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What are your thoughts?

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ok so, despite how harsh I've been on the game on the discord channel, I do genuinely want the best for Pokemon Masters and I really hope good things come out of this. I hope first and foremost that they fix the daily rewards because that's the first thing that's lacking, and then tackle how to balance ex challenges and even co-op challenges on top of that. as it stands right now, co-op being mandatory endgame isn't... great for a lot of people because they'd have to rely on other people who might not always know what they're doing. @__@ one mistake, especially in ex difficulty, is enough to lose and there's enough people getting tilted over that in r/pokemonmasters

I think eventually, as the months go by, assuming dena prioritizes the right things, masters might actually be worth getting into again. so I think it's definitely worth seeing what their fixes are in the upcoming months.


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I wasn't as into it as I wanted to be myself, so I'm glad about this news!

Maybe I'll reinstall it in time once some of these updates roll out. :>

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It's a shame that Game Freak can't be as honest about the screw-ups they've made with SnS and the reasons for that. I wonder if this surprising openness and honesty is due to the (completely understandable and justified) negativity swirling around those titles, in fact. Either way, it's a pretty bold move to just outright acknowledge these things and accept responsibility for them, and I think that's pretty admirable. It doesn't mean much if they don't do something about it, but it's nice to see this sort of thing in this day and age, where stony silence is often the answer to legitimate and honest complaints about a sub-par product.

I can't say the game interests me in its current state, but it'll be interesting to see what they actually do about it.


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This alone will make me continue to follow news on Pokemon Masters, but some changes will need to happen to make me want to reinstall the game. I didn't have much motivation to keep going with the endgame stuff.
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This is fine.

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Well, they acknowledged a lot (bar the game being outright unplayable on a lot of devices...). Let's see if they are successful with fixing those problems then. Good luck to them.

They did very well with the expansion on the characterisation and all, good lore, good attention to detail, etc - but otherwise there's a lot to be improved. THey have potential, certainly.


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Seems like they are listening and attempting to do something about it. The game has a bunch of potential and I hope it keeps going in the right direction.


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It's been translated and posted on the English website!

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I hope the producers can eradicate the discrimination among all Sync Pairs with evolvable Pokémon. It's UTTERLY UNFAIR and RIDICULOUS that Hilda's Tepig and Kris' Totodile are available for evolution while Hilbert's Oshawott and Brendan's Treecko are not.

It also makes me upset when NPCs can use fully evolved Pokémon and equip more powerful moves plus passive skills than player-recruited Trainers. (Something like "Lessen Paralysis" and "Lessen Burn" are just mocking Tech Trainers and forcing players to beat bosses with brute force as quickly as possible)

Finally, I'm looking forward to introductions of all other yet unseen player characters and rival characters from Gen 1 to 7 (and later).

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Never downloaded Masters, but I'd be in it solely for the gym leader stories and not at all for the gameplay. However, I think being honest about the problems with the game is a sign of goodwill, and I appreciate the humility in this message.
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