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Interest Check New Game

Started by Mana May 14th, 2018 11:52 AM
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Thinking of hosting a game in a week or so if there are people around up for one?

1. Pokemon, non-pokemon or vanilla-y?
2. Standard or HP/Atk/Stats?

Like/comment your views if you're up for playing a game so I can work out how many roles :c.


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I'm definitely up for a game. Either pokemon or not is fine.

I think a standard, small game is your best bet though for roles and mechanics. Try to bring in some new people and show them the basics before going crazy.

Sorry that Chura and I haven't had any new games set up for a while. We're planning a huge mafia drive to coincide with GT which will hopefully pick activity back up.


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Posted August 29th, 2019
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I'd like to do something about reviving this section, so if you guys want I can start posting these on PC's Events channel to help promote and gain some interest


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I probably won't be around for it, but it's something that should be tried

No mafia games in the mafia section isn't great lol
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Posted October 8th, 2019
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I'm definitely up for another game. Don't really mind of what kind, as long as it's Mafia you can count me in!
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