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Spoiler: The rules as of now
  1. Dracula's apprentice: Any Pokémon that can learn any of the HP-draining moves must learn it as soon as possible and retain it for the remainder of the run.
  2. Ocean's Curse: Water, Ice, and Dragon types are now banned from your team, unless they also possess the Ghost or Dark types. HM slaves and Pokemon mandated by another curse are exempt from this rule.
  3. First-encounter clause: You may only capture and use the first Pokemon you encounter on each route for the remainder of the game. Your current Pokemon are unaffected, as are gifts.
  4. Ghostly Adventure - GLOBAL RULE: Catch a Ghost-type (even if you already have one) as soon as possible. It must stay on your team for the rest of the game. It's also your best friend from now on.
  5. Making Frankenstein - GLOBAL RULE: Your team must be composed with Pokémon with different primary types if possible from now on.
  6. Zombieland - GLOBAL RULE: All of your forcefully boxed Pokémon are revived as zombies. They can only use physical contact moves and are immune to the curse that boxed them. But you can't in any circumstances use them on the same team as your current Pokémon.

From Mauville, Aile made her way to Lavaridge Town. Sounds easy but actually not, thanks to Team Magma. Them blocking the way to Mt. Chimney was why the girl had to make a detour to Fallarbor Town, then back to Rustboro City via Meteor Falls, through Rusturf Tunnel where Grievous Lady's Rock Smash helped Wanda, Wally's cousin, to reunite with her boyfriend, and back to Mt. Chimney by the time it had opened. She also had to deal with Team Magma's shenanigans up there before going down to Lavaridge Town via Jagged Pass. Again, the catchathon and evolutions were unavoidable at this point:
Spoiler: Catchathon
  • Dement the Wurmple at Route 102
  • Conflict the Slakoth at Petalburg Woods
  • Vexaria the Whismur at Rusturf Tunnel
  • Iconoclast the Abra at Route 116
  • Quon the Koffing at Fiery Path
  • inkar-usi the Slugma at Route 113
  • Lucifer the Swablu at Route 114
  • Syro the Numel at Route 112
  • Suomi the Spoink at Jagged Pass

Spoiler: Evolution
  • Chronostasis into Breloom
  • Flyburg into Golbat
  • Endroll into Hariyama
  • Clotho into Graveler

Speaking of Lavaridge Town, one does not simply forget to grab a Wynaut egg there and talk about its gym leader, Flannery. Clotho, Syro, and Viyella worked together to take her on. To be fair though, Aile had to use a Revive on Clotho while fighting Flannery's Torkoal (of all things).

Spoiler: Aile's squad as of now






Spoiler: The cursed ones
  • Singularity the Marill (caused by the Ocean's Curse, revivable but useless)
  • Modelista the Wingull (caused by the Ocean's Curse, revivable but useless)
  • Babaroque the Lotad (caused by the Ocean's Curse, revivable but useless)

And here I am, picking up a blue berry and going to room 23.