Clefable (Lv55)
Starless, the Infernape (Lv59)
Pepper, the Ampharos (Lv51)
Kazoo, the Politoed (Lv50)
Tusk, the Braviary (Lv50)
Aagi, the Marowak (Lv51)

(Kinda new at PokéCommunity, so I couldn't upload a screenshot instead.)
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Just finished this game. Here is my team:
1. Gardevoir
2. Torterra
3. Gigalith
4. Crustle
5. Talonflame
6. Blastoise(Mega)(also HM slave!!)

This is a fantastic hack on the original Firered and really upped the challenge tenfold. The storyline was pretty neat as Pokemon games go. The villains were at least compelling if not complex, the rival was a great addition, and can't wait to do monotype runs.
My only gripe is that two cities on the map went by unused. Hope that v4 expands the post-game into these two places.



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I posted my team, following the link on the post-credits. The Unown is Diggersby, and the Porygon is Galvantula. It was a bit easy, but i had a fun time. Would love to play this game again and again, since my team is mons that can be founded early game. Also, Sticky Webs hits flying types and Levitators, so.. i'm guessing it will be fixed on v4? Anyways, Fantastic Rom Hack.
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