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Max Moves

Started by NikolaP September 19th, 2019 5:42 AM
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There is already a thread called Dynamax, fairly old and mostly made up of people complaining they don't like it. This is not a thread imagined for that.

Now that we know more about the Dynamax phenomenon, let's discuss how it will change battling, especially Double Battles. We'll discuss Max Moves.

The most important thing to point out is that Max Moves have cataclysmic secondary effects, effects that hold amazing potential. So far, we know that:

  • the Fire, Water, Rock and Ice-type Max Moves cause appropriate weather;
  • the Electric, Grass and Fairy-type Max Moves create the appropriate Terrains; we can be sure that the Psychic-type Max Move creates Psychic Terrain;
  • the remaining 10 Max Moves have so far been shown to raise all of its team's stats or lower all opposing team's stats; since this can be done in 10 ways (5 stats to raise or lower), it is safe to assume that each of those Max Moves will have a unique effect.
    We know that:
    - the Fighting-type Max Move raises Attack,
    - the Steel-type Max Move raises Defense,
    - the Flying-type Max Move raises Speed,
    - the Dark-type Max Move lowers Special Defense,
    - the Normal-type Max Move lowers Speed;
  • G-Max Moves have different special effects: setting up Stealth Rock, a Max version of Pollen Puff, applying Defog...

Basically, a regular Dynamax Pokemon can single-handedly and very efficiently set up or set up its allies, mess up an opponent's strategy or make the opposing team vulnerable to allies' attacks. All this while attacking.

I think this will certainly make battling more fun. Maybe even in the competitive scene.

Any ideas for strategies? Thoughts? Predictions for remaining Max Move effects?


This is fine.

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I suppose the ones causing weather would be a way to both counter and set up weather teams further, so... more weather wars to be anticipated? Ludicolo will appreciate that at any rate, I'm sure. :V
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