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Started by Her July 16th, 2019 5:26 PM
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lmao like a 2 or something right now i keep meaning to clean it but god what is effort right now


dream world
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5, but that's generous. Only a few things on the floor, which include a pillow I knocked off, a bag, and a card. I could make the bed nicer, and I'm overdue to wash sheets.

I just washed clothes so none of those have spread on the floor. I feel I should also sweep, although I don't see too much that would make it needed right now.

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The Middle of Nowhere
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5. Can fall about as low as a 3 depending on when we're talking about it.

Some areas (such as the closet) are a complete mess, although they can avoided with relative ease. Getting around is pretty easy and the books are either in the shelves or in my weird column-y nightstand thing. Not counting the bed because I don't sleep in the covers like a normal person.
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2.5 to a 3
I'm too lazy to take out the recycle - empty bottles and paper on the floor
I plan on organizing drawers but instead they are just on one corner of my bed, still full
my desks have empty food wrappers or soda bottle caps, a bit unorgized

the only clean places are my plush collection areas
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It's my actual room this time, i rate it a 7. Its pretty clean, except for the bed.


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I sent this to my boyfriend yesterday


I think it's a 1


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I sent this to my boyfriend yesterday


I think it's a 1
If that's a 1 I need to re-evaluate.



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my room is shared with my partner, but even despite that, it's probably about a 7? i'm normally home more than my partner so i tend to keep it clean since we spend most of our time in here, but i've been working ten days straight (i'm on day 8 currently woo) so i haven't been doing anything. there's laundry to be done, the desk is a little cluttered, and there are some backpacks in the floor, but otherwise, it's not really that bad.
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in front of the closet is messy, rest is clean
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It's a mess. Probably 2.

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6.5 The floor is clean for the most part but there’s random piles of clothes. And the dressers have clothes and junk piling up. The closet floor is cluttered with stuff I don’t wear anymore and old backpacks. I’m always working or not in the mood to clean so it can get pretty bad sometimes.
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will be time to clean the bathroom soon-ish, but the main room was vacuumed a couple of days ago
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9/10 just cleaned it yesterday and looks brand new.
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9/10 I cleaned a little while ago :D
would be 10/10 if I wiped down two other small-ish tables, but they're not very dusty. we have plush toys and game systems on them, so moving them around to clean is a bit tedious
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2 or 3... but I have a super small room and a ton of stuff. Most of which I don't know what to do with. D: Oh, I'm also very disorganized due to my ADHD as well. ;w;
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