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Old May 4th, 2015 (9:10 AM).
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    You Just watch i'll be the hokage one day!

    Rules and regulations
    1. Be Nice With everyone
    2. No Spamming
    3. No trolling
    4. No disrespecting anyone or anything
    5. Be nice and active
    6. Try to be gentle, polite and nice with users while talking
    7. Don't abuse this anime ! If you find anything Bad just say it directly ! No abusing or disrespecting towards this club or to this show!
    8. Enjoy !!

    I was, am and forever will be a believer in never giving up hope. I was raised watching this anime, I learnt many things by watching this anime, I got life lessons from this anime.. And more things that are unspeakable. Its just so great that it makes me get emotional. I am a big and a die hard fan of Naruto anime and Naruto Uzumaki himself ! Naruto was my childhood but still i can't stop myself repeating every single episodes ! So i taught why not to make a club. Here i am! Never give up on your hopes, your friends and most of all your dreams! DATTEBAYO

    Sign Up

    Your Reason for joining the club :
    Answer to a topic:
    Anything you like to describe this anime:

    topic List

    *Do you hate Naruto? If so then why?
    *Who is your favorite Character ? And proper reason for them to be your fav
    *Is Sasuke Better than Naruto ?
    Answer any of those following topics

    Konoha Ninjas


    Extra Things

    Well we can also use some topics to talk in here ! Its a different topic and is not required for sign ups! People are free to talk in any of sign up and these topics in the club And also we will talk about new Naruto releases!
    *What do you think about Obito?
    *How did you find the recent release of Naruto Gaiden?

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    My Club |Paired With IndianCharizard |


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