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5th Gen What did you nickname your pokemon?

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Old March 12th, 2011 (8:28 AM).
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It's rare that I ever nickname my Pokemon; the main reason being I can't come with apt or amusing names. :< But for some reason, I still nicknamed my Snivy 'Smugleaf'. :D
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    i named my oshawott Otto because Otter Otto see it =)
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      I named my Servine Bon Jovi! And my Zebstrika's name is Journey. My Scolipede is Bobby. That's about the weirdest names I have.
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        Samurott: Conch
        Woobat: Valen
        Scolipede: Syrup
        Scrafty: Molty
        Chandelure: Citronella
        Beartic: Frostbite
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        I've only nicknamed my main team this time around.
        Bacon- Emboar (male)
        Fearne- Whimsicott (female)
        Squishy- Jellicent (male)
        Molly- Excadrill (female)
        Stripes- Zebstika (male)
        I now need a name for my female Zweillous (soon to be Hydreigon.) :S
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        Not THAT one.
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          Krookodile - Krockodile
          I just though it sounded a little better, despite the resemblance to crockery.

          Virizion - Viridion
          Again, I just think it sounds a bit better.

          Zebrastrika - Zebolt
          And again, I think it sounds better and makes more sense.

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            I haven't got names for all the team members listed in my signature yet, but I do have a few:

            Emboar: Augustus. No meaning other than it's the name of Amy Pond's dad (in Doctor Who) and I thought it sounded good.
            Serperior: Excalibur, just because of who his first form looks like.

            However, when I played the Japanese versions, I nicknamed all my team members:

            Simisear: Iroh, for the character from Avatar. I didn't want a generic-sounding name like "Flame" or "Blaze" what with the character limit and all, then I thought of characters from fiction who control fire and... yeah.
            Whimsicott: Eli, for Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin.
            Swanna: Odett, which is supposed to be Odette but the blasted Japanese character limit is one too short. Swan Lake reference there.
            Archeops: Ace, since the Pokemon is supposed to be so good and it just sounded right.
            Scrafty: Scott, because I wanted to name something for Scott Pilgrim and that was who I chose.
            Hydreigon: Drach, from the German for "dragon" (character limit came into play again), since I named him after the English names were leaked and we knew about the German wordplay.
            Throh: Leroy, no particular reason.
            Krookodile: Kroze, yes, the guy who works on YGOTAS. KROOOOOOZE
            Swoobat: Bruce, since I once used Wayne for a Crobat. I should not have to explain this.
            Cohagrigus: Atem, thought of at the same time as Kroze so I decided to go with another Yu-Gi-Oh joke. If there were more letters I may well have called him Dan Green.
            Scolipede: Vyre, which has no meaning, just sounded cool.
            Klinklang: Gizmo, just a word which fit a bunch of gears.

            So yeah, there you go, a little insight into my naming process.
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            Well, I just started, but...

            Oshawott - "LeSabre" - See username. I'm going with a "large American car" theme with some of my Pokemon. Buick LeSabre is one of them.

            Patrat - "Delta 88" - Named after the Oldsmobile Delta 88, another large American car.

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              prime minister harper the dewott

              named after canada's prime minister.

              Name: Heart
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              Safari: Fighting
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                Tepig - Bacon / thought it would be funny, a fire pig being called bacon
                Throh - Judo / just cuz he is a fighter
                Herdier - Scottie / looks like a Scottish Terrier to me
                Pansage - Mono Verde / just Green Monkey
                Audino - Faerie
                Old March 12th, 2011 (11:25 AM).
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                I usually don't nickname my Pokémon that often nor my main team, but I just felt that the name Audino didn't suit the Pokémon at hand. n_n Her new name is Lyna (Lee-Nuh) but I might end up changing it to Minnie sometime.

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                For my main run in White I'm not nicknaming my Pokemon, because I never do in my first run through. I'm also not naming them so that I can get used to the English names because I've gotten so used to the Japanese names. However in my Black version I'll be doing a Duotype Bug/Poison challenge and as I do with all challenges I will be naming my team; however, I'm not sure what the theme will be.
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                  I don't like to nickname my Pokemon ever, but just this once since I decided to name my Snivy with its original Japanese name, Tsutaja (minus the 'r'). I sort of like the English names of Snivy and Servine, but Serperior is not all that oustanding to me =/

                  So yeah...not all that original 'cause I'm bad at names ^^;
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                    The only nickname i have given is max to my lillipup (now herdier) because my grandparents had a yorkshire terrier called Max before it died in [i think it was] 2006
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                      Originally Posted by Eurydice View Post
                      currently i have:
                      purrloin- Kira...named after my rl friend who loves cats
                      Herdier- Yang nicknamed after Rilence
                      petilil- Petal cause i couldnt think of anything better
                      adding on to my post

                      Cubchoo- KawaiiKuma which means cute bear because ignoring the snot bubble its addorable
                      Druddigon- Draco because its original name sucks and draco fits it

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                        I give my Pokémon human names that start with the first letter of its last form's name (eg. Turtwig female = Theresia, Tepig male = Ernest, Pidove male = Urbanus). Boring and not very creative, isn't it??
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                          Serperior - Cecil (FF IV <3)

                          Rufflet - Kamina

                          Excadrill - Lagann (another TTGL name)

                          Darmanitan - Ragnos

                          Zebstrika - Zhevrah

                          Carracosta - Chelone (latin for turtle)
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                          I usually only nickname my main team, with a few exceptions. For my White, the theme I had was close friends of mine (for the main team, at least).

                          Zebstrika: Michele. Her favorite animal is the Zebra, so the moment I saw Blitzle I just had to name it after her.
                          Cinccino: Melissa. After deciding what my theme was going to be, I went ti my friend and asked if she liked Chinchillas. After she said she did, I decided to name it after her.
                          Reuniclus: Emily. Not too much of a reason, other than the fact that I wanted to call something Emily and Reuniclus was the only thing I wanted on my team that didn't have a name. xD;
                          Lilligant: Lucia. My Bellossom was named Lucia on my Soul Silver, so since Lilligant was kid of like Lucia I just thought it was appropriate.
                          Chandelure: Shannon. Inside joke among the band during high school was 'Shandelier' so when I saw it I had to name it after her.
                          Swanna: Alyssa. It just seemed to fit, and I actually have two close friends called Alyssa so it works.

                          I nicknamed a few other Pokemon, which were the Pokemon I used because I got my main team.
                          Timburr: Logs
                          Tepig: The Pig
                          Patrat: Timon
                          Pansage: Mufflers
                          Lillipup: Puppers

                          ... Yeah. XD;

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                          Tepig: Breakfast
                          Zebstrika: Typhon, storm-titan that challenged Zeus
                          Seismitoad: Pontus, original sea-god
                          Simisage: Priapus, minor fertility god
                          Rufflet/Braviary: Aeolus, ruler of the winds
                          Beartic: Can't think of a good name yet, ideas?

                          All except Breakfast were named after Greek mythology. If anyone has any ideas for Beartic, that would be most helpful.
                          Old March 14th, 2011 (12:59 PM).
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                            My nicknames were all based on traits of the Pokemon in question.

                            Dewott - Seashell

                            Tranquill - Journey

                            Cubchoo - Sleet

                            Deerling - Meadow

                            Gothita - Lolita

                            Pansear - Incinerate

                            I traded a Cubchoo egg from my Japanese White to my English Black. It's an ice type, so I figured Sleet was an okay name. My Dewott was named Seashell because Oshawott has that shell thing on it's stomach. Pansear was named Incinerate because it's a fire type. Tranquill is Journey because, well, don't birds fly south for the winter? Most of them do in my state. I found Deerling in a meadow like area hence the name. According to Bulbapedia, Gothita was based on a girl dressed in gothic lolita fashion.
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                            Old March 14th, 2011 (1:04 PM).
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                            Pokemon Black
                            • タコ [Taco] - Snivy
                              I made the mistake of asking my roommate what to name my starter 'cause I didn't have any witty ideas. :( Since all he thinks about is food and World of Warcraft (and we were thinking of what to eat for dinner), he had food on the mind. /sigh
                            • パスタ [Pasta] - Woobat
                              ...same explanation as above. (I also ended up with the pigeon thing being named "Beer" but it didn't stay in my party.) Guess what the other thing he wanted for dinner was?
                            • ロクサス [Roxas] - Vanillite
                              n___n Named after Roxas from Kingdom Hearts because it's ice cream and that's all he does in his spare time (eats ice cream).
                            • ルミエアー [Lumière] - Litwick
                              Named it after the candelabra in Beauty and the Beast. ♥ I think it's a pretty name and it's very fitting.
                            • デンキ [Denki] - Blitzle
                              It's a really boring name. It means "electricity" in Japanese. I'm pretty sure the electric type is just called "denki". LAME.
                            • ニカ [Nica] - Joltik
                              Galvantula (is that the right name? not used to it in english yet) was Forever's (the mod) favourite Pokémon leading up to BW so it had to be named after her. xD;

                            Pokémon White
                            • さくら [Sakura] - Cherubi
                              I just wanted a chance to have a Japanese-named Cherubi. :') I think I already had a Cherubi named "Sakura" but I haven't trained one into a Cherrim before this one so. It's okay. n_n;
                            • Roxas - Vanillite
                              See Black. I was gonna name this one Ven but it just didn't work as well. (And it was male so I couldn't name it Xion which was gonna be my other alternative choice.)
                            • Flamberge - Litwick
                              Named for the fire-elemental sword that often appears in the Tales of series... which in turn is inspired by an actual kind of sword with the name, I think.
                            • Joltula - Joltik
                              I swear I came up with this name before the English names came out. It was creative back then but now it just seems lame because it's essentially much mashing Joltik & Galvantula's names together fml. ;_;
                            • Terra - Sandile
                              Named for the Kingdom Hearts character. A ground/dark Pokémon? Perfect.
                            • Dominico - Ducklett
                              I caught one and didn't have a clue what to name it so I asked on IRC and Luke gave me this name. xD
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                              I named my Exadrill Simon and Krookodile Kamina.
                              I'm not insane, just a loveable fangirl~ <3

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                                I call mine 'Chocolate Star' because it reminds me of my favourite sweets. If anyone would like to taste my chocolate star, send pm.
                                Old March 14th, 2011 (3:09 PM).
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                                  knicknamed mine takuma tsuguri because hes soo strong
                                  Old March 14th, 2011 (4:29 PM).
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                                  I always name mine insulting nicknames at first, then when I use them as mains, change them to something nicer. Like real names that I like. Like at first, I named my cubchoo snot, then I changed it to Alastor later.
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