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Showcase Auticorn Covers Gallery

Started by Axel October 8th, 2019 7:48 AM
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Lately, I've been making covers on Canva for Wattpad. I've been trying to get more and more creative. I wanted to post the results here... if that's okay. :3

My most recent:




I'll post more later~ I just felt like showing off my skills and how I've improved on them. I only have a free version of Canva, so there's still stuff I can't do and such.

btw... some of the covers are based on templates. My most recent one, I created mainly on my own.


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The covers look really nice! They definitely look like something I'd see on books in a local store. Just curious if the templates included the names of the titles, or did you think of them yourself? They have a lot of meaning to them!
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