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5th Gen Fifth Gen Music Awards 2018 [ROUND ONE]

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Old February 16th, 2018 (4:56 AM).
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Welcome to the Fifth Generation's Music Awards, or Music Showdown! Here, I'm all but curious to hear what is Pokecommunity's favourite Fifth Generation video game track!

There's no specific theme here, so, you can nominate ANY music from any music track from the Fifth Generation that you like!

How does this work?
So, each time that there's a Fifth Generation Music Awards Music Awards thread that pops up, all of you can nominate any one of your favourite tracks, or any other tracks that you think deserve the spotlight!

After the nomination period, the next phase will be for voting, in which, every track that has been nominated by someone will be up for votes! Everyone can vote to a minimum of two tracks that will win! In the end, whichever track has the most votes, will be the winner! And that's not all - there will be a featured thread representing that video game music for the voters! And the winning theme will be put on display for everyone to hear! So, vote carefully!

This schedule is subject to change dependent on quantity of nominees and other circumstances.
Nominations will last a week
Voting will last from a week
Winner will be declared on March 2nd!

Nomination Form
Your nomination form must be done LIKE THIS. Any nominations that do not follow this guideline cannot compete!
Nominee: (The name of the soundtrack)
Link to Video: (You can link it, or post a embed video of it!)
Why: (Let the voters know WHY this track is the best there is for this theme! It can be as long as you want!)
The winning Music piece will be featured in a stickied thread for discussion, and for easy listening convenience!

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Old February 17th, 2018 (7:20 AM).
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    Nominee: Battle! (Ghetsis)

    Link to Video:

    Why: I nominate Ghetsis' theme because it is such a unique battle theme. Its a dark, diabolical, nightmarish sound you don't hear anything like in Unova. Its also a very unsettling and accurate representation of what is going on in the story, Team Plasma has just shown its true face. Then it creates a sense of dread like a war drum sounding, announcing danger. You resign yourself to a long, unpleasant battle and find that your fears all come true. You literally battle an evil monster from the ancient world in Ghetsis' psuedolegendary Hydreigon. The music plays off of all of Ghetsis pokemon well from disfigured dragons to coffins to poison to blades

    What is also great about his music is that it is literally Ghetsis incarnate. His name "Ghetsis" was derived from the timpani pitches used in his battle theme G and C# or Cis. This forms a tritone, a disonant sound that is hard to sing in tune and you hear it in police sirens, the Twilight Zone theme or perhaps 19th century text with with a macabre subject like the Dance of Death or Dante's sonata. It can be sinister, sensual, mischevious, all things within Ghetsis' personality, but what it definitely does is create tension and draw you in. And I think they just nailed Ghetsis' character with his song.
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    Old February 19th, 2018 (4:56 PM). Edited February 19th, 2018 by Vragon.
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      Nominee: Route 10

      Linke to Video:

      Why: I nominate Route 10 not just for the neatness of its tune, but also almost nature painting it does during it's route. While Route 10 is short, the music definitely makes the trip worth it. The flow of the accordion along with the basic repetition of the main beats, and the flute like bit near the end before the loop all add to compliment a piece I can only describe as "Mountainous". It is the best route in BW and even got a surprising cameo in BW2 despite the route being closed.

      A scenic route needs a scenic piece of music.
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      Old February 20th, 2018 (5:15 PM).
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        Nominee: Marine Tube

        Link to Video:

        Why: The Marine Tube is one of my favorite locations in any Pokemon game, and with music like this, it's easy to see why. The track is soft and easygoing, but also upbeat enough to give a feeling of wonder. It really fit with the Marine Tube itself - although it's not that impressive by today's standards, being able to see the Pokemon up close like that was pretty breathtaking back in Gen V!
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        Old February 21st, 2018 (9:07 AM). Edited February 21st, 2018 by BlazingCobaltX.
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          Nominee: Rare Wild Battle

          Why: I have to do this theme justice. It became my absolute favourite theme in the entirety of Pokémon the moment I stepped into a shaking patch for the first time. It is an unique addition to the music library that, of course, wasn't necessary, but made Unova as a whole a lot more blooming. A lot of Unova's themes have several versions, but for me this one tops because it does what it needs to. The rush of notes at the beginning alarms the player of a different kind of encounter and the following soundtrack is a very good remix of an already good theme - the original wild battle theme. I mean, it's a really good theme that is super catchy and bouncy, and the remix makes it moreso. I wish later generations also used a similar extra encounter theme.
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