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Pallet Town
Ahh, Pallet Town. Whether you’ve been here for a decade or even just a day, you have to admit that it’s the most peaceful place you’ve ever stepped foot on. There’s just something about this small town in the south of Kanto that just makes you stop for a minute. This town has grown somewhat in recent years after the successes of famous trainers, having earned the nickname the “Home of Legends”. Even though it has grown, it maintains its rustic, grassy appearance with modern touches.

A quick glance around shows the modern changes, such as the Pokemon Center finally opening a branch on the quaint little town. It’s not regularly visited, however, so the Nurse Joy there is still quite lax and might need some extra nudging. There is also a small Pokemart in the making where you can buy items in the future.

Small miscellaneous shops have also opened up in the past few years, ones that make good use of the grassy plains that Pallet Town offers, such as flower and honey shops. While not as famous as their Sinnoh counterparts, they can hold their own regional-wise.

Up the hill is still the laboratory, now upgraded from investors to become the Oak Research Laboratories, where some of the major scientific breakthroughs have been discovered. The main building has tripled in size, and a nursery is built next to it to protect and keep rare Pokemon that trainers have brought to them.

Down the south is the beach, the sea stretching as far as the eyes can see. It’s not recommended for trainers to go farther than the town limits, as it is home to dangerous water type Pokemon.

And finally, to the north is Route 1, where your journey officially begins.

You already have your starter from Professor Oak, you just need to get your license and other essentials! You just uh... need to find him somewhere in this really huge laboratory. It gets worse at the Nursery, it’s like a maze down there!
Optional to visit. If you choose not to, you automatically get these in your inventory.
Pokeballs x 6
Town Map
2500 Pokedollars

Flower lady needs help with pollinating flowers and to do that you’ll need to get her a Combee, any Combee would do. As long as there’s two of them and they’re not aggressive about it, you know? She’ll reward handsomely! She’ll replace the Pokeballs too so don’t worry about it.
Two common berries of your choice

Somebody wants to talk to you about the beach to the south. He’s sort of asking for help, see.. It’s really hard for him to admit this but he lost his Pokeball containing an actual Pokemon under the sea. He’s not sure where it is exactly but yeah... Could you do him a huge favor and get it back? It’s his only partner. Yes that was pretty stupid of him yeah.
100 Pokedollars
Special Pokemon caught only here:

There’s a scientist flailing about, trying to catch the Pidgey that keeps flying at the greenhouse part of the laboratory. God this place is huge. He just can’t win, can he? Either way, he’s decided. He’s giving away an everstone to the trainer that can catch it. Just please don’t break anything.

There’s rumors of a house in Pallet town belonging to the Pokemon Master... It’s never been confirmed, nor denied. His existence remains a mystery. This kid wants to uncover that idea, and he wants your help. Surely you must be curious too? He’ll give you a great ball if you help him uncover even at least one speck of information on him.
Speak to the GM should you decide to choose this mission
Great ball

Route 1
For your starting route, it’s surprisingly rugged. It moves north from Pallet Town in a zigzag-like inclined formation, each path separated by ledges and bordered by woodlands. Thick patches of tall grass spring up periodically and although the road through the route has been improved dramatically in recent years from Pallet Town’s attempt in road modernization, it’s already showing signs of wear.

Aside from the many ledges, you can easily see beginning trainers from start to finish, challenging anyone that they meet eye to eye. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get tackled by the nearest trainer, asking for a battle.

Thankfully, it’s only a relatively short walk to Viridian City.

Oh look! A trainer. Oh god, he won’t shut up. He keeps boasting about how his Rattata is top tier. Someone please teach him a lesson oh my god he just won’t stop
You’ll be known as the trainer that taught Joey a lesson
Also 250 Pokedollars

This guy. This guy keeps trying to use the ledges as stairs. He tries to convince everyone that passes by. You know, he might have a point... If you don’t agree with him, he battles you instead. Because hey, it’s still a trainer x trainer meetup.
You get the ability to use the ledges as stairs should you agree with him
You also get the customary 250 Pokedollars

Another gardener? Man the area’s really full of gardeners huh... This one seems to be in trouble, judging from their scared demeanor and well, the group of angry Combee chasing them. Looks like they tried to catch one of them but failed, the net dangling in pieces. They seem to be running towards you, oh no. I suggest you run.
Honey x 2

There’s a Lillipup following you. Does someone want to play fetch? Play fetch with him, and he might give you a bone!
Thick club

GM notes
Please be sure to claim the missions in the OOC thread to let everyone know what you're going to do. Collaboration on missions is possible and encouraged, but be sure to talk with the other person about it regularly so whatever method you use (be it JPs or separate posts) you are in the loop of what's going on. You can also create your own missions with your own rewards, as long as these rewards are fair (run them by me if you're not sure).

Some of the rewards are kinda jokes (or maybe they aren't :thonk:) and the missions can be really vague.
They're mostly just prompts, so have fun with it!
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    Eric had just gotten his Pokedex and Pokemon License, among other things including a map of Kanto, some money, and some PokeBalls, from the legendary Professor Oak. Eric decided to get to know his partner, Sandile a little better, since they've only been acquainted for a few days. He decided to let Sandile play on the beach, keeping a close eye on the little guy.

    "Alright, Sandile. I'll let you play around for a bit. Just don't go too far ahead of me, okay?" Eric said to his crocodilian comrade, shortly after letting it out of its Pokeball.

    Sandile muttered a cry of joy and agreement. However, Sandile was so excited to play around in sand that he immediately darted off towards the coast, attempting to make a sand sculpture of some sort.

    Eric kept a watchful eye on his new friend, as it made a mound of sand with its little claws, and decided to demolish it, much like a Tyrantrum destroying a bathroom stall to get the tasty lawyer inside. The sand went everywhere, hitting a nearby tide pool, causing a wild Poliwag to attack the desert croc.

    Eric rushed over as fast as he could. "Sandile, be careful! I'm on my way!"

    As soon as Eric got over, the Poliwag decided to slap Sandile's face with its tadpole-like tail twice.

    Sandile winced in pain, and Eric quickly thought of a battle strategy.

    "Sandile, use Mud Slap!" Eric shouted, and Sandile kicked some wet sand towards the angry Poliwag, lowering its accuracy but making it angrier.

    Poliwag tried to blast at Sandile with five bubbles, but only one hit the little crocodile, grazing its side. Sandile was now a bit angry, and bit at Poliwag without Eric telling it to.

    "Calm down, Sandile!" Eric pleaded.

    Eric readied a PokeBall to catch Poliwag.

    Eric tossed it towards the blue tadpole, and it went inside.

    Sandile removed its grip from Poliwag shortly beforehand.

    1, 2, 3 *click* Eric caught Poliwag!

    Eric picked up his new ally's PokeBall, and said "Don't worry, you're in good hands. We'll get you and Sandile to the Pokemon Center soon enough." Eric then called Sandile back into its PokeBall, and walked towards the Pokemon Center.
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    1-1: Riley Meadows - Running Late

    "Crap, crap, crap, crap!"

    I absolutely couldn't believe my luck. This was practically the most important day of my life, the first steps that would properly set myself down the course that would define who I was for the rest of my life. It was the day that I would finally begin to write my name and story down in the pages of history. I'm pretty sure you can tell from there just how much this day (and most likely every one after) was going to mean to me. Yet, how did I, Riley Meadows, decide to start off this day? If you guessed with a hearty breakfast and a refreshing shower before promptly making my way downtown... well, then you're completely and totally wrong. Rather, I apparently decided that today was going to be a day that I was going to start off completely late. And not just a few minutes, mind you. I was running about two hours late.

    "How the hell did I manage to oversleep so long?! I even set my alarm clock this morning," I shouted, running down the street as quickly as I could.

    I quickly fished my hand into my pocket, pulling out my PokéGear for a moment to double check and make sure I hadn't possibly forgotten. After all, it wouldn't have been the first time I managed to set what time I wanted to get up and then follow up without actually setting the alarm. My eyes widened as I saw exactly what I had feared. I had managed to set my alarm, yes. The problem was that I managed to set it for 8:00 PM as opposed to 8:00 AM. I was supposed to have been down at Professor Oak's lab at 10:00 in the morning to get my official license, Pokédex, and all that other stuff that's required to become an official Pokémon trainer. Now, it was almost 12:30! There was no telling if the old man was even going to have any of that stuff left to hand out, not to mention the fact that he may not have even been there yet!

    Returning my focus back onto the road, I glanced to the left and noticed a large building coming into view. I sighed in relief at the sight before me, the esteemed Professor Oak's labratory. I suppose in some regard this would be a pretty humbling experience for most people. After all, it wasn't every day that someone got to not only meet probably the biggest name in the world of Pokémon, but to become an official trainer by him as well? It's probably a dream that most can hardly fathom.

    I quickly raced my way up to the doorway of the lab, taking a moment to catch my breath before pressing his doorbell.

    "Come on, come on... Please still be here, please still be here...!" I thought, my heart pounding in anticipation of either being stoked that today wasn't going to be a total bust or dread that everything I had been planning was about to come to a halt faster than a tractor trailer slamming into the wall of a Poké Mart.

    Thankfully, someone was watching out for me up in the heavens. After a few seconds of waiting, I could hear the footsteps of someone approaching the other side of the door. I watched with bated breath as the doorknob slowly turned, revealing a tall... very geeky guy in a lab coat looking down at me with a look that could only be described as snotty. I could feel his gaze piercing through mine, as he looked me up and down as if I had just wandered in from the wrong side of the tracks.

    "Can I... help you...?" he finally greeted, all in the voice that only a mother could possibly love.

    "You bet you could! I have an appointment to meet up with Professor Oak," I responded, not missing a single beat. "I was... kinda supposed to be here earlier, but um... traffic was a total killer, you know? Anyways, is the big guy around?"

    The man snurled his nose as he looked down at me, grumbling something under his breath as he reached inside for a moment only to step back out with a clipboard. I can only assume that he was reading down a list of some kind, probably the names of others who were scheduled to come by and actually graced the professor with the benefit of arriving on time.

    "...You must be Riley Meadows, correct...?" he finally said. I nodded quickly in response. "You are... quite late. So much so that I don't believe the professor has time to help you today. Professor Oak is quite the busy man and... he can't always make exceptions to just drop everything he has on his schedule, especially when one doesn't even bother to show up at the correct time."

    My eyes widened in fear as the man turned, beginning to make his way back into the lab. A wave of panic quickly rushed through my body. Without warning, I quickly grabbed onto the man's labcoat. He practically stumbled over as I tugged him back outside with all the strength I could muster.

    "H-Hey! Give me a break, poindexter!" I protested. "It's not my fault I got here late! Truth is my alarm didn't go off this morning! Come on, you have to let me in!"

    "That's not... something I can help," the man replied sternly, doing his best to try and pry his coat from my hands. "Now release me! Don't think I won't hesitate to call the authorities!"

    Okay, so maybe I was acting a little creepy at this point. I'm pretty sure that anyone who was walking by at this point was looking over and watching the rather... unflattering scene playing before them. But can you really blame me? This jerk wasn't even willing to give me the time of day! Thankfully someone out there must have been willing to take pity on me, because the sound of another voice soon echoed out from inside the lab.

    "William...? What in the world is all the commotion out there...?"

    The man blocking my access to the lab jumped slightly at the call of his name. Slowly, he turned around as he finally managed to pry his labcoat from my grasp. "O-Oh, Professor Oak...! I'm sorry to disturb you during your research. This young woman was supposed to have been here earlier, but she missed her appointment time. I think it would be best if she simply resched-"

    "Now, now... there's no need for any of that. After all, I'm right here. It'd be kind of silly to ask her to come back later..." Professor Oak replied.

    I smiled at Professor Oak's rather relaxed personality. He was far more agreeable than this William jerk who was working under him. The said lab aide didn't seem very convinced, however. He glanced over his shoulder at me, giving me a rather cold glare as he did so.

    "Are you certain, sir...? She doesn't seem very... responsible looking..." he questioned. "Besides, aren't you due for a phone call with Bill...? He should be calling any moment now."

    "Now, now... I'm sure it will be fine," Oak reasoned. "Besides, I can simply call him back. This should only take a few moments."

    William sighed, mumbling under his breath as he went back inside the lab. Clearly he wasn't too thrilled with the fact that Oak brushed off his suggestions without so much as a second thought. I wasted no time in giving the man a one-fingered salute as he walked back inside. Whether or not Oak noticed this, I couldn't say.

    "Well now... judging from all the others that have stopped by today, you must be here for your license, correct? Oak began, smilling all the while. "I believe you must be... Riley Meadows, was it? You're the only one I remember not showing up on time."

    "Yeah... It's been a rough morning," I replied, trying to brush off the awkwardness of it all.

    "That much I can see. It's not every day that one shows up looking... quite like you," Oak replied.

    I felt a small blush creep up to my cheeks as he spoke. The old man had me dead to rights there. I looked more like I had just rolled out of bed than I did prepared to begin a Pokémon journey. My hair was an absolute mess, with pieces of it sticking up in various directions. Hell, I was even still dressed in that rather baggy, Virbank Thrasher's t-shirt I slept in (Roxie is my idol, you know) and my usual boots. All in all, I'm pretty sure I was a sight to behold.

    "Yeah, well... You know how it is. I pretty much did jump out of bed... and come straight here," I explained.

    "Well, no matter. We'll get you all set up so we can begin your Pokémon journey... or at least grab a shower when you get back to your room at the Pokémon Center," Oak said with a chuckle.

    The old man led me inside, taking me towards a small room that I could only assume to be his office. There was a small desk in the middle of the room, decorated with a modest-sized computer and various notebooks scattered on top. Lines of bookshelves were stacked against the walls, all of the crammed with various books dealing in Pokémon. There were a lot of titles that I could hardly understand and I'm pretty sure my head would explode if I even dared to try and read the first page out of some of them. All in all, it's the kind of a room you'd expect the nerdy type like Oak to use for his research.

    "Let's see now..." Oak said as he began to rummage in his desk drawers for something. I watched as he pulled out a sturdy looking box before he made his way back towards me."Ah, here we are! Your Pokédex is right here in this box. "Here's your Pokédex, along with a few other supplies you might find useful. Truth be told when you missed your appointment I was just going to mail them to you back at your address in Viridian City. But I suppose you finding the time to stop by and pick your tools up in person works just as well."

    Without a moment of hesitation, I quickly snatched the box out of the man's hands and ripped it open like a kid tearing into a present at Christmas time. Inside the package was my Pokédex, as well as a handful of poké balls, a town map, and even a small bit of cash. It was a bit more than I was expecting, to be honest.

    "You're really giving me all this...?" I questioned, looking back up at the old man in disbelief. "Are you sure...? I mean, don't you need the money for yourself of something?"

    Oak waved me off. "Think nothing of it, Riley. After all, I was a young trainer myself too once. I know for a fact how tough it can be out there sometimes. Let's not call it me handing you money... Rather, let's call it an investment. I'm quite interested to see what you and the others can do out there, and I want to see all of you succeed."

    It was a bit corny, I admit. Still, it did feel nice to know that Oak's heart was in the right place. I offered the man a quick word of thanks before placing the package away for the time being.

    "Now, all that remains is for you to get your photo taken for your license... Well, yours and your Pokémon. Are you ready...?" Oak inquired.

    "R-Right now? I'm a total wreck!" I protested.

    Oak chuckled again. "Well, we'll just have to overlook that now... Come along now..."

    With a sigh, I began to follow Oak to have my photo taken for my trainer license. Sure, I knew it wasn't going to be the most flattering... But I knew that I'd be making a splash with a photo in my pajamas...

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      Kairi Tadokoro - Route 1


      'It can take your friends.
      It can take your family.
      Strip you loose of all your memories.
      But if it's your fate.
      Every step forward will always be a path to healing.'
      Kairi finished writing down those words on her notebook as she sat under a tree, listening to the foreign seas of the Kanto Region. Kairi is a 17 year old girl from the Kalos Region. She was toned and tan from spending time climbing cliffs and tree with her cousin, which she admired greatly. When they were younger, her cousin's parents were killed in an accident in the mountains and Kairi's father took him in. It took some time, but they finally got used to one another and became best cousins.

      Kairi had always been fond of the sea, mainly due to her name meaning 'sea' in Kantonian. However, water pokemon weren't her favorite type. That love went to Flying type pokemon. This was due to her father being a Pilot and traveling around the world. A few times in the past, she had went on trips with him to give her breaks from traveling around the Kalos Region with her mother before her cousin had moved in. She had sometimes wondered why her name was Kantonian and note Kalosian, but Sora, her cousin, was the same way. She never questioned it, but when she saw the seas, that question would always return.

      Kairi shut her notebook, reluctantly returning it to her bag, fixing her round glasses. She loved writing, a passion that had surfaced one day out of the blue. Even though she loves the seas and flying types, her real passion was writing. She made a promise with her cousin to become Sky Battlers, but she wasn't sure that it was in her heart to tell him that she didn't want to do it anymore. Her current story she wrote is about a boy dealing many problems. In fact, the story had been inspired by her cousin's life. Even though he had healed some, he hadn't fully healed. She hoped one day to give him to story to help him completely heal. She knew that if she became a writer, it could impact a reader heavily, even heal them, and in rare occasions, save them. Even though Sora wouldn't admit it, she was sure that she had saved him. It felt good, the idea of saving people through writing, felt even better.

      Kairi stood from where she sat, taking a drink from her canteen. She made a disgusted face as she tasted the water, "Definitely not from the springs in Couriway Town. I need to tell Dad to send me some when I get a chance." Kairi spoke to herself.

      She was currently near the northern outskirts of Pallet Town. She had received her necessities as a trainer, such as her ID, earlier that morning from Prof. Oak's lab. She had received her Pokedex before she had come to Kanto when she received her pokemon, which was a Rowlet. Her pokedex was ocean blue with bubbles and waves, while the top part of the dex was the colors of a sunset. She also had a holocaster her father had given her.

      She stretched, "Well, I guess it's time to get going. The Kanto Region isn't going to explore itself."
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      Aberdeen - Pallet Town

      It had been over an hour since the lab visit, and Aberdeen still couldn't stop gushing over how adorable his starter was. The Chikorita, in turn, seemed to soak up the love and attention like a sponge and radiate it back in full feedback loop through happy noises and smiles.

      "Look at her!" he squealed for what must be the fifteenth time, raising her up in his hands and being met with a squiggly banana laugh in response. "I'm going on a pokémon journey, and she is my partner! How am I ever going to handle sending her into a battle?"

      The other pokémon walking next to him on the street gave each other a look, before the Wigglytuff rolled its eyes. This was going to be a tiresome trek, wasn't it?

      "Maybe I should have brought more potions. I have some herbs from Dad, but they taste so bad..." the boy mused as he finally put the green pokémo back on the ground, where it immediately went to greet the accompanying Sunflora again. Sunflora, always with a kind appearance, met it with a wide smile.

      Wigglytuff, however, suddenly jumped into attention. Its ears pointed at some movement about ten meters away. Aberdeen followed its stare, and found the commotion.

      "Sir Wiggs, relax!" he laughed. "It's just the Poliwag Pond. Don't you know the Poliwag usually play around there? My classmate swears he even saw a Magikarp there once."

      Wiggs narrowed its eyes, not convinced. Those Poliwag splashed around like they had no care in the world. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the town. Totally irresponsible. Just then, one of them seemed to get annoyed with the attention. On its small wobbly legs, it jumped up from the pond and marched up closer to the party on the street.

      "Uh-oh," Aberdeen said. "Does it want to battle?"

      The Poliwag stuck out its tongue and blew raspberries at the Wigglytuff. The other water pokémon laughed in amusement. Aberdeen and Chikorita also couldn't help but giggle.

      Sir Wiggs did not find that amusing. At all. It suddenly seemed to grow to twice the size, inflated from sheer rage, and took a heavy step towards the Poliwag Pond.

      "Wiggs, no! It's okay, don't mind them! They're just trying to have some fun," Aberdeen said and tried to sound serious, but a giggle or two slipped through mid-sentence.

      The daring Poliwag didn't seem scared though. It sneered, before using Bubble. Sir Wiggs merely stormed through the bubble swarm though, and used Disable on the wild pokémon. As it tried to blow out more Bubbles, it seemed like it wasn't working. Now it was Wigglytuff's turn to sneer.

      "Stop!" Aberdeen called out. Wiggs reluctantly turned around and gave him a skeptical look. His mother's pokémon never quite obeyed him, but... "I know you want what's best for me. Right now, what's best for me is to get experience as a trainer. So please, let me and Chikorita battle this Poliwag!"

      Wiggs looked from the boy to the tadpole to the banana girl. It seemed mighty unconvinced. Aberdeen walked up to it and leaned down.

      "You can step in if something goes badly," he whispered reassuringly.

      Still a bit reluctant, but at least deflating back to normal size, the Wigglytuff finally backed off back to the street, to stand next to Sunflora.

      The battlefield was set. Aberdeen and Chikorita stood on the grass, facing the lone Poliwag (although its entourage were not far behind it in the pond). Their first real battle. Chikorita didn't seem nervous, perhaps because Aberdeen really wasn't. He only wanted to throw himself into it already.

      "Chikorita, use Razor Leaf!"

      His pokémon responded quickly, throwing out her sharp, spinning leaf projectiles towards the foe. Poliwag started to counter-attack... But it had forgotten that Wigglytuff had disabled its Bubble move earlier! Oops. The Razor Leaf hit right on the mark, and made the Poliwag groan in pain, and the wild pokémon in the pond gasp.

      "Oh, that's kind of unfair, isn't it..." Deen realized. "It hasn't got an attack move."

      Wrong. Poliwag recovered swiftly, and shot out an unexpected Water Gun instead. It hit Chikorita straight on, sending her flying back past Deen.

      "Wow, that's strong! Alright then, more fair! Chikorita... Are you alright?"

      She got up without trouble, even looking refreshed at the attack rather than harmed. Watering plants wasn't really a great devastating move. However, Poliwag was already coming up and close, despite its small legs. It started slapping Chikorita around with its tail, encouraged by the cheer from its pond pals.

      "Don't let him just slap you around!" Deen called out. "Tackle!"

      Chikorita was a bit overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught, but managed to pull herself together and listen to her trainer. In between slaps, she counter-attacked and Tackled Poliwag to the ground.

      "Now, send it flying with Vine Whip!" Deen hoped, too late, that Chikorita would understand what he meant by that. On TV, he had seen many cool tricks pokémon with Vine Whip could do, but he and his starter hadn't practiced anything yet.

      She didn't bind him and lift him up, but rather just lashed out hard enough to actually send Poliwag flying. Aberdeen had to say that was impressive still. They'd work on the fine mechanics later.

      "Finish him with another Razor Leaf!"

      Chikorita obeyed, and Poliwag was too weak to remember to try and resist. It struck head on. No problem, they'd work on the fine defense strategies later, Deen thought. Once he had caught it.

      He only saw the beaten Poliwag on the ground now, and only felt the empty pokéball in his hand. He knew he didn't have to throw it with an exact hit, as pokéball were mysteriously made to be drawn to the specific energy that pokémon were made up of. Without hesitation, he threw the ball, saw it hit its target and open up, watched as the then-wild pokémon transformed into an energy form and got sucked into the ball, and heard the immensely satisfying click that signified that the capture was complete.

      "Hurraaaaah!" he cheered after a couple of silent seconds, when the realization finally kicked in. "I caught a pokémon!"

      Chikorita and Sunflora cheered with him, and Sir Wiggs at least didn't look angry anymore. But the wild Poliwag in the pond...

      "Uh-oh... Let's get out of here!" Deen realized, and the group hurried along on the street before the wobbly legs of the other Poliwag could catch up to them.

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      Somewhere in the vast region of Kanto, there laid a peaceful yet extraordinary scope of land that is as picture perfect and filled with endless possibilities like an artists' pallet - Pallet Town. Pallet Town, also known as the “Home of Legends”, being the birthplace of many powerful trainers who became the stuff of legends among even the most Elite trainers. It is also the ideal place of beginner trainers to start off their journey. But for 18 year old Amelia Rose, it's also the start of her own legend...

      PART 1

      "Oh? You're a new trainer, I take it?" A nurse at the recently built Pokemon Center in Pallet Town was lax, but still warmhearted towards trainers and their Pokemon who came in. Amelia was there, making sure her own Pokemon was in tip-top shape before heading out towards the first Route. "Well, be sure to frequently visit the local Pokemon Centers in the area to keep your Pokemon healthy! You'll be greeted by the Nurses who work there, just like myself!"

      "Duly noted, my good woman!" Amelia Rose, newly budded trainer, replied. "All my other essentials have been properly researched and picked up as well, so there is no need to worry, lovely miss."

      "That's good to hear!" The Nurse replied with a smile. "By the way, you don't have to be so formal with me! My name is Althea Leigh. But, most of everyone just calls me, Nurse Joy."

      Althea Leigh aka. Nurse Joy - 27 Years Old
      Nurse / Researcher

      "Times have definitely become more convenient. Years ago, there wasn't much of anything here, not even a Pokemon Center. Now that one is built here, it's quite fitting that you're up at the helm! Nurse Joy is quite an appropriate nickname as well!" Amelia announced with glee. "Healing goddesses that heal even the darkest and foulest of demons that cover our physical prospects, even our souls... that is our own Nurse Joy. Top Notch, my fair maiden!"

      "Oh, I don't know about that," Joy replied with a small chuckle. "When I was a child, I was always helping out my parents,who spent all their time healing and caring other trainers' Pokemon as well. I always loved watching them do it, so, I made a concrete effort to study all about Pokemon care! And so, here I am, today! It's just to show you, don't let your dreams... just be dreams!"

      "Fond advice Nurse Joy," Amelia complimented. "Dreams I do have, but as everything worth achieving, one needs hard work and determination. One that I do have as a trainer, and as a noble yet wise--"

      "Athlea? Hey!" suddenly called out a voice from the center's entrance. He seemed to be a man in his late-thirties; he wore an attire that resembled someone going upon an exhibition; with khaki shorts and a beige shirt with a darker beige vest over them, complimented with boots and finger-less gloves. He greeted Nurse Joy with a wide smile. "We're finally ready for our expedition-- Oh! Pardon me! Sorry if I was intruding!" He noticed Amelia. Amelia simply bowed in introduction.

      "Its no trouble at all," Nurse Joy replied with a wide grin. "I'll be ready in juuust a minute!"

      "Ready?" Amelia asked. "The mind grows curious. Pray tell, what are you getting ready for, my good Nurse?"

      "Ah, have you heard about the structure that was discovered on Route One?" the man asked. "It's an unexplored peace of land, really... But, the Exploration Guild is going to find out what!"

      "The Exploration Guild?" Amelia pondered. "Is that not a famous guild, who research underground Ruins and lost secrets? I've heard about you bunch on the news!"

      "Aha, yes, that's us!" The man replied with pride. "The Kanto Exploration Guild! And I'm Ken Asyama, one of the proud founders for it!"

      Ken Asyama - 31 Years Old

      "And I'm one of its members as well," Nurse Joy replied. "I actually took an interest in research while I was studying Pokemon medicine and health. It's quite fascinating, exploring the unknown and mysterious!"

      "I see," said Amelia. "And so, this place in the middle of Route One is your destination, then?"

      Ken nodded. "We were actually researching that locations for months," he said, as he pulled out a small book -- his journal that was scribbled with some notes. "Certain wild Pokemon gather towards it -- but the most interesting thing, is how psychic and dark type Pokemon seemingly become.. energized by just going near it. It's almost as if, the place is infused with a strange bit of energy. But to this day, no one knows why. So, we've decided to explore the place ourselves, personally."

      "I'm ready to go, Ken!" Nurse Joy explained, wearing a small bag on her back. "Oh, don't worry about the Pokemon Center. I have a partner who's actually supposed to be showing up any minute now, so she'll cover for me."

      "Alright!" Ken replied, putting away his small notebook. He glanced over at his right wrist -- he had a Pokétch... a strange looking one at that; it was yellow with some shades of brown on it. "The others should be at the destination now too. Let's be on our way!"

      The duo started to leave... only to be interrupted. "Excuse me!" it was Amelia, calling back to them, as the two glanced back to her. "I don't mean to intrude, but you're forgetting the most important thing!" The Nurse and Ken both exchanged glances, unsure of what she meant. Amelia gave them both a confident look. "From the east, to the west, to the south, to the north... if one should hear it, the gods whisper her name in the winds... Myself, of course!"

      "You... you mean you want to come with us?" Ken asked, with a quick nod from Amelia as a reply. "But, you're only a trainer, right? A beginner one at that? I'm not quite sure this is your field of study and interest---"

      "Au contraire!" Amelia replied. "I have not introduced myself as of yet! Life, be thy sustenance, and unravel the mysterious and lies of this world! I am Amelia Rose, budding trainer! But, even that pails in comparison to my true identity... Amelia Rose, primary Ace Detective!"

      Amelia Rose - 18 Years Old
      Trainer / Detective


      "...Detective?" the two said in unison. This was about to become quite an interesting journey.

      To be continued...

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      1-2: Riley Meadows - The Band Begins

      "Look... I get it's not exactly the most flattering of pictures we'll probably ever take, but... hey, we're official now!"

      It had been a few hours since my meeting with Professor Oak. After we had our picture taken for our trainer's license, I went back to my room at the Pokémon Center to freshen up. I mean I wouldn't dare say that I was uncomfortable, but... walking around Pallet Town in my pajamas wasn't exactly the most fashionable way to start a journey. Truth be told, I'm pretty sure that my partner wasn't too thrilled with my choice in wardrobe that morning either. Even after I had a proper shower and put on some real clothes, my Popplio was still kind of giving me the stink-eye as we stepped out onto Route 1.

      "Come on, Melody... I already said I was sorry, yeah?" I continued. I knelt down to the sea lion Pokémon, doing my best to try and make a sincere apology, while at the same time doing my best to try and finally get this show on the road. "What do I have to do to make this better? I mean, outside of going back and begging the old man to let us take another photo. 'Cause if I'm being honest, I'd rather not deal with that asshat of a lab assistant of his again."

      Just thinking back to the jerk that greeted me as I reached the lab was enough to make my skin crawl. Back when I was at Viridian, it wasn't exactly out of the norm to see people who acted like that. Call it a stereotype of living in the big city if you want, but it is true that it's easy to leave your manners behind when mixing yourself into the hustle and bustle of the big city. When I had received Melody and set out for Pallet Town to receive my trainer gear from Professor Oak, I assumed that the people who lived in a quiet little town like that would all be pretty chill. I guess I was wrong, though.

      Shaking the thought of that man and Pallet Town in general out of my head, I returned my attention back to the Popplio before me. Melody didn't exactly seem to convinced by my words. To be honest, I really couldn't blame her either. We hadn't actually known each other too long, maybe for about a week or so tops. Adding to that, I really hadn't gone out of my way to make a positive impression with her during our first big step on this journey. I couldn't really blame her for being a little angry with the fact that I overslept like that on such a big day. I sighed, looking my Pokémon right in the eyes.

      "Look, I promise we'll do better for now on okay. Tell you what..." I mused, flashing her a bright smile. "Sleep outside of your poké ball from now on, okay? That way when I oversleep, you can just... spray me with water. We got a deal?"

      As a means of making our deal solid, I extended my hand out to the little Popplio. Melody looked at my hand carefully, before glancing back up at my face as if she was trying to get a good read on whether or not I was serious. Eventually, she seemed to finally concede and agree to the terms. She let out a small bark of sorts before flashing a smile as wide as my own, placing her flipper right into my hand firmly.

      "Glad to hear we're on the same page then, partner! Now, let's ge-" Before I could even finish, a blast of cold water suddenly came splashing right into my face. I was so surprised by the sudden wetness, that I fell right onto my butt in a fit of coughs. Melody seemed to think it was the best thing ever, though. She was practically rolling in hysterics at the sight of my now soaked form. "Yeah, yeah... You got me... We cool now?"

      Melody nodded in affirmation.


      Rising back up, we began to make our way forward again. Now that we were on the same page, I felt like we could get our trip proper. I could feel my excitement bubbling up all over again. Our journey had one clear goal: to form a band and take the world by storm. A massive task, but I was more than up to the challenge.

      "Alright, Melody... Starting now, we're gonna form the rockingest band this side of Mt. Moon," I began. I glanced down, giving my partner a reassuring smile. "Now... I play the guitar and do a bit of singing... Of course, you're gonna be singing as well..." Melody let out a loud bark, as if showing her enthusiasm at my statement. It was a bit... jarring to say the least. I knew she needed a bit of practice, but we had plenty of time for that later. "So, let's see... We still need some bass, percussion... maybe a dancer... oh, and someone to help out with special effects... maybe a mascot too!"

      Come to think of it, I never had really taken into consideration just how much may have been needed for this band to be formed proper. It was probably something that I should have put a bit more planning into before actually setting off... But hey, impulsive plans were always the best. I knew the basics of what the bands needed, so I figured we could just start from there. Now the main issue was what Pokémon would actually be the best to fill out those roles...?

      "Hey, Mel... Do you know any good drummers...?" I questioned. Melody paused, glancing back up with me with a look that either said she had no idea what I was talking about or that I was crazy to even be asking that. I sighed. "Just thought I'd ask..."

      We prepared to begin walking up the route once more, but that's when it hit. That sudden jolt of inspiration struck me, like a bolt of lightning hitting a Pidgey in a rainstorm. A faint sound quickly reached my ears, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. Slowly, I began to look around... my eyes widening at the sound of some rustling grass to my left. Turning in that direction, I watched as a small, red, bug Pokémon came waddling out of the grass. It's tall antennae were clicking and clacking with each step it took, producing a simple, yet catchy rhythm that I absolutely couldn't ignore. Without a moment's delay, I quickly grabbed hold of the Pokédex that the professor had given me and gave the wild Pokémon a quick scan.

      Kricketot, the cricket Pokémon. It chats with others using the sounds of its colliding antennae. When its antennae hit each other, it sounds like the music of a xylophone.

      I was absolutely beside myself with glee. Kricketot, it was going to be perfect! Everything about this Pokémon just screamed music. There was no doubt about it, I couldn't pass this chance up.

      "Hold it right there, Kricketot!" I called out, gaining the attention of the wild bug Pokémon. Its antennae stopped clacking as it turned to look in my direction, a bit startled at my shouting. Still, I didn't let the surprise in its eyes stop me from my plan. "Join my band."

      The Kricketot stared blankly at me, like a Deerling in headlights. I mean, I couldn't really blame it. I did just give him the invitation of a lifetime,after all. However, I guess it was a bit much to take in. The wild bug Pokémon stumbled backwards for a moment, before suddenly turning tail and trying to run away. The only problem was that I was not about to take no for an answer.

      "Melody, quick! Attack it with Aqua Jet!" I shouted out, running after the fleeing bug as fast as I could with my Popplio partner right behind me.

      Melody barked in agreement, suddenly dashing forward in a blast of water. I watched as she slammed right into the fleeing Kricketot, causing the little guy fall flat on his backside. The red bug began to wriggle and flail about, somehow pulling himself out from underneath Melody. He gave my Popplio a rather panicked expression, before lunging forward and giving her a rather fierce looking bite on the nose. Melody howled in a mixture of pain and surprise, before shooting the Kricketot a look of annoyance. She was obviously not about to let him get away with that sneaky move.

      Without even waiting for another command, Melody suddenly slapped both of her front flippers right into the sides of the Kricketot's head. Kricketot screeched in agony, before lunging forward and attempting to bite Melody again. Thankfully, she was a bit quicker to dodge this time. Melody leaned back just in time, before spraying the bug with a cool, quick blast of water. Unlike the last few attacks however, the wild Kricketot didn't seem to react too drastically to the attack. Naturally, this made me think that my Popplio had already started to wear the little bugger out. As it turns out, I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

      "That's it, Melody! Give it another Water Gun, we've got this!" I called out. Melody obeyed, spraying another blast of water in the Kricketot's face. Still the bug did not seem too concerned about the attack though. Instead, it stared down at Melody, its eyes narrowing all the while. I hesitated for a moment, before commanding once more. "...Water Gun again, Melody!"

      Melody prepared to blast the Kricketot yet again, but the sneaky bugger let loose with an attack neither one of us expected. Without warning, the Kricketot managed to slam its body right into Melody, causing my Popplio to suddenly fall back just enough for him to squeeze out and attempt to make another break for it. I cursed under my breath, quickly making my way towards Melody. As much as I wanted to catch the Kricketot, I knew that it wasn't going to do me much good if my only Pokémon was severely injured in the process. Thankfully, I didn't have to worry too much. I watched in surprise as Melody managed to pull herself back up before lunging straight at Kricketot with another Aqua Jet. The wild bug Pokémon looked over its shoulder just in time to get slammed in the back by the airborne Popplio one more time. With one final screech, he flailed his little arms about before falling face first into the dirt once more. It was at this point that I realized it was now or never.

      I threw a poké ball with all my might towards the downed Kricketot, watching with bated breath as it slammed into its little rump before engulfing it in a beam of red light and pulling it inside. Melody and I both watched closely as the ball shook once... twice... a third time... before finally coming to a rest. We managed to pull it off... The wild Kricketot was caught!

      "Oh, hell yeah!" I exclaimed, quickly bounding forward towards my Popplio and my new catch. "Melody, you were so totally cool back there! I had no idea you were so fierce in battle! Remind me to stay on your good side, yeah?"

      Melody let out a tired, but proud bark. She was clearly delighted over her victory. I was proud of her too, along with a feeling of excitement as I looked over the poké ball containing our new band member. Our dreams were finally going to come true... and I couldn't be more stoked if I tried.

      Treble the Kricketot
      Male | Timid | Capable Of Taking Hits
      Growl | Bide | Bug Bite | Struggle Bug

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      Andrea Tuati and Kari Forsberg

      “Relax, I’m not going to drag you in with me and I’ll be back soon,” Andrea sighed, rubbing back of her head in a sheepish gesture. This had been going on for several minutes now while Murph, a man who Andrea had just met, looked on nervously.

      “Are you sure you can get it? I’m starting to worry a bit…” Murph enquired, looking anxiously at the Magby latched onto Andrea’s leg.

      “Oh yeah, it’ll be nice and easy,’ Andrea said, smiling pleasantly as she tried to gently shake herself free of Ahi’s grasp, “I’m just going to leave Ahi with you for a bit since he can’t come with, dive in, grab the Pokeball and then we’re all set!”


      “I promise I’m not about to die, I’m just going for a swim! We aren’t all Fire types. See, there’s someone in the water already over there.”

      “Maaaaaaaag.” Apparently, this did not help to ease the young Magby’s concerns.

      As Andrea continued to wrestle with Ahi, a Poliwag swam nearby. That attracted Andrea’s attention.


      “See? This little guy is okay in the water. I’ll be just fine,” she said and smiled at her baby Pokémon.

      “Maaag!” Magby’s grip tightened. He was set to not let his trainer in the evil water.

      Suddenly, huge shadow appeared underneath Poliwag and some unknown force dragged him down under the surface. A girl emerged from the depths, holding Poliwag in her hands.

      “Po! You can’t just swim wherever you want! What if you got pulled away by the current?” She looked up and saw Andrea and Ahi. “Oh… Hi! Are you going in?”

      “Hey,” greeted Andrea, “I was trying to, this guy over here lost a Pokeball down there that needs rescuing” she pointed at Murph, “But Ahi has water issues and doesn’t plan on letting me in any time soon.”

      “Pokéball at the bottom of the sea. Got it. Let’s go, Po!” The girl and her Poliwag disappeared in the water again.

      Andrea was staring at the surface again. She was slowly processing what just happened. Magby was still holding her leg. She saw girl’s shadow moving in the water. She could see bubbles coming from it.

      Out of nowhere, a purple Shellder jumped out of the water, flew right next to Andrea’s head and landed upside down in the sand behind her.

      “AUU! It bit me!” The girl rushed out of water. “You’re asking for a battle! Po, fight!”

      Her Poliwag followed her and stand in front of her, facing confused Shellder.

      “Po, use Water Gun!”

      “Poli Po!” Confirmed Po and attacked Shellder with a stream of water. It hit purple Pokémon, but didn’t seem to hurt him.

      “Well that’s never going to work, is it?” Andrea said, putting her hands on her hips. She looked down at Ahi, who was still yet to let go of her leg, at the very least, this would get him to let go of her. “Ahi, Dynamic Punch on that Shellder!”

      Like clockwork, Ahi immediately let go of Andrea’s leg and made a B-line for the floundering Shellder. His tiny hand glowed a violent white as he proceeded to drive it hard into the Shellder, sending it skimming along the sand.

      “Uh… you girl’s haven’t forgotten my ball, right?” Murph asked anxiously

      “Course not,” Andrea grinned, “Just taking a brief detour to make things easier… apparently.”

      “Po, use a stronger attack!” Shouted the girl, ignoring Murph and Andrea.

      Poliwag jumped in the air and brown muddy ball formed at the end of his tail. Po smoothly sent it to Shellder, hitting it with the bang before it could react. Its power forced Shellder in the air. It landed back in sea, far away from the beach.

      “Well, that was something,” said the surprised girl. She was just standing there for a moment, slowly realizing that her little Po is strong. “What were you saying?” she asked and turned to Murph.

      He looked at her, visibly confused by her behavior. He opened his mouth for and answer.

      “Oh right, your Pokéball,” the girl continued without waiting for Murph’s answer. “I almost had it, but then that Shellder bit me,” she said and pointed at her left hand. “Don’t worry, I’m on it.”

      She run to the water, dived in and almost instantly returned. She was holding Pokéball in her right hand. She walked back to Murph.

      “Here it is,” she said as she handed it to him.

      “Eh… Thanks...” Murph replied. His hands were shaking when he took the Pokéball.

      “Kari. The name’s Kari.” she smiled.

      “Thanks, Kari.” Murph returned the smile and then looked at Andrea. “And to you too.”

      Kari turned around, now facing the sea. “Po, come here,” she called to her Pokémon. He quickly came to her. Kari bend to him and said: “I’ve seen Staryu in the water. What do you say on catching one?”
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        Eric had just made it to the Pokemon Center in Pallet Town. He planned to heal up his Sandile and his Poliwag.

        "Oh, a new Trainer? Haven't seen you around here before." Nurse Joy said to him, taking Eric's Pokemon to heal them up. "We hope you excel!"

        Eric nodded and said thanks.

        Eric made his way to Route 1, and a wild Starly flew towards him in a panic, but plummeted.

        Three Poochyena were chasing after this Starly, two male and one female. Eric could tell the female was clearly the most dominant one out of the trio.

        Eric was originally taught that nature should be allowed to run its course, but he threw that out the proverbial window now that he's a Pokemon Trainer.

        The female Poochyena confronted Eric, who was protecting this injured Starly that the trio of hyena-like Pokemon probably wanted for lunch.

        "Alright, Poliwag! Let's do this!" Eric said, throwing Poliwag's Pokeball to send it out.

        Poliwag made a little chirp-like cry.

        "Use Bubble!" Eric ordered, as the tadpole blew a flurry of bubbles towards the gray hyena, who tackled Poliwag head on shortly after.

        "Now follow it up with Mud Shot!" Eric shouted as the tadpole blasted mud at Poochyena's face, defeating it and causing it and her two male companions to retreat.

        The Starly they protected stood there as Eric returned Poliwag to its Pokeball.

        Starly fluttered to Eric's side, pecking at an empty Pokeball, allowing itself to get caught.

        1, 2, 3 click! Eric caught Starly?!

        Eric then walked back to the Pokemon Center in Pallet Town, and healed his Pokemon again.

        "Welcome back" Nurse Joy exclaimed. "You look stronger than you did when I saw you earlier today!"

        Eric smiled and gave the nurse his three Pokemon. "We hope you keep on going with your adventure!' the Nurse added, healing his Pokemon.

        Eric decided to take a seat on the bench outside the Pokemon Center, to try and relax.
        "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."
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        "Sometimes - history needs a push."
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        Aberdeen - Route 1

        Deen had grown up alongside the Wigglytuff (then Jigglypuff) and the Sunflora (then Sunkern). Sunflora was scary at times, but usually a nice friendly babysitter. Wiggs was very overprotective, but often funny enough to make up for any annoyance that brought. Right now though, Deen wished that they hadn't come with him.

        His parents had made up various excuses for why their pokémon should come with him to Viridian City, to the point where Deen had just given in and accepted it. He knew they were just worried about him, especially after his sister...

        it would be nice with some freedom though. Now on Route 1, every young trainer the group met seemed instantly scared off by the tough looking pokémon walking next to Deen. When it happened for the fourth time, he had had enough.

        "Come back! These aren't my pokémon, I'm a rookie trainer!" he called out to the girl who had initially looked self-confident but had had that all melt away when Sir Wiggs inflated himself behind the boy with a furious stare.

        The girl eventually relaxed and accepted his challenge. They had a short but neat battle in which Chikorita actually managed to win over her brave Lillipup, and then his newly acquired Poliwag win over her feisty Wurmple (but it was a quite close call). The girl seemed bitter afterwards, and even though he won fair and square, Deen felt a little bit guilty over telling her he was a rookie and then winning 2 out of 2. He invited her to have lunch with her in the grass, to make up for it.

        The girl sat down on a rock in the field where they had been battling, and started caring for her pokémon with Potions while Aberdeen took out some of the food he had packed.

        "Hey, I have something that will help," he said, noticing her efforts.

        "What? Potions work fine," she grumbled as she treated Lillipup, clearly still not having forgiven him.

        Deen walked up close and dug up something else from his backpack. "Oran berries! Pokémon sometimes get nervous around synthetic medicine or dislike the spray sounds. But all pokémon love Oran berries!"

        Hesitantly, she accepted one of the big blue berries he handed her. Lillipup instantly sprung to life and tried to nab it from her. When it finally was allowed to bite, the satisfaction was clearly visible on its face.

        "Wouldn't you know... You were right," the girl said and nodded thoughtfully towards the other trainer. "I'm Farin. From Viridian City."

        "Nice to meet you! I'm Aberdeen. From Pallet Town!" Deen smiled back.

        "Figures. Considering how few people actually live in Pallet, it's a wonder how many trainers it produces. Are all of you trainers or something?"

        "No! Well... Actually now that you say it, I can't think of many people I know there who don't own a pokémon."

        "That's not the same though," Farin said and let Lillipup down, so she could send Wurmple out on her lap to be treated next. Without being prompted, Deen handed her a second Oran berry, which she accepted with a thankful smile and administered to the worm accordingly. The effect was similar to the one of the puppy. "Not all people with pokémon consider themselves trainers. Far from all battle."

        "That's right, of course. Wigglytuff and Sunflora don't usually battle," Deen agreed and sat down in the grass next to the girl, with a gesture towards his parents' pokémon who were slumbering nearby together with Chikorita. Poliwag took a seat right next to him. It hadn't taken long at all for the blue boy to accept that a human now owned him and wanted him to battle.

        "So how come you do?" Farin asked, as Deen handed her a sandwhich. She looked surprised at first, as if she had forgotten that that was what he had promised her, and not the Oran berries. But she accepted it.

        "It seems like the most fun thing to do," he replied in between bites.

        She watched him for a moment, and he actually started to feel uncomfortable by it, so he countered: "Why do you do it?"

        "I want to get rich and famous," Farin responded.

        Deen giggled a bit, but then saw her face. She was dead serious.

        "Huh. Okay, fair enough! How will you do that?"

        "I'll evolve Lillipup into Stoutland and Wurmple into Dustox and find many more rare and strong pokémon that can win battles for me and earn me money."

        "But you lost to me," Deen said and finished his sandwhich. "I'll always remember you as the first person who lost to me in a trainer battle!"

        The increasing angery level was almost visible in the tone of Farin's skin at that. "We'll battle again! And I'll win!"

        "Better start working harder already if you want any chance," Deen said with a wink.

        She finally seemed to understand that he was joking around with her, and noticeably relaxed a little bit.

        "I mean it though. I'll get rich," she said, and stared off into the distance towards Viridian. "You'll see."

        "Farin," Deen said, trying his best to be serious too, even though it wasn't a very comfortable mood for him. "I hope you will reach your goal! I'm rooting for you."

        Her gaze shifted to meet his. Her eyes were strangely brown, having an almost purple tint to them. Deen thought of some glazed chocolate cake he had had at some point. Yup, he was clearly still hungry.

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        Andrea Tuati and Kari Forsberg
        Andrea looked out to the water.

        “So… was there anything else interesting down there besides Shellder?”

        “Have you ever dived before? Everything under the surface is interesting!” Kari sighed. “Like I said, I’m going to catch Staryu now. Come on, Po!”

        Kari stepped few steps back and got ready to jump to the water. She suddenly stopped. She was standing there for a seconds when she spoke again: “I left my Pokéballs with the other stuff on the other side of the beach.”

        “I’ve been diving before but that’s not exactly an option with this firespitter stuck to me,” Andrea replied with a sigh, “A Staryu would be a great Pokémon to have too.”

        Andre though for a moment, but hearing about the abandoned pokeballs gave her an idea at the least. She didn’t know this person, but they seemed nice enough, so maybe they’d go for it.

        “Maybe we can help each other?” Andrea began “If you drag up a Staryu for me, I’ll lend you one of my empty Pokéballs to catch a second one with.”

        “That’s not a bad plan,” Kari nodded. “I’ll get 2 Staryu out of water and you’ll help me catch one.”

        She and Po didn’t waste a time and jumped into the water. There were various Water Pokémon under the water, but Kari ignored them. She was looking for a pair of Staryu she saw last time. It didn’t took her long to find them. They were chilling at the bottom of the sea, only few meters from where the Pokéball was.

        She pointed to one and Po quickly swam to it. It headbutted it out of water while Kari grabbed second one and threw it out by herself.

        Andre watched as one after the other, the pair of Staryu were flung out of the water and onto the beach - Ahi jumping back to avoid being splashed by the water. The pair of Water Pokemon sprung up and began looking around angrily for the source of their displacement.

        “Flame Burst, Ahi!” Andrea called suddenly, not giving the pair of Staryu a chance to get their bearings.

        Ahi obliged gladly, a searing fireball forming in front of his mouth before launching for the pair of Water types. The Staryu scrambled out the way with surprising speed, the ball of flame exploding into several smaller flares that battered the now-divided Staryu.

        One of the Staryu immediately launched a counterattack, launching a torrent of water towards Ahi.

        Kari and Po jumped out of the water, eager to join the battle. Po didn’t wait for his trainer’s instructions and attacked the other Staryu. The muddy ball formed at the end end of his tail and Po sent it against Staryu. But Staryu had enough time to dodge, jumped to the air, started spinning and tackled Po back to the water.

        “Po! Are you okay?” asked Kari, visibly worried for her Pokémon. “I already told you to wait on me.”

        “Poli!” was the answer, when Po got out of the water again. Staryu was quickly returning.

        “Great, let’s catch this Staryu! Po, wait until it is closer and knock it down with Mud Shot.” planned Kari.

        The Staryu neared Po, but as deflected by the muddy projectile that had it skidding back across the sand. Andrea saw that as an opportunity and dived right in with another attack of her own.

        “Ahi, Faint Attack!”

        The Magby seemed to run for the second Staryu, but as he passed the one Po had just downed, he whirled on it and delivered a sharp punch to the Water type. The second Staryu shot another torrent of Water at Ahi, apparently taking offense at this tactic.

        “Watch out for that other Staryu,” Kari reminded Andrea. But before she could do anything, Po jumped in front of Ahi, blocking the water from hurting the Live Coal Pokémon. It had no effect on Po.

        “Nice work!” praised Kari. “Now counterattack with Mud Shot.”

        Po has already created muddy ball at the end of his tail and sent it towards Staryu. It missed its target and landed next to Staryu with huge explosion. Even that was enough to knock Staryu down.

        “Lend me one of your Pokéballs,” Kari asked Andrea as Staryu was getting up and ready for another attack.

        Andrea quickly tossed Kari a ball, after this there’d only be one Staryu to go.

        “Thanks,” said Kari and she immediately threw it against Staryu just as it launched for an attack and hit it midair. Pokéball opened and sucked in Staryu. It fell to the ground and started shaking. Kari was watching the ball silently as it slowly stopped.

        Andrea grinned and gave a thumbs up to Kari, turning her attention to the remaining Staryu.

        “Cover Ahi cause we’re going in,” she declared “Ahi, Faint Attack!”

        Andrea’s Magby rushed the Staryu as it blasted a torrent of bubbles in his direction.

        Kari was overwhelmed by joy and excitement so much that she didn’t pay attention to what was happening with Andrea. Luckily, Po was still looking for a battle. He got in front of bubbles and blew most of them with his tail.

        Ahi leapt over the top of the Poliwag and struck the Staryu before it could attack again, knocking it it out with its attack. Andrea took that opportunity to throw a Pokeball and capture a Staryu for herself.
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